Jimmy McMillan is the Real Deal: in a house of warped mirrors and flashy lighting

Jimmy McMillan is awesome! The radio interview he did on June 17, 2011 with Doc Thompson is classic. In this interview he declared his candidacy for President of the United States. He also tells the story about how in the past when his kids were hungry and he needed money how he went to the strip club and became a stripper working the poles so his children could eat. As outrageous as much of the stuff he says on this interview is, he articulates what most every single person in America feels.

I may not agree with everything Jimmy says. I don’t think it’s the government’s job to do much of anything for people. I don’t want a “daddy” watching over me. But Jimmy is a real person, a passionate person, who truly cares. If he was just after publicity he would have given up long ago.

Read all about Jimmy here:


Early campaigns
McMillan’s first run for political office came in 1993, when he ran for Mayor of New York on the Rent Is Too Damn High ticket. In the course of that campaign, McMillan was at one point tied to a tree and doused with gasoline;[5] he would later climb the Brooklyn Bridge and refuse to come down from it unless television stations broadcast his message.[6] He was ultimately disqualified from the ballot for coming 300 petition signatures short of the 7,500 needed to qualify for the general election ballot.

McMillan next ran for governor of New York in 1994 by traveling from his home in Brooklyn through upstate New York to Buffalo on foot, staying in homeless shelters along the way; his original itinerary had him walking back to Brooklyn as well, but an injury in Rochester led to him taking a bus home.[7] When he arrived in Buffalo, the site of the state Democratic convention, McMillan disrupted a speech by incumbent governor Mario Cuomo at the convention and was thrown out because of it.[8] After failing to collect enough signatures to get onto the ballot, he continued in a write-in campaign.

The Federal Elections Commission has a record of McMillan entering himself in the United States presidential election, 1996 as a Republican; McMillan did not get onto any primary ballots.
McMillan was removed from the ballot during the 2000 U.S. Senate election in New York.[9]

McMillan’s political positions contain heavy influence from populist principles. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle described his 1994 platform as such: “While McMillan said he hopes to be a spokesman for the poor in his bid for Governor, his solutions make him sound more like a Republican.”[7]

• McMillan has come out against federal bailouts, specifically the Wall Street Bailout of 2008 and the Obama Administration’s bailout of General Motors. Referencing the bailout and his presidential run, he said of Obama: “If you don’t do your job right, I am coming at you.”[30]

• McMillan believes that global warming is a natural occurrence that occurs every 15,000 years. He disputes the idea that is caused by man and pollution, saying he “isn’t buying [the] punk science” of Al Gore.

• A supporter of same-sex marriage, McMillan joked in the 2010 gubernatorial debate he would allow marriage between a person and a shoe.[31][32][33]

• McMillan, as founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, is against high rent and property taxes for homeowners. He believes that lowering rent and cutting taxes will ease financial stress and help eradicate hunger and poverty, as well as raise tax revenue. He surmises that reducing rent would “create 3 to 6 million jobs” by freeing up capital to give businesses a chance to hire people. He also favors tax credits for commuters.[34][35]

• McMillan and the party are in favor of writing off all taxes owed to the state, consolidating the rent boards in New York, seizure of unoccupied apartment buildings, reforming the state court system, and free college tuition.[34][35]

• McMillan is in favor of having fixed rate of low rent across America, which would be the same regardless of property value. He states that adjusting the rent for property value “is a bunch of crap” and “a scheme to run out the poor.”[citation needed]

• McMillan supports allowing laws to be influenced by Christianity. His website states that “we need more reliance on the moral laws brought by religion and not limit out goodwill to our neighbors and co-workers to what the law demands alone.” He also spoke of “restoring family values” and making sure that one parent remains at home to watch children.[36]

• McMillan and the party oppose any spending cuts to education or elderly care services.[34][35]

• McMillan has called for investigations of, and has sought to increase awareness of, fraud and Ponzi schemes in the real estate markets.[37]

• Of his potential Republican opponents for the Presidential nomination, he thinks of Newt Gingrich as a “good liar” in the vein of John Edwards and that “people look at him and laugh,” Mitt Romney as a “good-looking guy [that] will keep the ladies from looking at me.” He has also stated that he loves Sarah Palin[38] and holds an extremely negative view of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.[39]

The problem with Jimmy McMillan is that he is all over the map regarding policy. Traditional conservative platform points are already established and the progressive press has laid out the ground rules. Any Republican that runs for any office knows that they must fit in with some sort of “talking point” within the established rules, the same thing for the Democratic candidate. I could argue with Jimmy for hours that education should be cut, issues around same-sex-marriage and other political sticking points should be other than what he believes, but that’s not the point. The problem is we have a two party system that is built to appease the American public in a controllable way. The reason I like Jimmy McMillan is that he is outside of that control. He is a product of his life’s journey, as a Vet, as a stripper, and long time political activists that boldly threw caution to the wind. He has not had a charmed life of privilege. Nobody has given him a break, a chance, or even a helping hand. Yet he is determined to get out his message, the way a wise man that lives through a lifetime should.

The same media that propped up Anthony Wiener and John Edwards will look at Jimmy McMillan as a joke when in reality it’s the other way around. I’d rather know about the real guy that runs for office than some contrived piece of crap like Anthony Wiener.

Talk about a joke, this is a guy that was the press darling just a few weeks ago. Is he any more credible than Jimmy McMillan? The hecklers are just saying what we all feel. Nobody likes to be lied to and Anthony Wiener did lie to us all, just as President Bill Clinton did.

John Edwards is a complete scum bag. I despise that any money I’ve ever given to the federal government might have found its way to him even in an indirect way. What a waste of tax payer money.

Remember when Ron Blagojevich tried to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat. He got caught on tape selling the seat away to the highest bidder. Ouch.

And of course just like all the radicals Obama has surrounded himself with, when they get caught, he washes his hands of the subject, hangs them out to dry, and changes the subject.

In the screwed up, backward world we live in, the thieves become celebrities and heroes while the good among us are ridiculed, punished and shoved into a corner. Here is Ron Blagojevich’s wife Patty on a reality TV show, an opportunity she would have never had if the media had not propped her up in pursuit of finding a way to redeem the actions of her husband.

So before anyone says that Jimmy McMillan is not the real deal, that he is somehow not a credible candidate for any office, I would suggest that you need to rethink what it is that you are looking for in an elected servant. Do you want the same old liar, cheat, thief, manipulator, and selfish sell-out, or do you want common sense to govern?

I want common sense. I want the least polished candidate that is functioning from true intentions. And more than any of that, I want a guy that has made peace with themselves, and is happy with who they are, because such people are less likely to attempt to use public money to fill the voids in their lives.

That’s why I love Jimmy McMillan. He’s the real deal. He’s broke, but he doesn’t care. He finds a way. I love this interview. He wears an Underarmor shirt with a business jacket………..authentic.

Half of what he says in this next clip, I don’t agree with at all. But he’s right about one big thing, government is corrupt.

I think that once Jimmy had an elected office he is smart enough to figure out what’s right and wrong. I’d trust him well before I’d trust another candidate.

We all get the kind of government we deserve, and if we lack the courage to take a chance with someone outside the mainstream, that is looking at the world through the lens of common-sense and not party politics, then we will suffer under the maneuvers of the corrupt looters of our political system. We’ll continue to wistfully laugh and smile at people like Jimmy McMillan and their honesty like we shrug off the comment of a child while the adults go to the voting booth in the real world and vote for one guy they know will lie to them over another guy they know will lie to them. The choice is yours. You have options, but will you use them?

Rich Hoffman