John Boehner and Economics: The future of America is at stake

Obama told Americans in a late night plea to a primetime audience that we needed to let our congressional representatives know what we wanted congress to do about this debt crisis.  Well, in John Boehner’s district, we did.  Hundreds of tea party members showed up to support John in his budget battle with a big labor, Chicago type “organizer” and his fuzzy math. (Enjoy the pictures) To understand just how bad the situation is, and what Boehner is fighting, listen to this fantastic clip from Matt Clark and his radio show on WAAM in Ann Arbor,Michigan.  Notice the graph on the clip where Obama has spent 4.6 billion dollars per day, much, much more than Bill Clinton who is listed at the top at just a meager $500 million per day in the 90’s. 

Obama lied to the American people and there is no way to disguise the facts for those who know what they are looking at.  There is no question that this president is simply a big labor mouth-piece who is one of two things; Obama is either the most ignorant person to ever be President of the United States, or he is a blind follower of Agenda 21, a United Nations project which unites the world under a common government.  (Click here to read all about Agenda 21.)  There isn’t any shades of gray with this president, he is left of the left and committed to all the bullet points of radical left union leaders, and politicians invested in a new world government headed by the UN. 

Every sentence the President uttered confirmed in me more and more that it is this Agenda 21 that he is really after, attacking the rich with tax increases, opening the borders, government health care, virtually everything he is committed to points to Agenda 21

CBS had an interesting poll of which the President was no doubt aware of as he gave his speech at 9 pm July 25, 2011 which stated specifically on the budget standoff, 49 percent blame Republicans for inaction, while 29 percent think the president is responsible.

Any final deal, Americans think, will have to involve compromise. In the poll, 69 percent said they think Mr. Obama needs to compromise, while 85 percent say Republicans should make concessions. Only 11 percent say Republicans should stick to their positions.

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Well, I’m one of those 11 percent.  The trouble with the masses of “American people” is many of them have been dumbed down so much by people like Obama over the years that they don’t understand what creates jobs.  They are being educated through this debate.  What needs to happen is that congress needs to hold its ground.  The progressive Democrats like Obama and Reid need to scream bloody murder prior to the Tuesday deadline and on Wednesday the American people need to see that life has went on as usual for the most part, the interest rates will hold because the important things will not default, congress will not allow it.  What we are dealing with are the same kind of people who predict the end of the world, like the fanatics who killed themselves prior to a comet coming near the Earth a few years back, the Jim Jones Massacre, (click here to read all about that) or people who believe that the Mayan calendar has predicted the end of the world in 2012.  Virtually everything President Obama said in his speech is of the quality of those listed fanatics and fear mongers.  It is the exact same speech that labor leaders and mobsters have used for years to extort tax money and “protection” from those organized elements and it’s all a lie. 

Unfortunately only 11% of the American population knows enough about economics and business management to understand this.  The rest of the country needs to learn by watching the process unfold.  Poll numbers cannot be followed when leadership is needed. 

Chris Evans, the star of the weekend movie blockbuster Captain America said in a recent interview that President Obama is awesome!  “I like the way he sits down with people and works with them.  He doesn’t play partisan politics, but favors a balanced approach.”  I don’t fault Mr. Evans for being young and inexperienced.  He made a calculated statement that is part of the Hollywood, MTV culture, which is to ignore the facts, vote on emotion, and skin color or gender.  And build a consensus with your fellow citizens even if everyone is a little bit wrong.  It’s better in the progressive view for everyone to get along rather than to find the correct answer.  Evans, the movie star represents many of the people in that CBS poll, which is why he is a movie star.  Studios know what they’re doing, and they understand the current American demographic. 

But what those Hollywood studios, media, and progressive leaning young people don’t understand is how the world works, how jobs are created, or even have an understanding of history.  The spending President Obama has indulged in is expected by those groups because many of them don’t even read a menu at a restaurant let alone understand history through their own personal educations.  Many of those 11% who want the Republicans to hold their ground do understand, and they know that leadership is a lonely road where a leader can often see what others only learn about later.  That’s why they are leaders. 

 Boehner and the congress need to hold tight letting the warnings of fear pass so all of America can learn the game that has been going on for far too long.  This is an event that will define our age and it is in need of leaders who will do the right thing for the entire country, even if most of the citizens won’t understand until years down the road. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior