The Scam of College: The Great Society isn’t so great.

I am not a subscriber to the college experience. I have spoken against it for years, many years. I think it’s too expensive, ineffective, and politically manipulative. I went to college three times each occasion realizing that the professors I had were not the best in their fields, otherwise they’d be doing the jobs they were trying to teach, and were money traps taking advantage of hopeful people, helplessly gullible.

One of my articles here, Most Successful People Who didn’t go to College; (click here to read) is the most popular of all my work. It has had many thousands of viewers over the last couple of months. But the essence of it coincides with this Glenn Beck show from June 22, 2011. Take your time and watch this several times, because it reflects my own opinion almost verbatim.

This whole college scam was built as part of the Franklin Roosevelt view of the world; where the very educated were part the most elite social classes in Europe. These college roots go back to Europe and the social classes from that place. Americans have been caught copying off that dismal old country, and over time, as progressives moved into and overtook education the perception became that college was essential formulated into American consciousness.

Once that perception was created, colleges were able to drive up their prices due to a monopoly status which has the full backing of the federal government. What was created between progressives and the government was the urgency that parents were complacent if they did not send their children to college and pay into the whole system.

This clip is from Beck’s radio show where a caller from Columbus challenges Glenn about the hour-long show he did on Fox.

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I will go as far to say that a majority of the kids going to college come away with nothing useful. Much of what they learn there will have to be re-taught once they get a job. College is only worth the entrance to a job. After that, the kids are on their own. Much of what people are paying for in college tuition is the “college experience.” It’s not what goes on in the classroom, but more what happens everywhere else of a social nature.

If college were just a place to learn, that would be fine. People could pay their money, try to use their degree to get a job, and their success or failure wouldn’t be a problem. The problem with college is they are idealistic institutions that have been given false authority, built on false theories, and backed by legitimacy from the political machine. We talk about teacher unions in public school, but seem to forget that college professors are some of the highest paid employees in any statistic, and the cost of higher education is driven up by their wage levels. Tuition increases all have in common the higher costs associated with professor’s labor costs. Because of the college monopoly, a service people generally believe is absolutely essential for the success of their children, labor cost increases are completely ignored, and tuition hikes just increase, just like school levies for public school. Because the perception is an emotional one, rationality is ignored. It’s easier to ignore all the problems with college and just root for the sports team from that school because it gives empty people a sense belonging.

This is creating a nation of young people who start off their lives uttering the political garbage they hear from their professors. This lasts until these young people have children of their own and grow up, and learn to think like an American Conservative. It may take 10 years, but most people move more to the political right as they put distance between their college years and their adult lives. But worse than the politics, are the debts. I know young people with over a 100K in personal college debt where they hope they can get a job that will pay them back on that investment. But unless they work for government, which makes approximately 30% more in wages than the rest of us, the chances of the college graduate making A LOT more than everyone else isn’t very good, even if they are in a science field.

I spoke to a huge college supporter recently. This guy is a fraternity type, and holds a master’s degree in finance. He tried to argue with me that all the low-end jobs were going overseas and that America was only going to be doing technical jobs here, and that my opinion of college was wrong. “Is that so,” I said to him through gritting teeth. I was angry because it is people like him who have helped spread the lie. “Why did McDonalds do most of the hiring in the United States in May?” According to the Weekly Standard, Morgan Stanley calls it the “McDonald’s Effect,” according to Market Watch’s Washington Bureau Chief Steve Goldstein — an estimate that as many of the 30,000 of the 54,000 jobs added in May 0f 2011 were the result of a hiring binge by the hamburger chain. Where are the technical jobs he was talking about…………China, Germany, Brazil? Because they are not here and they aren’t coming here because regulation, and NAFTA have opened the door to leave the United States.

So all those ambitious young people with $100K in debt are coming out of college to work where? At McDonalds? Yes!

In my experience people go to college hoping for a silver bullet that will kill all of their future financial worries. But this is not the case. College cannot help young people get a job if the jobs aren’t there, and jobs are not created by government. Government jobs are not productive jobs, unless it’s the military or NASA where technology is actually produced. To create a job, something of use must be created and the job is to sustain that creation. America needs to get back into the business of making jobs instead of hoping a degree will lead to a life of eternal security with very little work involved. Such a thought is truly ridiculous and is the direct fault of presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnston. Those two presidents saw college as a way to advance the progressive agenda in American society, and they tricked the people of the United States to pay for their own demise while propping up the union supporters of their political antics. In the end, it’s been a massive scam that has left our youth bankrupt, both morally, but financially. And it has drained our nation of creativity and job creation.

I consider the college experience an absolute monstrosity, of unmitigated failure. I’m just glad other people are finally starting to talk about it.

Create a job. That’s the way every American should be thinking. If you want to become a scientist of some kind, go to college. But if you just want a good job, college is a scam full of false promises that will take your money and leave you empty and in terrible debt. It’s a creation designed to drain people of financial assets and replace the traditional thinking given by a child’s parents with a progressive mentality that will support the politics of madmen and their audacious world vision.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

19 thoughts on “The Scam of College: The Great Society isn’t so great.

  1. I have a Bachelors and two Masters degrees and agree with you that the first degree is an enabler or discriminator for individuals entering certain portions of the job market. Usually people with a degree feel that it will open doors to situations with less risk-taking than if they had the self confidence to use their education and God-given skills to start their own business. I believe that Masters degrees have marginal real world benefit unless you go for them after you have been employed in the real world for a while. Then you can filter out a lot of the bull that is presented via the many of the professor’s sheltered eyes. Ph.Ds are very focused and unless you are in a high research environment, they actually have less value. I definitely don’t see the need in secondary school situations.

    Regarding college costs, it just blows me away that no one has gone after these “institutions of higher learning” for the exorbitant rate that tuition has grown. I refuse to give to my alma maters because I feel that it just subsidizes their outrageous charges for an education that is provided by people, many of whom are liberal and out of touch with how the rubber really meets the road. I had several encounters with professors who taught from a liberal agenda. The one D that I received resulted from an encounter with a professor who said I was being unfair in my assessment of the Kennedy family. Looking back, it is one of my grades now that I am most proud of.

    Like anything, higher education is only what you make of it. People can be successful and happy without it. They can do better than educated individuals or worse. It is really up to the individual to make the most of their God-given talents. In any case, I agree that college is too expensive for the product delivered.


  2. Liberal, progressives, Marxists democrats are the bases for all Americas problems and why nothing makes any sense. This is where I believe it all started. Modern day Liberals and progressives whom are all in the Democratic Party in America practice and believe the philosophy of Carl Marx and Lenin. Vladimir Ilich Lenin Founded the Russian Communist party and led the 1917 Russian Revolution. This is one of Lenin’s many quotes and it is the primary problem with the entire educational system and the country. After you read it you will be able to identify every single problem with our educational system from K-12 and in our collages. My experience in dealing with liberal collage educated people and collage professors as a business owner for over 30 years, was they are some on the dumbest people I ever knew and here is why.

    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s Quote:

    Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, and destroy there ruggedness. Get control of all means of publicity, and thereby get the peoples mind off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and plays and other trivialities. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

    This was the philosophy of Lenin and this is what the liberals practice and has done in the United States educational system. They have gotten control over everything Lenin has in his statement. The statement is pure evil and there is nothing ethical in his beliefs system. The liberals and progressives are the problem and until you get rid of every last one of them, the problems in all our systems of education or the economy will not change.

    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (22 April 1870 – 21 January 1924) was a Russian revolutionary, author, lawyer, economic theorist, political philosopher, creator of the Soviet Communist Party, leader of the 1917 October Revolution, and founder of the USSR. As head of the Bolsheviks (1917–1924) he led the Red Army to victory in the Russian Civil War, before establishing the world’s first officially socialist state (communist). As a theorist, his extensive theoretical and philosophical contributions to Marxism produced Leninism.

    My fact based opinion of Lenin is he’s an idiot the same as anyone who would follow him or his so-called philosophy. That would be anyone who is a liberal or progressive democrat. There is nothing liberal about liberal beliefs. There is nothing progressive about a progressive. The democrat parties Idea of a democracy is where you vote for your dictator. Not an opinion just the facts by observation.

    What the liberals and progressives have done to the country will lead to our destruction and a standard of living that equals the Stone Age. That isn’t progress and it’s not generosity as the word liberal implies. Liberal, progressive democrats have managed to hijack words and twist them into something other than their original dictionary meaning. This is what they have done to everything they touch.


  3. Mr. Garrett, I do appreciate you posting this information. I hope many will read it and take it to heart. To add to your comment, I would say, that the entertainment world is controled by these leftist animals. They have gotten our children so involved in immoral entertainment that turns our children into sexual and immoral people. Many have fallen into the trap and have no respect for themselves, their families or anyone else. Grandparents mean nothing. I have watched some of the Casey Anthony trial and I would say the girl is a selfish,
    narcissist that has no love for anyone, other than herself. She has the most vacuous look out of her eyes and pure hatred for her parents. She was a party animal that could not accept the responsibility of her child. Something I learned from that trial is that the young mothers use a term “zanny nanny.” This means they give them Zanax to tranquilize the child into sleep so the mother can leave it alone and party. Sick, sick society is upon us.


  4. I’m still here Rich. I’ve been away a while but have still read every one of your blog posts. Like I said before I’ve read all of your work…and I believe this may be your best post ever. I’ve discussed this issue with my wife many times. She works in a highly technical field (electron microscopy). She also is an adjunct instructor at a local college. My degree is in electronics engineering. Because of both of our professions we know many people with advanced degrees. We came to the conclusion long ago that there are a great many “highly educated idiots” in the world. You are right on about the worth of a college degree.

    When I was younger I used to think that “important” people with degrees from places like Harvard, Princeton and Yale must be the best and brightest among us. What I learned later was that it was just the opposite: those institutions are mostly high-dollar resume enhancers for rich kids. Sure, these schools turn out some fine lawyers or businessmen here or there, but I don’t believe the education is nearly worth the price these self-important elitists are asking.

    You were also right on in a previous post about the college and fraternity “life”. Why any self-respecting person would subject themselves to the humility and degradation of the hazing process and immaturity that goes on in many fraternities is beyond me.

    This subject always reminds me of Ben Franklin, who quit school quite early and was self-educated. He did “okay” 🙂


    1. I’m glad to hear from you. I was wondering where you went, and I’m not the only one who noticed. There are some people who read here everyday that have come to enjoy your comments.

      I’m happy this college issue is being looked at finally by people like John Stossel and Glenn Beck. For many people college is a scam, and it’s a propaganda machine for the left. However, I’m a guy who loves science and I believe college and science go together perfectly. What we are seeing is a kind of bubble, much like the housing bubble, where false ideas about what an education is worth are crushing that true value. And that real value is far lower than society has been made to belive it is. This will become the next major crises in America. Democrats will want to bail out their colleges as parents stop paying the incredible high costs. That’s happening now. Those colleges just like the local schools will try to cover the lost dollars with something, but they’ll never be able to because the bubble has already burst. College has value, just like public education has value. However that value isn’t nearly what the teachers, administrators and union officials believe it is. The real importance is much, much lower.


      1. Thank you for the kind words about my comments. I’ve been incredibly busy this summer.

        You make a great point about the high costs of higher education not being sustainable. I put myself through college by saving money from a restaurant job and also interning during school. Now the tuition at my alma mater has risen so much since I graduated over 20 years ago that I’m not sure I could do the same thing today.

        I also very much enjoyed the recent John Stossel report on this matter.

        By the way, I meant “humiliation and degradation of the hazing process”, not “humility”. The auto-spell checker must have gotten me. Yeah, that’s it 🙂


  5. Rich, my wife was watching as I typed my above reply. She wanted to add that she is disturbed by another trend that she has seen. She has noted a huge increase in the number of students taking remedial courses in college, especially in mathematics. Her opinion is that college mathematics should start with Calculus but she sees many students who are taking high school level Algebra courses. She believes that this is a result of the “all kids must go to college” syndrome; that the college she teaches at in particular is admitting students that would have been denied in the past. She feels strongly that the resulting glut of degrees on the market cheapens her achievements.

    She also noted that she has seen the “quality” of the average student who enters college drop precipitously in the past couple of decades. This speaks to your many excellent posts about the failure of the government-run education system that we currently pay through the teeth for.


  6. So good to hear from Phil.
    Also admire James. I have passed on the link to your 2012 book on 9.12
    Besides Sandra whom I know both offer a perspective that educates and enlightens.
    Sometimes when we feel so defeated and bogged down, you guys pop in and reassure us that we are a force for good and we only do what we can.
    You know what they say…..
    Misery loves company


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