S.B.5 IS UNDER ATTACK: Do you have the courage to keep it?

That video created a hail fire of anger among the public sector union class over the weekend because it was evidence to them that the side protecting Senate Bill 5 is able to muster up the support of high-profile national names too, like they have been doing.  Unions hate competition!

The public union sector class, which is what we should call them, as they claim to be the entire middle class for voter identity, was able to gather 1.3 million signatures to repeal Senate Bill 5 after John Kasich signed the bill into law that went into effect on July 1st 2011.  It is because of S.B.5 that the OEA (Ohio Education Association) all over the state of Ohio scrambled to pass their teachers union contracts, so they would be grandfathered in when the bill became effective.  The union knew that they needed to appeal to the masses if they hoped to successfully repeal the bill in the fall election by putting on a softer, more cooperative face.  But even more important, they needed to protect their members from budget cuts before S.B.5 could be used against their tyrannical grip on local tax budgets.  The effect of these contract negotiations placed districts like Lakota, which is the 7th largest district in the state of Ohio into financial solvency again where before the contract negotiations the finances were grim. 

That is just a sample of what S.B.5 as a bill will be able to do for the tax payer.  The out of control costs that are currently at play in all government positions, especially teaching positions, can be managed finally by the local district.  There is a lot more costs that must be managed which will continue to make school districts fiscally viable. 

The same people against Senate Bill 5 are used to push environmental issues. Notice how it’s always about children.  Progress Ohio, who has produced many videos like the Anti S.B.5 videos shown here is a progressive group which seeks to “progress” society into the progressive trends that we have been traveling down, and they are at the front of the labor movement politically.  You can learn a lot about these types of people by studying what they think is important.  The children are put in the front row used as props, and the topics are always emotional.  This is why these people cannot be allowed to give themselves pay increases, which is what has been happening.  They have no monetary discipline.  It’s ok to hire people like this to be a park ranger, but they are an overly emotional group that exaggerate everything, and are not capable of firm business decisions.  Anytime money is at play, business decisions must be firm, and understood.  

Saturday I received this email from a friend of mine with thoughts about the upcoming Lakota levy, which even though the school board solved their immediate problems with the new contract is looking to cover the cost difference lost in state funding and federal allocations in the upcoming years, and they seek a tax increase instead of the options sent to me in the email by my friend.



I hope you are well.  I continue to track the ridiculous actions of your district.  What is not making sense is why deficit spending platform is not the main theme against a levy.  In addition, there is no need for a levy, even under their current June assumptions until 2014.  Therefore, there is more time to make them:

1.       Updated and renegotiate health care and not continue to carry such egregious increases in assumptions upwards of 9.5%

2.       Change the split of health coverage with employees

3.       Remove pickups for employees

4.       Remove administrators raises

5.       Remove step raises

6.       Look more closely at their revenue assumptions

a.       2010 the district collected over $75.6 million – 2011, they say they will only collect $71.4 million.  Ask for a “BUDGET TO ACTUAL” NOW THAT YOU HAVE YEAR END TO SEE IF THEY UNDERSTATED REVENUES BY $5.1 MILLION.

b.      If they understated revenue in 2011 by $5.1 million, you need to carry that forward for 5 years and you pick up $25 million in revenues

7.       Benefits are not impacted at all, yet the community is suffering.  That MAKES NO SENSE

My thoughts for your day.  Let me know if I can help!


I have a lot of people who work in various education positions all over the state who send me information like this.   They are frustrated with the way the system works and want to see changes made.  This guy is one of them. 

My response to him was that until school boards use S.B.5 to bring their costs down, the real costs such as what he assessed in his email to me, then this school tax levy game will continue.  As of right now, the school board knows the unions will never go for removing step increases, taking real pay cuts to bring labor wages in line with the private sector, change the health care coverage, the union won’t agree to even one thing on his list, let alone all of them.  That is why Ohio needed S.B.5, because collective bargaining has driven up public employee costs since 1983 to such an extent that now it is abusive to the tax payer, and has been for some time. 

It is these same public sector unions who have tried to label John Kasich as a Wall Street Stooge, as though Wall Street were the ultimate evil in the world.  And they of course hate Newt Gingrich who is a presidential candidate who has advocated unpopular big government warnings. 

Many forget, because their memories are shallow that it was Newt and Kasich who balanced the budget in the 90’s in the Federal government which Bill Clinton reluctantly went along with.  And these are the guys who are involved in solving Ohio’s budget problems which can be seen as a microcosm of the nation’s problems. 

The public union, big government types know this and they have their own weapons they plan to use.  Of those, is Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW who has for a long time considered himself a libertarian/conservative, but is mysteriously in favor of big public unions.  Bill is the guy at the end of the above Kasich video shaking his hand.  Cunningham seems to only advocate change so long as it doesn’t interfere with his income where his real allegiance appears to be his law practice, which of course employees many public employees who work hand in hand with public sector union employees every day and has made him personally wealthy.  One of those is his own wife, who is a current judge in Cincinnati.  Sheriff Jones of Butler County, who is my neighbor and a fellow Tea Party supporter over immigration reform, is one of the charismatic Republicans who the unions have targeted to help lead the march in repealing S.B.5 this fall.  The TV spots are being planned for this as I write this article featuring all the great feats that your local police and firefighters are doing for your community, kissing babies, helping old ladies across the street, and why they need S.B.5 repealed. 

Sheriff Jones is the same guy who has openly stated that he doesn’t understand where all the jobs in Hamilton have gone, as he marches to the FOP drum of union brotherhood.  So economics is not his strongest topic, but using emotion to win elections is.  After all, this is the same guy who wants to sue Mexico for all the illegal drugs coming into America.  Here’s a hint Sheriff Jones, they left because union wages closed down Fisher Body in Hamilton, Norwood and other places.  The union’s wages and benefits were just too steep to cover those costs, so they left.  My grandfather worked there, and I know what kind of pension he had, and even when I was a little kid, I wondered who was paying for him and his friends when they were in retirement.  It didn’t add up.  In fact many people in my family were or are union people.  And they are wrong to blindly follow union mandates just to protect their pay check.   They’ve all been told. 

The union strategy of course is they think people like Bill Cunningham, Bill Seitz, and Sheriff Jones who are Republicans with connections to Fox News can somehow offset swing voters into doubting the validity of S.B.5 into a repeal.  What is forgotten is that these Republicans are the types who have built their lives around public sector service, so they do not have an objective opinion.  To them politics as usual is the only politics there is. 

To people like me, politics as usual is simply too expensive, and cannot endure.  It is a shame that the police and firefighters unions have jumped in front of the teachers unions to shield them and muddy up the fight for reform, because it will also expose how bloated those services are  in the dispute.  Emotion will not win this battle, this time.

Listen to Glenn Beck explain the pension pyramid at about the 7 minute mark to understand the beginning of the problem.  Glenn Beck is 100% right when he says that these problems can only be sustained for one generation.  Politicians like Sheriff Jones and Bill Cunningham are part of that generation who voted for the whole thing, and it is difficult for them to admit to themselves that they brought us to this terrible crises.  So they defend their mistakes just like a person caught in a lie tries to justify what they’ve done.  But the facts are the facts. 

There is no question with 1.3 million signatures public union membership has tipped the balance of power perilously close to ending what the American republic was founded on.  When employees can vote themselves raises, which public sector unions have notoriously abused at the expense of the tax payer for years, even the big government President FDR himself cautioned us against it.  President Kennedy was the man who through executive order, made public sector unions legal, which should have never been done. 

Click here to read President Kennedy’s fatal error:

If you want to know the truth, of why these public sector unions want to maintain the status quo, all you have to do is follow the money. 

Click here to see what West Chester police and firefighters make, which is within Butler County, Sheriff Jones’s territory and FOP brothers, to see what they are protecting…………………

…………..go ahead, you want to know the truth don’t you.  CLICK HERE:

And Lakota, one of the largest schools in the state of Ohio also located in Butler County.   Why do you think the OEA wants S.B.5 repealed?  Go ahead, CLICK HERE:

It will take a very high voter turn out to protect Senate Bill 5.  Nobody is asking anybody to take a rifle into a field and defend their liberty from tyranny……….not yet.  You still have the opportunity to protect yourself from an ever-expanding government by simply showing up to vote.  The unions will certainly show up, because their income which they get exclusively from the tax payer depends on it.  So they will be there.  It must be expected that they will have almost 2 million voters who will show up and cast a ballot in November.  This is why it is dangerous to have too many government workers.  When they outnumber the tax payers, they can enact policies on their own at tax payer expense.  They can vote themselves raises, which is why they make so much money, and management is powerless to do anything about it, because Ohio Revised Code created under union lobby power has prevented management controls and driven up the costs.  

So in November, If you don’t see through the smoke and mirrors and allow yourselves to be conned, you will not only be responsible for higher taxes which will come your way in order to pay for all these elaborate public employee salaries and pensions as the system collapses on itself, but you will have turned away from an opportunity to march toward the America as it was intended to be in favor of an American headed in the direction of Europe.  And it will be your fault, because John Kasich along with the house and senate did exactly what they said they would do, and that is stare the problem in the eye and do the hard thing even when the status quo makes threats and harasses them. 

Click Here to read about how the SEIU threatened Ohio Senators in a restaurant, to attempt to threaten them into not voting in favor of S.B.5.  CLICK HERE!

They gave Ohio S.B.5.  The question is now, as a tax payer, do you have the courage to keep it?

Rich Hoffman


18 thoughts on “S.B.5 IS UNDER ATTACK: Do you have the courage to keep it?

  1. Hey… Yours truly again… I don’t mean to sound lime a negative nancy, but after having read the first few paragraphs of sb5… Im fairly certain that the entire withholding of any public employee’s pay is entirely voluntary and can, at any time be reclaimed by that employee ( if they sign up to have they wages cut back for the purposes stated in the bill )… And all they have to do is submit in writing the intention to do so…. They have to sign off on the withholding initially anyway… So really i think they’re all just a bunch of ignorant scaredy kittens screaming and crying over spilled ( or ‘spilt’ if you are acorn ) milk whilst the entire carton of milk lies within arms reach anyway… But please do correct me if im wrong… Hat was merely my interpretation of the bill… http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=129_SB_5


    1. I think you’re right, but at this time those contracts are grandfathered in and aspects like that are up for dispute. But that is an excellent point, as usual. I will check on it! I think we should all go to the next meeting where Shannon Jones will be there. I have alot of technical questions about what was in the final bill.


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