What a Nasty Little Weiner: Why progressives support polygamy, power, religion, and the sexual playground

It is really up to Huma Abedin how much of Congressman Anthony Weiner she wants to put up with. Abedin who is married to Weiner is a practicing Muslim and a very close aid to Hillary Clinton, so it is entirely possible that she doesn’t care about all the pictures of Weiner’s weiner that is all over the internet. It is possible that while she seeks counsel with Hillary she might say, “What should I do?” Hillary will probably say something like, “Huma, I love you very much and trust me, all men are pigs………just accept it. Men just can’t keep their pants on so don’t even worry about it. The important thing would be to ask yourself, what do I want. Can Anthony help you achieve your professional goals and the answer is yes. So stay with him. Let the media drive the story into the ground, and within a couple of months, everyone will forget about it. In the meantime, stay traveling with me, don’t appear in public with your husband and leave him hanging out to dry. It’ll serve him right.”

At that point Abedin might say, “But it’s embarrassing, everywhere we go together, people will think I’m not a good lover. Or they’ll think I’m weak because I let him get away with it.”

Then Hillary will say, as she looks out the window of her plane while it’s en route over the Atlantic Ocean to the United Arab Emirates in Africa, “No they won’t. People don’t think like that. They’ll be jealous that it is you that holds the title to power while the other women are just concubines to your man’s wishes. That’s what counts. It’s the title, Huma that is important. That’s what people will see when they look at you in public standing with your husband. This Christian notion of monogamy is outdated and proven problematic. Believe me, I have years of experience. Men will cheat on you no matter how much sex you give them, no matter how attractive you are. Many cultures accept this, superior cultures, such as your Muslim faith, and even in Japan it is quite common for the wife to arrange pleasure with other women for her husband. Think of it as a way of appeasement, such as you might do for your cat when you give it some cat-nip to play with and roll all over it’s body. You do it to keep your man coming home to you every night, to keep the title of wife in your court where you have control over it. At heart, Americans are evolving beyond this silly Christian notion of monogamy, so all will be forgiven if you’ll just let it play out.”

Now I wasn’t on the plane with Hillary Clinton flying over the Atlantic on our way to Africa listening to what she told Huma Abedin as the young woman greaves over the embarrassment of dealing with her husbands sexting exploits revealed on Monday the first full week of June 2011. Progressives, like all these people are, do not think like the rest of us. They might as well exist from some other planet, because that’s just the way their mind processes data. I know the content of that conversation because I’ve heard it before from progressives. I’ve watched their behavior for years, and I understand how they think. So I have no problem providing the details of that conversation, because it is so predictable the contents aren’t difficult to witness even without being there.

The deeper, much more problematic issue is that Anthony Weiner was so arrogant in his ability to deceive the public that he lied to the face of America without any trace of shame. Over the last week, as this story was breaking, he stood before all members of the media and lied to them. He lied to us all, claiming that his Twitter account had been “hacked.” He used his office equipment for much of this, equipment we all pay for as tax payers, and he thought he’d get away with it. Even as the story was breaking, he continued to push the issue by contacting more women with erotic pictures of himself. He was literally speaking to members of the media claiming that some hacker broke into his account, then turned around and engaged in the kind of activity he was trying to hide.

This is entirely too reminiscent of Bill Clinton who openly lied to the public then tried to turn the whole argument around and claim that his private life was off-limits, in no way reflective of his professional life. That led to the famous quote, “It’s just sex.” Spoken like a true progressive.

Weiner has already tried to make that distinction; it’s just my private life. “I made a mistake. I will not step down because I can still perform my professional job.”

So here’s the deal, and I’ll say this only once. This is why this guy is a supreme scum bag that I wouldn’t hire to hand me a towel in the bathroom, every interview that Weiner gave about Health Care, or the time he attacked Glenn Beck about supporting gold on his Fox News show, and every debate that Weiner had with every media personality or fellow congressman, now has to be discounted. We know now that you can’t believe a thing this guy says. Nothing he says on the floor of the House can be believed. Nothing he says on behalf of the White House can be believed, because we have all seen that he is more than willing to lie, about virtually nothing, in order to meet his personal agenda. What would he lie about if the issue actually mattered, like issues of National Security, or the true intentions of the Progressive Party, disguised behind the Democratic Party. What would he lie about when there is really a risk? Because if just taking naked pictures of himself and talking dirty to a bunch of women online is really a nothing issue, then why did he lie about it? Why did he stand before the world and talk to everyone like they were the idiots and he was the only person right in the world.

Anthony Weiner is a dangerous man because he has no moral compass. He is a power-hungry little man who will undermine anyone over anything. If he wants government Health Care, he’ll say and do anything to get it. If he wants to smear a Republican, he’ll say and do anything to perform the task. If he wants to take down a media personality that stands in the way of the progressive agenda, he’ll utter any word needed to manipulate those around him to commit his purpose. That is why Weiner is the arrogant embodiment of pure evil. He should receive not one fraction of a cent that I send to Washington in tax money. Anthony Weiner makes at least $174,000 a year for his work in Congress, that’s the money I know about. As an American Tax Payer I don’t want to pay his salary one day more. We could hire anyone to lie to us. We could hire a con man from prison to fill the American media with lies. He has no authority and should not serve one more day in congress.

Doc Thompson of 700 WLW hits the nail on the head really well here. Click to listen to a collection of clips about Weiner’s history of contention.

These guys are scum bags. Bill Clinton is because he’s a manipulative liar too. And Weiner and his wife have more in common with Bill and Hillary than they do with the average American. As I’ve stated on this site, these people don’t give a care about American life. They are aiming for a world government ran by the United Nations, of which they are all polarizing for their own grabs for power in that not yet formed power of world affairs. They don’t care about affairs, sexting or even monogamy. They don’t care about the United States Constitution because they are all lawyer types that seek to bend the law to suit their needs at the expense of everyone that pays their wages. They are crooks and thieves with no moral compass or care. People like Weiner are no different from the weiner’s they take pictures of. They simply rise to the occasion to screw the taxpayer for their selfish pleasure. At all other times they are simply limp collections of flesh that just hang around and are only useful for disposing of bodily waste. In other words they are virtually worthless appendages intended for only one function of human endeavor, and that is to penetrate something else with the intention of pleasure and self-gratification. An entity of pure biology and no mind what-so-ever.

I think now we understand why there is such a push among progressives to embrace the Muslim faith, because the men want to practice polygamy, and the women don’t want to feel alone in public when their men sleep around on them.



It certainly seems to be the desire of Bill Clinton, and the king progressive thinker himself, Congressman Weiner and his multiple online sex partners. There’s always more to the story than what you see on the surface.

Good luck with that progressive lifestyle. If you’d ask me Abedin, I’d say find a real man to be the father of that baby, and not a weiner. But it’s your life.

Rich Hoffman