No Lakota Levy Group Offers Support to a Levy in 2012: Nooooooooooooooooo Waaaaaaaaaayyyy!

As reported in the West Chester Buzz at the Cincinnati Enquire website, the No Lakota Group offers to support the Lakota School Levy in 2012.  Clarification must be presented since my site has been flooded by curious readers.

For those who don’t know who Mark Sennet is, he’s NOT in any of these clips. As it has been for years, I will still be advocating against higher taxes. Mark’s decision to make some sort of deal with the Lakota School Board is strangely out-of-place. As anyone can see from this video clip, Mark and many others could leave the No Lakota Levy movement, and I could still continue without any problem.

The reality is this…….Mark Sennet, who is a member of the No Lakota Levy Group did speak at the board meeting on June 13th, 2011, and did make such a statement as to offer support of the levy in 2012.  However, Mark was speaking individually, or at a maximum the developers that are in our group who may wish to join him, but for the rest of us, we will still be standing against any proposed levy in the school district of Lakota.

As a businessman, I am surprised by Mark’s comments.  My goals have been to bring down the cost of education, and further tax money toward a school district is simply not in the equation.  However, not everyone is working for the same objective, and obviously, there is some politics involved in this decision by Mark. 

So for those of you who don’t want to see your taxes increase, rest assured.  The No Lakota Levy Group will still function.  Even if all the developers withdrawal their support, there are still many hundreds of people who have volunteered their time and money to help with a campaign.  There will be more than enough resistance to defeat any future  school  levies. 

Some of the stories that are taking place around the Lakota district, such as parents organizing sports in their neighborhood cul-de-sacs and car pooling kids to museums are wonderful stories.  Parents should have been doing that kind of thing all along, and cutting the budget to these activities have brought out the best in our community.  Throwing money at a child’s education is almost the same as throwing money into a fire.  It takes parents that want to be involved in a child’s life.  If a community just tosses money into a bottomless pit of union expectation, which is public education, they can expect that money to be wasted.  That is why Mark’s comments surprise me. 

But many of our members that are from the developing community are sitting on properties that they can’t sell or lease, so their judgment toward levies is that they don’t want to pay an unfair amount of money in taxes for property that isn’t doing what they invested in.  In a good economy they are the first to support a levy, because they built the homes which added to the school population.  So for many of them, the taxes aren’t an issue as long as they can move their property. 
For people like me however, I plan to live in the district for a long time, and the taxes are too high right now, let alone in the future.  The expectation of cost needs to come down, so I will continue to fight that issue as I always have. 

So don’t worry.  We have plenty of supporters against a levy right now.  If Mark and his friends want to cross over to the other side, that’s perfectly fine.  It won’t have an impact on the end result.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

4 thoughts on “No Lakota Levy Group Offers Support to a Levy in 2012: Nooooooooooooooooo Waaaaaaaaaayyyy!

  1. I spoke with Mark last evening after recieving some of the phone calls about Mark’s comments. I do believe that Mark’s contingencies over supporting a 2012 Levy for Lakota Schools is based solely on the schools balancing their budgets between now and then. Making the necessary cuts in payroll and stopping the wasteful spending. it also has to do with Lakota getting involved and supporting local area businesses. This has been a desire and a goal of the Local Businesses for many years only to have Lakota snub the Local Businesses and to allow their PTA’s and PTO’s to threaten to boycott the business if they did not support the next levy. What a way to do business! Give me my raise and I’ll buy from you! This is just part of the independant way Lakota has operated against the Local Businesses for years. It is a way of doing business for Lakota. It needs to change and we have seen no real apology from the board and most importantly no real effort to balance their budget. For the last 2 years all the cuts they have made are from future budgets and future paychecks. What child like behavior we are seeing from a 255 million dollar corporation! A pay freeze for teachers is just a cut from a future pay hike! Cutting your budget Lakota would be a reduction in pay for all of the employees across the board as many of the people who pay your salaries have had for the past 4 years. Please Lakota we are asking you to get into the real world, today’s world of no raises, balancing budgets and not putting levy’s on the ballot as your community cannot afford them. PLEASE DO NOT PUT A LEVY ON THE BALLOT THIS FALL as the community has told you twice now we cannot support and cannot afford these teachers raises!!!


    1. Thanks for the update. You wouldn’t believe how many calls I had from 12:30 till 4 PM yesterday from media personalities, wanting to know if we were all making peace with the school system. My response was that we were never at war. We are participating as managers of the district and the money spent, since it appears that management is not present within the administrative bodies at the school. Further discussions of this kind should occur in our meetings. A lot of people are depending on us to keep this whole thing honest. Because of the urgency of the media requests, I had to assume that Mark was going off on his own.


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