The Scam of College: The Great Society isn’t so great.

I am not a subscriber to the college experience. I have spoken against it for years, many years. I think it’s too expensive, ineffective, and politically manipulative. I went to college three times each occasion realizing that the professors I had were not the best in their fields, otherwise they’d be doing the jobs they were trying to teach, and were money traps taking advantage of hopeful people, helplessly gullible.

One of my articles here, Most Successful People Who didn’t go to College; (click here to read) is the most popular of all my work. It has had many thousands of viewers over the last couple of months. But the essence of it coincides with this Glenn Beck show from June 22, 2011. Take your time and watch this several times, because it reflects my own opinion almost verbatim.

This whole college scam was built as part of the Franklin Roosevelt view of the world; where the very educated were part the most elite social classes in Europe. These college roots go back to Europe and the social classes from that place. Americans have been caught copying off that dismal old country, and over time, as progressives moved into and overtook education the perception became that college was essential formulated into American consciousness.

Once that perception was created, colleges were able to drive up their prices due to a monopoly status which has the full backing of the federal government. What was created between progressives and the government was the urgency that parents were complacent if they did not send their children to college and pay into the whole system.

This clip is from Beck’s radio show where a caller from Columbus challenges Glenn about the hour-long show he did on Fox.

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I will go as far to say that a majority of the kids going to college come away with nothing useful. Much of what they learn there will have to be re-taught once they get a job. College is only worth the entrance to a job. After that, the kids are on their own. Much of what people are paying for in college tuition is the “college experience.” It’s not what goes on in the classroom, but more what happens everywhere else of a social nature.

If college were just a place to learn, that would be fine. People could pay their money, try to use their degree to get a job, and their success or failure wouldn’t be a problem. The problem with college is they are idealistic institutions that have been given false authority, built on false theories, and backed by legitimacy from the political machine. We talk about teacher unions in public school, but seem to forget that college professors are some of the highest paid employees in any statistic, and the cost of higher education is driven up by their wage levels. Tuition increases all have in common the higher costs associated with professor’s labor costs. Because of the college monopoly, a service people generally believe is absolutely essential for the success of their children, labor cost increases are completely ignored, and tuition hikes just increase, just like school levies for public school. Because the perception is an emotional one, rationality is ignored. It’s easier to ignore all the problems with college and just root for the sports team from that school because it gives empty people a sense belonging.

This is creating a nation of young people who start off their lives uttering the political garbage they hear from their professors. This lasts until these young people have children of their own and grow up, and learn to think like an American Conservative. It may take 10 years, but most people move more to the political right as they put distance between their college years and their adult lives. But worse than the politics, are the debts. I know young people with over a 100K in personal college debt where they hope they can get a job that will pay them back on that investment. But unless they work for government, which makes approximately 30% more in wages than the rest of us, the chances of the college graduate making A LOT more than everyone else isn’t very good, even if they are in a science field.

I spoke to a huge college supporter recently. This guy is a fraternity type, and holds a master’s degree in finance. He tried to argue with me that all the low-end jobs were going overseas and that America was only going to be doing technical jobs here, and that my opinion of college was wrong. “Is that so,” I said to him through gritting teeth. I was angry because it is people like him who have helped spread the lie. “Why did McDonalds do most of the hiring in the United States in May?” According to the Weekly Standard, Morgan Stanley calls it the “McDonald’s Effect,” according to Market Watch’s Washington Bureau Chief Steve Goldstein — an estimate that as many of the 30,000 of the 54,000 jobs added in May 0f 2011 were the result of a hiring binge by the hamburger chain. Where are the technical jobs he was talking about…………China, Germany, Brazil? Because they are not here and they aren’t coming here because regulation, and NAFTA have opened the door to leave the United States.

So all those ambitious young people with $100K in debt are coming out of college to work where? At McDonalds? Yes!

In my experience people go to college hoping for a silver bullet that will kill all of their future financial worries. But this is not the case. College cannot help young people get a job if the jobs aren’t there, and jobs are not created by government. Government jobs are not productive jobs, unless it’s the military or NASA where technology is actually produced. To create a job, something of use must be created and the job is to sustain that creation. America needs to get back into the business of making jobs instead of hoping a degree will lead to a life of eternal security with very little work involved. Such a thought is truly ridiculous and is the direct fault of presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnston. Those two presidents saw college as a way to advance the progressive agenda in American society, and they tricked the people of the United States to pay for their own demise while propping up the union supporters of their political antics. In the end, it’s been a massive scam that has left our youth bankrupt, both morally, but financially. And it has drained our nation of creativity and job creation.

I consider the college experience an absolute monstrosity, of unmitigated failure. I’m just glad other people are finally starting to talk about it.

Create a job. That’s the way every American should be thinking. If you want to become a scientist of some kind, go to college. But if you just want a good job, college is a scam full of false promises that will take your money and leave you empty and in terrible debt. It’s a creation designed to drain people of financial assets and replace the traditional thinking given by a child’s parents with a progressive mentality that will support the politics of madmen and their audacious world vision.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior