Van Jones and his Plight for Paradise: A promise made to him from a robber

Van Jones is obviously feeling that his communist dream and those who dream like him are seeing their maniacal plots fall away into failure, so they are turning up the heat, attempting to drum up support for the direction progressives have been pushing for years.

Van Jones is challenging Glenn Beck to a debate because he is trying to lure Beck into a fight where Beck would gain nothing, but would give Jones a larger platform to speak from. Jones can only advance, where Beck could only lose something by coming down to Jones level. It’s a tough decision.

I’ve been saying it for a long time, this is outright war. It’s a war without bullets. Watch this clip carefully. People like this seek to keep people down so they can use those same people to lean on for power.

This is the clip where Glenn Beck answers Van Jones.

It’s important to understand what’s going on here. Progressives have had 100 years of phantomlike presence to manipulate the American system. FDR and LBJ are two presidents that have moved the nation in the kind of direction people like Van Jones expect. Those two presidents used the voting base of the people Van Jones speaks about to buy themselves power, and now America is dealing with the cost of that purchase. Yet, Van Jones is speaking as though America could always continue the way it has. As though the promises made by those two idiots, FDR and LBJ, were valid promises rooted in the foundations of the country and not simply a deal with a thief. Those presidents stole from us, gave to others, and used the profit to purchase power under the guise of legitimacy.

We are in a fight for our very lives, as a nation. There isn’t any negotiation with these types of people. The desperation coming from the progressives these days is that they see that the Tea Party is not going away, like they thought they would, and there is panic.

If I were Beck, I’d probably debate Jones and destroy him for what he is. But Beck is not a guy that likes conflict. He’s a guy that is good at seeing around the hidden corners, but he doesn’t like to fight. I do. So I’d love to dismantle someone like Jones in front of a national audience, and the people that follow Jones. But such an endeavor would not stop the fight. A fight like that would be out of pure fun to expose the degradation of the progressive movement, and what they have done to our nation.

But to Van Jones, your American Dream is not mine. You were promised things at my expense, looted from me to give to your type. What is your type, beggars, looters, and thieves, who use the poor and meek as your personal weapons against a country built on freedom. People like Van Jones hopes that he can always tap into the anger of the very lazy, and gather enough force to give looters like him legitimacy within a world of robbers.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

11 thoughts on “Van Jones and his Plight for Paradise: A promise made to him from a robber

  1. Could you also take on Soros while your at it? Those that follow Beck knew he would not debate him.
    I can’t stomach the videos. Didn’t you just know he would rear his ugly head again?
    We ARE under attack. If you aren’t eyes wide open by now…there’s little hope they ever will be.
    Get Involved, Get Educated and GOD BLESS THIS USA!!!!


  2. Van Jones and his ilk have many comrades in the SEIU, NEA and many of the varous unions that are so powerful in this country. As a person that grew up in Detroit, I can attest to the power of the AFL-CIO. They ran the city and the whole area of Wayne and McComb counties (probably the state). As currently, many lazy and sometimes absent workers were paid for work they never did. They were protected for the most heinous of activities.

    Same goes for the NEA, which controls the educational system of the entire nation. The NEA totally controls the Department of Education. This department is a nightmare of federal programs. Any school that accepts federal money spreads the cancerous programs of the Department of Education and the NEA. American education will continue to fail as long as the agenda of a self-interested labor union robs the children of the ability to get a good education.

    I would like to see a congressional investigation into the Department of Education, its waste, its policies and its fraud on the taxpayrs, parents and the children of our country. Then I would support the incarceration of the social scientists who have made psychological guinea pigs out of our children. The Department of Education brags that it “can completely change the attitudes, values and beliefs of good, academically-focused teachers, and turn them into pliable facilitators to help dumb-down the very students they sought to teach.”

    We know why people like Van Jones can attract so many followers. They have been so dumbed down that they cannot think for themselves.


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