Carbon Party, Wine, Motorcycles and the Tea Party: Why Environmental Wacko’s are big business con artists

It was a glorious June 12th, 2011 afternoon. Doc Thompson was hosting a Carbon Party, a gathering that was needed in order to off-set all the greenie weenies as we’ve come to affectionately refer to those pushing a political green movement. Listen here to Doc Thompson speaking with radio personality Matt Clark  talk radio host on WAAM Talk 1600 from Michigan the night before.

It was ironic that this carbon consuming event was held at a winery, a place that would typically be associated with environmentalist. But then when logic presents itself, all the people present were celebrating nature. Trees and all plant life consume carbon-dioxide. In fact, the more carbon dioxide produced the better for all the plant life shown in this video of the event where Doc Thompson was the master of ceremonies and spoke of some of the hypocrisy involved in the green movement, which was quite funny.

As I watched Doc’s speech and spoke with him throughout the afternoon, and spoke with others that were present, it was apparent that here, with the 200 or so people who showed up for an event in the middle of the countryside on a Sunday afternoon when there were thousands of other things to do with that time, these are the guardians of America in this modern age. It was those people as I mentioned in my report from the Glenn Beck event in Wilmington, Ohio that are the hope for America’s future.

The people came from all backgrounds, there were young, there were old, there were bikers, there were yuppies. There were politicians, business men, and nature enthusiasts. What we all had in common was a memory and recognition of all the B.S that the environmental advocates have professed with such religious fervor that logic has been abandoned.

What came to my mind was Al Gore, the pot smoking hippie congressman from Tennessee that seems to have lost all his brain cells during his college days and has lost the opportunity to think. All he seems able to do is repeat what is told to him, and he’s turned the green movement into his hippie quest established in the haze of marijuana smoke. One would hope that a grown man would have evolved like most people do in their lives to a level of higher wisdom gaining an understanding of the symbiotic relationship that humans play in the greater scheme of the environment. Such childish notions as those espoused by Gore and his financial backers can only see life from the point of view of the environment. And the reason is that they really see profit for themselves in the green movement, so like most things, the environmental wacko’s, the greenie weenies, the hippies, the dope headed geeks, the burnt-out politician that cooked their brain in college over drug use see the environment as their ticket to prosperity and a method to achieve their childish world view.

Al Gore would be virtually useless as a human being if he did not enter politics, loot money from the tax payer using emotional jargon, or allowing his name to be used by the socialist oriented green movement to be a mouth piece and front man for their aims.

I recently watched The Social Network, which is about Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook. Zuckerberg is obviously a highly intelligent guy that was able to write code for computer programs. But there are a lot of geniuses out there. Mark wanted revenge on a girlfriend that found his personality, like many did, repulsive. Without Facebook, Mark would just be another obscure geek. However, because the code of his program was able to crawl through existing data bases and match up similar people with interests he invented something that was highly lucrative to the snoopy aspect of human nature, that desire to be an exhibitionist but doing so behind a curtain of protection. Meanwhile users willingly provide information about themselves that companies would spend millions to get a hold of, spending habits, behavior patterns, demographic information, and family relationships, Facebook is that ant trap where the sweet nectar of the trap proves too lucrative for the logical mind to resist. Mark and his partners didn’t know how to make money with Facebook, until he met the ambitious Sean Parker who had worked with Napster and had extensive experience with the consequences of taking on the music industry with free downloads. The money wasn’t in the free software, it was in court settlements and the threat of what that software could do to existing companies. In effect, Sean Parker was nothing more than a pirate that Mark picked up on and learned to use to his advantage. Zuckerberg sold out to a company of investors that saw more money than just advertising revenue in Facebook. It was the databases that Facebook could create on people who made Facebook worth 25 billion dollars. Think about it, 25 billion dollars for a free service. It’s an ant trap people, sorry.

But this isn’t about Facebook. It’s about looters. Zuckerberg to this day is Time Magazines man of the year, President Obama has private conversations with him, but in reality he is simply a looter that made a free service out of revenge against his girlfriend. He made a weapon that makes it easier for other looters to gather information they can use to exploit the public. Does that make Zuckerberg a bad guy, no. He’s a computer hacker, just like his friend Sean Parker. They are thieves that just like pirates took their plunder, and they had something valuable to other looters, which is an information gathering service. I use the Zuckerberg story because everyone can relate, because most people use Facebook and know who Zuckerberg is. With that definition of a looter established, then my feelings about Al Gore can be illustrated.

I remember when Gore said he invented the internet. It’s been a joke for years. I find it bewildering that in Gores mind he could even say or believe such a thing. But he says it, and seems to believe it. He has the mind of a looter, so truth has no value to people like Al Gore. All that matters is images and how people like him can use images to loot money from people, or better yet, convince people to give him money without bloodshed, or violence. The worst kind of looter is the type of person that convinces people to give away their money while believing they are doing it for their own good.

I remember back in the 90’s when Al Gore was vice-president when the Ohio River flooded heavily down in Cincinnati. Al Gore came to town to show “federal concern” over the queen city. When he arrived the TV cameras were rolling down by the river where a large dry area along the river bank provided plenty of room for cameras, reporters and other VIP’s had gathered. Al Gore showed up and wadded out into the water with his shoes on and suit, knowing that the cameras would capture his action and exaggerate the situation. The people present all scratched their heads and wondered why Gore was standing in the water when there was plenty of dry land. But they were thinking with logic, not with the mind of a looter. Gore, the looter, later went on TV to say that the Ohio River was flooding because of global warming.

Years and years of this kind of looting from people like Gore has went on, and people scratch their heads but don’t take the time to put two and two together. Why would a government even be involved in selling carbon credits? Because it’s a scam, just like Facebook is a scam to get people to put their personal activity and personal connections into a giant data base daily, the green movement is a scam to steal money from people over nothing.

One of the reasons the Carbon Party was such a great event was because it was attended by people with common sense, who all behaved with a level of intelligence and an ability to think, so the wine tasted better because the company was good.

Before I left the event that day Doc Thompson and I were talking, he was holding a large cigar in his mouth as a line of his radio fans were gathered next to him to meet him, hungry for his attention. “I don’t want to tie you up, Doc. Your fans are waiting. But I’m glad you put this whole thing together. It’s a wonderful day, people have a chance to taste what America is supposed to be,” I said to him.

Doc rolled the cigar in his lips so he could properly articulate speech, “Great isn’t it.”

Yes it was. The smell of hot dogs, hamburgers, beer, wine and the gentle breeze that blew in from the west which we could see over the horizon of the earth filled our senses. People were happy, and nature was something we all were openly enjoying. But I realized that the primary reason we were having so much fun was because the event was free of looters, lairs and other manipulators of the facts whose true motive is to steal money for their own plunder, and using the mask of a legitimate cause to do it.

That’s what the Carbon Party was celebrating, truth, relaxation, and understanding in an environment that was the best and most pristine that planet earth and the mind of man can create together. It was a wonderful event.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior