Lakota Spent $100,000 on Nothing: and now they are asking for more money

The article below is what is appearing in the Cincinnati Enquirer July 8, 2011. I gave a brief interview at the close of the meeting. There isn’t any reason in the world why the Lakota School Board should put a tax on the ballot. S.B.5 became law on July 1st which is why all the unions rushed to pass their contracts during the spring, to get those contracts grandfathered in. The school boards now have a tool to deal with the budget short-falls in the coming years, yet they don’t think in terms of cost reduction by way of wages and benefits renegotiated with Senate Bill 5, only cost expansion. The financial crises is self imposed. When a school board votes to spend 50K on a superintendent and pay her 165K yet overlook the guy who was doing a good job for only 105K, blowing a total of 100K on costs they didn’t need, it is clear that these administrators just don’t get it. No wonder all the school board knows how to do is ask for more money. It is very disappointing to see that the school board is putting up three options, which is essentially playing good cop and bad cop by making the smaller number look more digestible to voters. It’s very disingenuous and insulting.


LIBERTY TWP. – Residents may see a tax hike ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 mills on the fall ballot if Lakota school board members agree on a millage amount.

The board is scheduled to choose a final school operating tax millage – 4.5 mills, 6.5 mills or 7.5 mills – to propose to voters in November. It will pick one of the tax options at its next meeting on Monday.

Regardless of the tax size, it became clear during Thursday evening’s board work session that the third tax issue in a little more than a year is headed for the Nov. 8 ballot.

Annual school tax cost increases for a $100,000 home would range from $137 for a 4.5-mill operating tax to $199 for a 6.5-mill tax to $229 for a 7.5-mill tax.

It took four tries in 2004 and 2005 before voters in Liberty and West Chester townships last approved a new operating tax. An operating tax helps pay for daily operations of the 18,300-student district, including employee salaries and benefits.

But voters in 2010 twice rejected operating taxes, and the defeat in May 2010 was by one of the largest margins in Lakota’s 54-year history. In November 2010, voters defeated a 7.9-mill operating levy.

Lakota is among the nearly half of Southwest Ohio’s 49 school systems that are considering or planning to put a tax issue on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Despite cutting $10.2 million in personnel and programs for the upcoming school year, Lakota faces a budget shortfall of $14.6 million by 2015 and requires more local tax revenue to remain solvent for the five-year projection required by the state for all public school districts, said Lakota officials.

Jenni Logan, treasurer of the Butler County district that is the second largest in Southwest Ohio, told the board that “we are still in a spending deficit” even with recent and extension budget cuts.
Board President Joan Powell said “deficit spending is an untenable position”.

In the last school year, the board has made historically deep cuts including eliminating busing for thousands, renegotiating its teachers labor contract and freezing almost all types of pay.

As the seventh-largest school system in Ohio, it is also the biggest district in the state to earn a top rating of “Excellent With Distinction.”

Laurie Clark, of West Chester Township, said one of her two children will lose bus service when classes start in August.

“I’m worried that without a levy there will be bigger classrooms and we’ll see more teachers go. This is such a great school district, and I want to keep the quality as high as it has been,” said Clark.

But Rich Hoffman, spokesman for anti-school tax group “NoLakota,” said the board needs to look at further cuts rather than residents’ wallets. He said Ohio’s SB5 law, which curtails public school workers’ powers of collective bargaining, is in place and should be used to further reduce Lakota’s expenses.

“”SB 5 became law (and) school boards now have a tool to deal with the budget shortfalls in the coming years,” said Hoffman. “Yet they don’t think in terms of cost reduction by way of wages and benefits renegotiated with Senate Bill 5, only cost expansion.”

The board is scheduled to make the first of two state-mandated votes to put a tax issue on the fall ballot at its meeting 7 p.m. Monday at Lakota’s Central Office, 5572 Princeton Road, Liberty Township.


I won’t be at the meeting when they make their final selection of one of the three choices, because I know they have already chose the smaller number, hoping that it will not be such a hard number to digest.  I have other plans for that particular evening which are far more important.  So I’ll look forward to another good fight to defeat that next levy. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Over a Million Signatures to Repeal Senate Bill 5: Gained from an emerging police state

The following article should be viewed like a movie. The videos here are extensive, and in the order presented, tell a compelling tale. That tale may have truth, they may be filled with conspiracy theory and thus paranoia, and the opinions many be in the context of such paranoia. However what cannot be disputed is that in 2011 the police and all authority have a lot more power and intrusive capability than they did a decade ago. They are also more expensive as wages and pensions are destroying budgets everywhere. Politicians hungry for the FOP vote are quick to add more and more police to make tax payers feel safe, but the subtle strategy is to create so many government employees through union membership, that politics can be steered where desired.

Police officers and other public union employees in Ohio gathered up more than a million signatures to put a repeal of S.B.5 on the November ballot, a bill that would give communities more management control of their costs. For anyone concerned with a smaller, less intrusive government the union control of public sector employees is deeply concerning. The sheer volumes of public employees that don’t want any changes are displayed in the above and below videos. In fact this very issue is the primary topic of my new book tentatively called, Tail of the Dragon due out in 2012, where politicians use public employees and their families, to shape policy. They do this with excessively high pay which turn republican’s employees into democratic votes due to the luxury of the rate of pay. These public employees no matter how dangerous the job or any other condition is making an average of 30% more than the private sector job, and that buys votes. This is why the public sector unions do not want S.B.5 to stand as law and will fight with everything they have to maintain the status quo.

In some way or another we all know that the status quo is spiraling out of control. Everyone wants police officers to protect them from criminals, but that doesn’t mean we want bored cops parked on the side of the road to pull us over for speeding tickets, seat belt violations, or DUI check points. And lets face it, for every police officer hired, that officer is going to be expected to do something, and if there isn’t a lot of crime in a neighborhood, who is to say how many police officers even need to be on the payroll of the tax payer.

But according to the FOP union, there isn’t a limit. They want an infinite amount of officers and will always ask for more. This is why S.B.5 is needed, so that management can control this tendency somewhat, because over-staffing is causing budget deficits. And to justify the over staffing, law makers (politicians) keep inventing new jobs for these positions which ultimately push up against constitutional limits.

The following video is why it is entirely possible to have too many police officers, and just how dangerous it is to give them too many rights to “protect and serve.” Do you want Mr. Wesley Cheeks to have the right to break down your door in the middle of the night just because he suspected you of a crime? I’m sure Mr. Cheeks is a nice guy but is he worth 60K per year to be a cop, or even a 100K per year with unlimited overtime? Should Mr. Cheeks be given any level of authority over any of us? How many cops are on the current staff in your neighborhood that is just like officer Cheeks?

When Cheeks was pressed about the validity of the law he started to say dumb things, the kind of things that were really on his mind deep down inside, particularly when he says this “isn’t America anymore.” It might have been an accident what he said, but he revealed his political inclination. Do you think this officer would vote politically in a way that his FOP president didn’t tell him to do? Do you think this guy is capable of independent thought at all? I don’t and that makes him dangerous, because he is simply a soldier that will carry out his orders and he gets his orders from politicians, and we know they can’t be trusted. So this is the essence of the problem looked upon without emotion.

Here’s another case of police abuse over political motives. Listen to this guy. This is a separate case from the one above, yet it is so similar. Why do these police seem to be protecting the Obama Presidency? It’s an FOP condition, and Obama is friendly to labor unions. It’s that simple. So here you have a case were police officers are using the law to influence elections. It may be in just a small way, but if hundreds of officers, or even thousands across the country are all doing the same thing, the impact can actually be a percentage point or two in election participation or actual voter results. It’s harassment intended for a political objective.

It does my heart good to see people like the V-Man putting on a mask and protesting some of the police abuse that is going on in his community. Now, who can argue with The V Man? Is he wrong? In my experience, when police need a levy passed, that is when they do the drug raids. That is when they start the campaign of showing how much work they do. That’s when whatever dangerous situation they participate in gets reported in the paper. The trouble is, the police always know who the drug dealers are. They always know where the crimes are committed, but they often put it on the back burner until they need to use their endeavors to gain a political advantage. There will be a lot of that kind of behavior as the vote for S.B.5 gets closer. But the V-Man brings up what the police do most of their time, hang out at the station and wait for something to happen. And when we hire too many cops there are a lot of cops to sit around waiting for something to do.

So if people are starting to fear the law enforcement, if the TSA is reaching for union protection, which only increases the number of union voters that will shape public policy, which is incredibly dangerous, it can be concluded that the United States is already in a police state. We know that the Indiana Supreme Court recently voted to allow for unmolested entry of police officers into homes of suspicion. That means that if a law enforcement officer wishes to enter you home you have no right to prevent them from doing so. Here is a reasonable argument that the United States is now a police state.

Now have a look at a full length documentary called Police State 4, which the V-Man referred to above from Alex Stone. It’s over two hours long, so you might want to grab some popcorn. It’s a well done documentary that brings up a lot of great points. You don’t have to believe everything in it. But if you watch it critically, you must recognize that we have a dangerous trend in America.

Here’s another documentary called Invisible Empire also produced by Alex Jones. The facts are hard to dispute because the behavior we have seen over the last decade prove how quick certain factions of government were prepared to expand the police powers from what they used to be to what we are seeing today. This documentary is also over 2 hours, so you better grab more popcorn.

The war is happening all around us, as shown in this Alex Jones radio broadcast where he talks about Ron Paul going after the TSA. It’s a shame that Ron is virtually alone in this endeavor.

There is without any question a dangerous expansion of law enforcement and the intrusions by them upon America. They are becoming more and more a branch of military service intent on controlling our population. The problem with the conspiracy theories is that they often appear to come from radicals, so the message gets lost. I do not think that the government planned 911 so they could expand government police power into a new world order, gradually taking away the freedoms of Americans so they are more equal to other nations throughout the world. Because the trouble with these global advocates is that if everyone wants to move to the United States, and doesn’t stay put in their home countries, then globalism will never take root. Global government needs to frustrate the plans of the freedom lover who climbs in a boat and rows to America to flee their tyrannical home governments. So taking away the freedoms of Americans helps control the aims of the world in this way.

We know that the CIA and the FBI and who knows what other organizations are funded by the America tax payer use manipulative tactics to achieve an objective. I think with 911, globalists probably working as sleeper agents within the United States government, and had been fanning the flames of Muslim extremists hoping for an attempted terrorist attack that would be caught before the deaths occurred. The intent all along by the globalists would be to expand government with a branch of government such as Home Land Security. If such a thing happened it wouldn’t be the first time subversive groups like the CIA got caught with their foot in their mouth. America has propped up many current terrorists in a subversive fight with other nations that the our relationship with the United Nations prevented, but the desire for nation building was still present. It is naive to consider that such tactics are not being done on us all, just as it has with other nations.

Whatever the reason, police powers are expanding, and the unions that protect them are not allowing for staffing adjustments, or wage reductions that can allow management bring not only their costs in line without raising taxes, but also to reduce the amount of officers needed for a community or city. There are so many union regulations and inefficiencies, and so much dramatization going on with these law enforcement positions, that true staffing levels cannot even be considered. Instead, under union, and political motive, law enforcement just continues to grow perpetually. S.B.5 is a bill that will help with some of the wage level issues that we are seeing, but it doesn’t go near far enough in preventing the rapid expansion of government employees that we are seeing and the justification of those positions by trampling over the constitutional rights of American citizens. The window for doing anything about controlling this emerging police state is closing where such action can still be done peacefully, with just a simple vote.

The question is how willing are Americans to let their freedoms erode before they say enough. If they declare it now, they can do themselves a favor later. But if they wait too long………………………………………it won’t be a good thing.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior