Agenda 21, the March to Peace and Progress: Created by fools, losers, and sex addicts.

Why does the President insist on tax increases?  Doesn’t it seem strange that he is so insistent on raising taxes on somebody?  Who’s the stubborn one?  When you have people like the President always asking for more money, it is only out of the best interest of the country that somebody is the party of “NO,” because “Yes” is too expensive.  That is, unless the intent is to spend too much money and to keep spending money until it’s all gone.    

At the West Chester Tea Party meeting recently Sheriff Jones was asked by an audience member if he knew what Agenda 21 was.  He said he did not, but the question sparked a murmur through the large crowd of people who had gathered to hear the Sheriff speak. 

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.  That plan consists of major redistribution of wealth to make the playing field more level for developing countries while putting a leash on countries like the United States, to slow down their development. 

Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests were adopted by more than 178 Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janerio,Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992.

The reason this topic came up in a question to the Sheriff is Jones is an advocate of immigration reform and he is frustrated with the lack of political will in enforcing border control.  The reason is that under Agenda 21 many of the very powerful in world politics are working toward a borderless world and that might be the reason why many in America from the current president all the way down to local officials and business leaders are working to fulfilling the resolutions adopted in Rio de Janerio in 1992. 

On that note I received the below letter recently which reminded me of the situation and I thought it would be interesting for the sake of awareness to include it below for discussion.    


July 19, 2011

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New World Disorder: Why Geithner’s IMF SDR Plan for a Global Currency is High Treason

Some time ago, the mainstream media began covering in more detail the New World Order theory as to why our country entered into the financial crisis. Dubbed a “conspiracy theory” the New World Order hypothesis centers around the creation of a “global government-run by a few satanic bankers that are connected to the English Royal Family, the Rockefeller’s, and the Rothschild family. In case you haven’t heard of the theory, it basically states that the Council on Foreign Relations is a treasonous cabal of devil worshiping sickos that wants to move the entire world into a one currency system that issues a digital currency and is run like a global feudal dictatorship — sounds neat, right?

Well, When I first heard of this so-called right-wing conspiracy theory ten years ago I initially brushed it off as total hogwash believing that America was the best country in the world and that our elected officials had our best interests at heart. It wasn’t until I worked in the hedge fund world for 12 years that it finally became blatantly obvious that parts of this theory, if not all of it, are actually 100% true and not a conspiracy theory at all.

One of the aspects of the NWO theory that looks more and more like fact is the global currency plan. While initially this may strike readers as completely unfathomable, earlier this year Tim Geithner called for the IMF ‘s Special Drawing Rights to be issued and used more frequently. What’s so insanely scary about this, is that the IMF ‘s Special Drawing Right is essentially none other than the One World Currency which is espoused by the New World Order theorists (aka “right-wing wackos”).

The SDR will soon replace the dollar with a fixed exchange rate to all other currencies and this peg will devalue the dollar by some 50% or so from current levels according to the NWO theorists. So if you like gold now, get ready to watch it rise another 100% in the next year or two.

The fact that America would even consider a plan to peg the dollar to a basket of global currencies at a rate that would devalue the wealth of American citizens shows just how deep the corruption and treason of our elected officials runs — the men in charge of our economy, laws, and justice system are handing our nation over to overlord bankers just as the Greek nation was handed over to them at mere pennies on the dollar.

Soon our parks, roads, schools, military, and states will be auctioned off to the highest bidder to pay off debts and to appease creditors. Our policy will not be made in Washington but by the IMF (and the people who run it behind the curtain) who will be in control of our finances and therefore our politics. What do George Bush, Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama, Tim Geithner, Bill Clinton, the Google Founders, David Rockefeller, Dick Cheney, and most of the mega corporations today all have in common? They are all members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and are pushing for the devaluation of the US Dollar and the creation of a One World Currency issued by the criminal IMF as the global central bank which will usher in Greek like austerity and a police state unlike anything the world has previously witnessed.

While the tenets of population control ad environmentalism are important, the rights of freedom and democracy are even more central to the American way — American’s should remember the phrase “Give me Liberty or give me death” and resist the One currency system at all costs.

The CFR and New World Order group are working day and night via “covet means” and corruption to undermine the governments of the world into their IMF SDR system. Once that happens, our rights as citizens will vanish. It will be the end of freedom as we know it and the start of a new feudalism across the globe. We must resist the 2 party system in the US and elect a third-party candidate in 2012, preferably Ron Paul although it is still unclear if anyone currently in office can be trusted…




Whatever it is that you personally believe, whether it is conspiracy theories or rationalize that much of the above is hog-wash, there is one thing abundantly clear, and that is the last sentence in that letter is true, that it is unclear if anyone in public office can be trusted at all.  They do not appear to represent the people the way the republic was designed.  They seem to represent “something” else.  What that “something else” is creates the debate of theories.  But everyone can agree that “something else” is the priority and not the people of the American Republic. 

There is no reason members of the United States should be meeting in a luxury city like Rio, or Cancun and using those international platforms to move the world toward a one world government. 

My protest to the global meetings is simple. America taught those commercial cities how to generate money.  For instance, in Cancun at La Isla Mall there is a restaurant there called La Madonna that has fantastic Italian food.  I like the place because of the really cool statues in the dinning room that reach all the way to the ceiling. Cancun likes to pretend that they are international, including having authentic restaurants like that fantastic Italian restaurant.  But at a closer look, the mall there which is the pinnacle of shopping in Cancun has its influence from the United States.  It’s no different really than how the United States spends the most money of any country on the United Nations, yet it seems that the United States is always the target of these summits that have UN leanings and mandates. 

Without the United States nobody meets on anything or even has a discussion about what’s good for the greater good.  And I am sick and tired of global elitists; overly educated in all the wrong topics, who insist on spewing from their mouths rhetoric that is destructive to the future of the human race.  I’m not talking about this whole global warming gimmick, or the politics of the poor and depressed, or even the sex starved losers who propel the sex slave trade, (especially in Rio, and Geneva, home of the UN) The meetings attended by these half-baked fools in an infantile attempt to wrestle for themselves some political influence in some future great society of which they are the architects do not belong in American Culture.  They do not have a right to “open” our borders, or negotiate on our behalf an ounce of freedom for the greater good because in doing so they take freedom away from those countries they are trying to help by putting out the light of example that is the United States.  (CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE SEX TRADE IN RIO).   

These globalists do not know anything about the “good” life or the “greater good” because they do not understand the word, “good.”  So how can they build a society around it?  They have much to learn. 

In the meantime, it is time to recognize who does what in the world of influence, and it is the United States who sets the pace for everyone.  We are the bar everyone else must reach.  Lowering that bar so others can “feel” like they are playing the same game will not work, and will not be tolerated.

Notice how Obama in this next clip blames all the spending on the Republican Congress, and the people clap, mindless to the facts. The President is openly misleading the public. He is pushing a global agenda at all costs, even at the expense of the truth.

So believe what you want, but caution yourselves against the small-minded who actually believe they have the authority to take freedom from America and give it to others who have not earned it, serving under failed political philosophies in a quest for personal power.  Such minds are the creators of Agenda 21 which sounds good in a theory concocted in an ideological, far-away land where blue waves splash against sandy beaches and women walk around topless, and the drinks are cheap.  But those theories do not live up to the reality of life, proved here in the United States under the fires of freedom, where liberty was invented and that blueprint was copyrighted by America.  Everything else is just a cheap imitation including Agenda 21. 

The debate of the day should be on what our tax money is spent on, because billions of our tax money is used on these global ideas.  Yet we have a president and a rabid group of politicians who want more……….why…….because they have an agenda and they cannot achieve that agenda without the legalized theft of our tax money.  It is not a radical idea to insist on keeping what is ours to begin with, to be used for the needs of our culture, and not some crack-pot idea concocted by those naive elitists who are marching to a different drummer all together.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior