TAKE AWAY THE CREDIT CARD OF CONGRESS: Yes, Obama actually blamed the current congress for the debt crises

If you are concerned about the direction of this country, and want to contribute to the solutions, the first thing you should do while reading this article is give yourself the time and watch all these videos completely at least once.  Then take your time and let it soak in.   Then send this link to your friends in an email and spread the word. 

I started my Saturday morning like almost all of them, at 4:30 AM where I catch up on my reading, emails, news I missed, etc.  My daughter sent the a picture she took of herself before she and her friends went to see the new Harry Potter film on Thursday.  In the picture she is magically levitating all her favorite things, the mask her mom and I gave her from the Yucatan, a can of Coke, a toy of Yoshi, and her XBox controller.  Her picture was intended to be fun but it made me think of President Obama, how he seems to believe that everything can be solved with the wave of some magic wand.  I spent some time reviewing material from a friend of mine in Ann Arbor, Matt Clark who does a radio show on WAAM and was hitting some very good points on his podcasts about the federal problems with the debt limit, which can be heard below.  Then Darryl Parks of 700 WLW really impressed me with his dead-on take of the same situation.  I mean he nailed the situation precisely!  Listen to that here:

While I was listening to Darryl, I received an email notification by David Plouffe on his new blog post from the White House website.   View it for yourself:


It told me to watch a video that President Obama did several months ago where he was sitting down with a group of students to explain the merits of compromise.  In that video I saw a man who shows what he is really good at, being a teacher.  And that’s where he belongs. 

What is happening in that video is The White House is trying to do damage control to the mess the President has created for himself.   They dusted off a video from a few months ago where the president is very likeable, and speaking honestly, and they released it today to build him up politically so he can establish consensus against the Republicans in this most recent budget battle.  What the video, and blog post is in essence is more of the same kind of politics that have buried this nation in debt with smoke and mirrors and side-show acts.  The facts cannot be ignored with emotion, which is what The White House is attempting on the heels of the very arrogant press conference given by the President yesterday. 

Did he really say that? Obama at the beginning of the press conference below said that congress had run up the credit card so the debt ceiling needs to be raised? What congress is he talking about, because that debt hasn’t been ran up in the last 6 months? How misleading…………………………

President Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich and he thinks that he is one of those “rich guys.” Twice in the President Obama’s speech Friday, July 15, 2011 he stated in his official statement regarding the debt ceiling negotiations “A person in my position,” as though the wealth he has he created himself. He thinks he is equal to all the job creators out there who actually take risks with their money to create an industry. There is a vast difference between a well paid politician like Obama, and a job creator, and he doesn’t understand that difference.

This tendency of politicians to believe that they are “special” in some way, or even equal to people who actually create jobs is preposterous. At Hollywood parties, which tend to lean toward the left politically, people like Steven Spielberg and Jeffery Katzenberg usually donate large sums of money to the presidential campaigns of people like Obama. And what they pay for with their donations is the ability to be close to the President. They get to sit up close in fund-raisers, and they get to shake hands with him, and usually get a picture taken with him.

Back in the 90’s Bill Clinton used to rent out the Lincoln Bedroom to his celebrity friends as a way to raise money for the DNC. The cost of that access is expensive. The problem is the White House is not the Presidents to sell, especially for political reasons. It wasn’t under Clinton, Bush, or Obama. The White House is the people’s house, and we let the President live there while they do the countries business.

One of the problems in America is this tendency of the rich and powerful, to desire to be close to a powerful politician. This doesn’t make any sense. Because the rich and powerful like Spielberg and others who create things from nothing, and employee thousands and thousands of people with their efforts are different from the politicians, and under no circumstances should have to pay to see their elected representatives.

America goes wrong by letting Presidents like Obama think they are royalty of some sort. When powerful people pay money to see a President something is wrong.

Could President Obama produce a film like Transformers? Could President Obama run a manufacturing facility? Could he even make payroll for the employees who count on him to make good decisions for their livelihood. No.

Obama should be the one to pay to see people like Spielberg. President Obama doesn’t make anything, he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t even make decisions. Why do we honor him by throwing money in his direction? What does he have of any value but the title of President?

How valuable is the title of President?

It’s not valuable at all. It’s ceremonial, but otherwise virtually worthless. Politicians do not create jobs. Presidents don’t, governors don’t, no senators or congressman, none of them do. They are simply managers hired by the public to manage. They are not leaders. They are not lords, or elites. They are certainly not royalty. Anything they do make they take from a tax payer. It is not “they” who make it. It is someone else. The politician simply gives it away.

It is laughable that Barack Obama thinks that somehow he is equal or even superior to the other wealthy people he is calling for to pay the taxes he wants to increase. How hard is it for Barack Obama, who gets paid to do a management job, to ask for more money? The money comes easy to people like Obama now that he’s president. And like a lot of politicians, they have lost touch with reality because real money makers throw money at politicians hoping for a legislative favor later. That is because the politician has the power to legislate, to create new rules.

Those new rules are often the kind we don’t need. The politician makes legislation to pay back his contributors. Where the process fails is that the politician believes that there is value in their legislation. They begin to believe that they actually produce something, which of course they don’t.

Nobody should be idolized who creates nothing. Yet this is the culture of politics. When you shake the hand of one of these creatures, they almost seem to expect you to kiss their hand. They all sound like Barack Obama when he says, “I’m one of the elites. I’m willing to make the sacrifice. I’m not asking people to do anything I’m not willing to do myself.” They are willing to make that sacrifice because they didn’t earn the money to begin with. Everything they have has been given to them by someone else and they are like spoiled children who arrive at adulthood without a concept in their brains of the value of anything, because everything came easy to them.

It is easy for such valueless people to insist on more taxes because for them, all they have to do is agree to let Steven Spielberg take a picture with them and they generate millions of dollars. What they forget is that they are no different from the parent who pays money to have their child take a picture with Santa at Christmas, or the Easter Bunny. They are just props of authority that have symbolic meaning. They are employees in a costume and that costume can be taken off and put on another without the children being any wiser.

The President of the United States does not have a right to demand taxes for the rich. Nobody can even make a case for why tax payers should fund the current level of government. I’m looking for a tax cut, not a tax increase. How is the President taking money from me and giving it to some program that supports his political base my responsibility. That’s theft. All this talk about people paying their “fair share” is coming from the type of people who have no value and steal money from people to begin with, then tell us that the richest of all must pay more…………….for what reason, to pay for what? Medicare fraud, Social Security retirement benefits when the age of retirement is going to be going up for my generation to 70 perhaps 80? To pay for a Department of Education that is a complete waste of money, or an EPA that is driving up the cost of energy, a Department of Justice that is abusive and is picking winners and losers? What about the FCC who is advocating Net Neutrality. Why would I want my hard-earned money spent on any of that government waste? Why is supporting that waste my responsibility in paying my “fair share?”

Only a person who has no value for anything can make such requests. And President Obama is such a person. He’s a token representative of the same value as the guy we hire to play Santa Clause at Christmas time. The trouble starts when Santa starts believing that he actually lives in the North Pole and can circle the globe in a single night giving everyone presents. President Obama is suffering from his own delusions believing that he has such power and it is sadly revealing to hear him speak with an attempt at authority. Why doesn’t someone tell him he’s wearing the clown costume and is in a circus, and he’s only being laughed at. Because he doesn’t seem to know that’s what he actually is. He at least needs to understand the occasion that he’s entertaining for. Because his idea of raising taxes in even the slightest degree belongs in a carnival with the rest of the scams of a summer time festival complete with cotton candy, popcorn and hot dogs.

I hate to rub it in, because a lot of people in the establishment do not like John Kasich, who is the current governor of Ohio.  But you balance a budget doing what he has done, granted he’s not very popular, but then again most real managers aren’t. 

It doesn’t take magic, it just takes guts, and the will to do the hard things even when they may be unpopular, or hurt people’s feelings. The nation needs politicians to do what we hired them for, and that’s to manage the government, not think about how they can keep a job on the gravy train to the carnival.

Rich Hoffman


15 thoughts on “TAKE AWAY THE CREDIT CARD OF CONGRESS: Yes, Obama actually blamed the current congress for the debt crises

  1. Rich: this was a great post and I just wanted you to know I read as many as I can. (I get them in my email) You hit all the bases and they were all home runs.

    Thank you for your continuing educational efforts.

    James Garrett


    1. Thanks, James

      There are a lot of them, but the news only covers the surface of things, and books take too long to come out, and newspapers are all in somebody’s pocket. So this seems to be the only way to pull together all the things that’s happening into the same place.

      It’s an exciting time where so much video is available to go with articles like this. It really gives people a chance to see things for what they are. That old Rush clip I was happy to find.


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