I Love Jimmy McMillian: Gas Prices are TOO DAMN HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When gas prices are too high, one of the first things people will give up are luxury items. That’s what’s happening to the Liz Claiborne facility in West Chester, Ohio. High gas prices which are ruining the economy are having an impact on businesses like this tremendous distribution center.

President Obama is now in his third year and while he did inherit a bad economic situation, he has now shown that his economic plan was only to perpetuate the negative economic conditions to advance his green jobs agenda, which has only exacerbated the economy in even more negative ways. As of June 7, 2011 a poll in the Washington post reveals that only 40% of respondents approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, and only 33% approve of his handling of the deficit.

At the start of last summer, in 2010 gas prices were over a dollar less than they are now, as they were just shy of $3 per gallon. In fact, over the winter I wrote an article here about how preposterous gas prices breaking the $3 per gallon mark truly were and how any amount of money over $3 would cut into America’s disposable income, and would cause devastating economic conditions.

Now gas is flirting with $4 per gallon and going up. The fault rests exclusively on the green freaks, progressives, and wealth redistribution advocates. Obama is directly guilty. He has openly discouraged oil drilling in the United States, but has openly embraced it in Brazil, helping that country with a collaborative effort to get their feet in the international economy at the expense of the United States. The blue print for all this activity is exactly the plot line out of the book Atlas Shrugged.

The progressive power grabbers however, while they are working the strategy implemented by Cass Sunstein discussed in his book “Nudge” they seek to sidetrack America on silly stories like racism, and plights in favor of the poor, which only achieves their bloc voting goals, while the cost of their strategy is showing up in the increasing gas prices.

Many of us see through the scam though, and Jimmy McMillian is one of them. Jimmy is the guy who ran for Governor of New York under the mantra, “The Rent is Too Damn High.” I love Mr. McMillian. He is what a great American looks like. I have no idea what his political affiliation is, and I don’t care. All I know is that he speaks the truth, and he does so with passion. For America to be great, it needs people like Jimmy McMillian to be in the majority, not the extreme minority. But if you want to know what a great modern American looks like, then watch Jimmy McMillian go to Washington to announce his “The Gas is Too Damn High” campaign.

Here is Jimmy’s website where you can visit and send him your pictures of fuel costs that are too high.


There is only one reason that gas is so high, and that’s because of the mismanagement of our resources by our government. It’s a lack of drilling for shale oil, it’s a lack of drilling for off shore reserves, and the lack of energy exploration in Alaska, all of this resistance is purely political. Click here to read a great article about this topic.

The Obama administration now and Al Gore all during the 2000’s kept pressure on oil developers to stop drilling citing environmental concerns. Yet those same politicians are embracing the same drilling techniques in China and Brazil. The reason is because the United States energy policy has nothing to do with the environment. It’s about wealth redistribution. It’s about helping the economy of Brazil and other South American countries, and China so wealth redistribution can be implemented. American’s are forced to swallow this pill with the glass full of bull-shit called “environmental concerns.” The green movement is purely about money, money for developing countries, and disarming the United States so to give those countries a head start on the economic play ground.

The high gas prices are also in place to “nudge” American’s into buying “green tech” vehicles. That’s those stupid little glorified golf carts that we’re starting to see on the roads these days. The cars are small, underpowered, and pathetic, they are not what America is about. They have little place in our culture, but the Obama administration has hung it’s hat on this technology, this is what Barack Obama wants to be remembered for in the context of history, which is a pathetically short-sighted goal.

I stand with Jimmy, and you should too. Send your pictures into Jimmy’s website and learn the truth of why the “Gas is too damn high.” It’s not to help America. It’s not even to help the Earth. It’s all about some pathetically short sighted politicians that want to be remembered for forcing green technology jobs which force Americans to drive slower, embrace public transportation like high speed rail and trolley cars, and robbing the wealth of America and giving it to other countries.

But why would “Americans” like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Cass Sunstein do such a thing? They are Americans too……..because they are more loyal to the United Nations than the United States, and they are hedging their bets that in the future, a position in the UN will have more prominence than even being President of the United States. In their view, a president in the future will simply be another governor of just another country equal to Brazil, China, Germany and all the others. The real power, and the real prestige will be to lead the United Nations, and they’ll gain their reputations, and votes by robbing from the United States it’s wealth, because the whole world is jealous of America anyway, and giving it to the voters of the New World government who will elect them to rule the entire world.

That’s why gas prices are “TOO DAMN HIGH.” It’s a grab for power at our expense and it should make every American very angry. And it does Jimmy McMillian which swells me with American pride. So what about the rest of you? Where’s your outrage and what are you going to do about it!

Rich Hoffman

5 thoughts on “I Love Jimmy McMillian: Gas Prices are TOO DAMN HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The plan is simple. Use energy as a leveler to redistribute the wealth, forcing the population of the world to become “equally miserable.”

    Anyone who has driven in Northern California has seen miles and miles of huge and ugly windmills. They take up thousands of acres of land that cannot be used for anything
    else. Now some enviromentalists are complaining that birds are getting killed by
    these leviathans. Oh my, another casualty of the greed of Americans. Remember when Ted Kennedy refused to put the windmills anywhere near his home on Cape Cod. Don’t ruin his view. He, of course, is one of the priviledged. His ilk just makes up the rules and regulations that apply to the rest of us. In Germany, they are going to dismantel their nuclear power plants within the next ten years. Currently Germany obtains 90% of it’s energy from these plants. Do the politicians have a plan to replace this lost energy? So far, they have not mentioned any. It is known that Russia is building a pipeline into Europe. Last winter the magnamous Communists cut off the gas into Hungary and Poland because of their governments making some taboo talks with the United States. In the middle of winter, no gas.

    Is that what we have to look forward to? Concessions to Hugo Chauvez and other Communist dictators for a little of their overpriced oil. You can bet on with Obama and his ilk in
    power. The czars are at work making their plans for more nudges and shoves until there is a revolt in this country. Then the newly formed National Police Force will be in your neighborhood checking your gardens, woodpiles, chimneys and anything else they deem unnecessary.

    Get ready or go to work and make a change in your local, state and federal “politicians.”


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