Sleeping with a Sleazy Salesman: The Path of the Obama Presidency

On July 29th 2011 President Obama said “I don’t know why the Republicans in the House are voting for their own bill, it doesn’t have a shot at becoming law.  We need to reach a consensus as a nation.”  That statement is the reason for this post.  What Obama is really saying is “play our way, or not at all.”  The Democrats have been very resistant to doing the right thing also, but are misleading the nation with this game, that America can no longer afford.  Be sure to watch every video of this one as well as read the text and take your time.  This is a history lesson from our recent past that must be remembered right now.    Now, let’s study the pattern of behavior which indicates what the true intention of this game really is about for the current President of the United States. 


Like many of us, Jim Garvin is trying to understand the most recent comments of President Obama about the debt ceiling. As I watched the video below I felt for Mr. Gavin, because he represents most of America right now. The bewildered look on their faces is one of betrayal, of being lied to. Most of America knows they are being lied to by politicians from one side or the other. What they don’t know is who to blame, how to determine who is lying, and what to do about it.

What Obama and the political class have done with the federal budget is evident in this video. This spending behavior has been going on for a very long time, and represents a sickness in American politics. It is not appropriate to justify this behavior as “it’s just politics.” The American people have this dangerous tendency to deduct from their overall income what they pay in taxes. If they don’t see the money come out of their wallet, if that money is already gone before they even get their pay check, then they have a tendency to not even care what happens to that money. It’s as if their frustration in not having control of how their money is spent; they remove the thought from their minds completely, which politicians are well aware of.

I once knew a black salesman who reminds me a lot of President Obama. In fact, I’d dare say we have all known someone who considers themselves a “slick” talker who can sell anything to anybody and talk a woman out of her panties without them even being aware of it. I once watched this happen when I went for a drink with this guy and watched him work the bar, “Hey baby, what’s happening you sweet thing.”

I watched and listened and rolled my eyes. What woman would ever fall for a line like that? Anyone could tell that this dude was a creepy guy, right?

The salesman slept with that girl about 15 minutes after he met her, and when I spoke to the salesman about it I asked him how he could do it, how he could have sex with that girl, leave her with a fake phone number after he did the deed, then go back home to his wife and have sex with her in the same night, then come back to brag about it at work the next day?

He was a tall, lanky guy who moved almost identical to Barrack Obama. “Do what my brother,” he said to me using his pinky equipped with a gold ring to scratch his forehead. “I did that little girl a favor. Women love what I got’s to give em’ and if I’d given her my real number she’d be callin’ for more. And I can’t have that. She was lucky she got it once.” He noticed the distress on my face so he added, “Dude, listen. Fu**ing chicks is like selling to customers. You have to convince them that what you are giving them is what they need. And by the time they realize they don’t need what you want to give them, it’s too late, because they’ve either given you the money already, or they’ve given you a piece of ass.”

“But don’t you feel guilty taking advantage of them?” I asked.
“My man,” He said. “That’s cute, that you think people should feel guilty about making money, or fu**ing women. If you want a clean conscience, then take it from me, you will die a poor man looking for your next piece of ass.”

I didn’t dislike that salesman, I learned a lot from him. I learned everything I didn’t want to be. So it isn’t some psychological impairment that makes me think of this salesman every time I hear President Obama talk. It’s just that Obama uses the same kind of manipulation that the salesman uses. It may not be for the purpose of having sex with women, but rather to get people to buy what he’s selling. For this kind of salesman, outright lies are normal. In fact, they are so normal that they can even lie to themselves. When Obama sat down with Google to give a town hall type of speech during his campaign in 2008 it reveals a lot about Obama.

In the clip below with Google, Obama talks about patriotism in a way to cover his true intentions and disarm the client, which is the audience. Just like the con artist who wishes to conceal his dishonesty he cleverly uses gifts to keep people focused on the topics he chooses. For this particular crowd, it is discussions of technology. Obama guarantees every home in America will get broadband access under his future administration, and that his administration will stand up to the light of day by putting ear marks and bills online for all to see. He also talks about saving the planet with green jobs which is appealing to progressives naturally, even if it’s impractical and warped with idealism. When I watched this speech I thought of my old salesman friend who might say, “baby, I’ll by you a diamond necklace if you’ll suck my big **** out in my Cadillac outside.” The girl hears, “Cadillac” so maybe this guy has money. She hears “diamond necklace,” so maybe she can steal this guy away from his present woman. And sucking on something appeals to a natural biological urge many women have and gives them an illusion of control over a man because such an act is an act of trust, since the genitals of a man is the most delicate part of his body. The same types of buzz words are used in this interview, except it’s not sex that is for trade.

Unfortunately for such con artists sometimes they get caught in the lies they tell and this is the case where Harry Reid and President Obama had spoken against the increase of the dept ceiling in 2006. Reid explained that it was only because he was playing politics and it was wrong, so now in 2011, he’s right and everyone should buy into a debt ceiling increase. Obama had perhaps the worst statement. He said that his perspective as a senator was basically not as enlightened as that of the President, where more aspects of the economy must be considered. Without question in some future speech Obama will say that the President of the United Nations must consider the entire world, and not just the affairs of the United States, which is a job he is openly campaigning for.

On occasion there have been people like Mr. Gavin who recognize that something is wrong and they’ve questioned Obama. Such was the case with Joe the Plumber during the 2008 campaign. All the guy did was ask a question and Obama talked the situation into a 5 minute speech trying to justify the scam. Obama would have done better to give a short answer and move to the next topic, because it made Joe the Plumber a celebrity, which the left then proceeded to destroy Joe’s character any way they could. But it was Obama who made the mistake in this exchange. He knew that Joe was seeing through his campaign rhetoric and Obama, the salesman wanted to see if he could overcome Joe’s opposition. When words failed, Obama became very touchy openly putting his hand on the shoulder and arm of Joe the Plumber. This is very similar to a man who has been confronted by a scorned woman and uses touching to take the edge off the woman’s anger, knowing that touching helps psychologically break down the barriers of mental resistance to an idea.

With many of the positions Obama has taken, Muslim radicals seem to have gotten a free pass under his administration. He behaves very strange for a guy who claims that he’s a Christian. The trouble with a man who claims he’s a Christian and not a Muslim is that in politics it is calculated that a Muslim could not be elected, because people are tense over the aggression of many fundamentalists.

Christianity has been attacked by the Obama administration mysteriously. So if Obama is pretending to be a Christian when he is in fact a Muslim then he is deliberately misleading the pubic for political gain. And if he is willing to do that, what else is he willing to mislead the public on? That is the trouble. A man should be willing and able to stand on what they believe, not what they think people want them to believe. Such people are no different from people like that salesman who lie about how much money they have to sleep with a woman. They will say anything to get into the woman’s pants. But even the best of them get caught in their own lies. Here Obama lets it slip that he’s a Muslim then corrects himself to being Christian. Was it an accident? (More on this later)

In this next clip Obama continues to ridicule Christian faith. For a guy who again claims he’s a Christian, he seems pretty angry about it. I mean I personally don’t care if he’s a Muslim, or an Alien from some other planet. My concern is why does he feel he must hide it? Why be misleading?

Glenn Beck shows the Michelle Obama clip where she stated this was the first time she was proud of America. I personally can’t ever recall any upper level politician saying something like this. To me, this clip reveals much of what type of conversations go on at the Obama dinner table, when the cameras aren’t running. Michelle, at the time being inexperienced at deceit in politics spoke her mind, and has since learned to put a softer edge on what she say’s publicly.

To know who Obama is you have to watch all his speeches, not just the ones where he attempts to appeal to all of America, the people like Mr. Gavin. Here is Obama among his people at the Campus Progress meet talking about alternative fuels. Campus Progress is a progressive organization designed to build a progressive political base which is in direct competition against people like me, who are American traditionalists. Progressives hope to erode the effectiveness of traditionalists by appealing to the naivety of young people hungry to rebel from their parents. The trouble with progressives is they attempt to undermine American Politics with a Trojan Horse mentality, by breaking through the barriers of American’s defenses and destroying that opposition from behind those defenses. That’s alarming because Progressives know that their ideas cannot compete directly with traditionalists so they seek the subversive route. Here Obama congratulates the creation of Progressive Leadership and the role of young people in the future.

Knowing that traditionalists will reject much of what Obama is trying to implement, he seeks to appeal to young people by admitting that he smoked marijuana, a lot. When Obama says that he is angry that Washington plays politics, and nothing gets done because of the grid lock, remember that the only reason Obama made this statement is that he was tapping into the same political demographic exploited by Bill Clinton when he played a saxophone on MTV. It’s all about politics.

I hate to bring it up because the relationship that President Obama has or had with Bill Ayers cannot be ignored even though a discussion about that relationship is as contentious as talking about the birth certificate issue. For those who don’t know who Bill Ayers is listen to him talk about his life in The Weather Underground. Obama launched his political career with Bill Ayers as a supporter in the living room of The Weather Underground leaders.

Here is a video with radio interviews of Bill Ayers where his life parallels Barack Obama’s rise to fame. Bill Ayers is a very manipulative and radical hater of the American way of life. He has demonstrated the extent of just what he is willing to do against the American Government. He is an open enemy to all things American, and the government knows it and has known for years exactly where he is at all times yet he’s been free to continue his radical movements with other methods instead of the radical violence of his early years. He’s a retired professor at the University of Chicago. In a new edition of the Bill Ayers memoirs called, Fugitive Days: Memoirs of an Anti-War-Activist, he added a new afterword about Barack Obama describing the blogospheric characterization of their relationship as “neighbors and family friends” (“In 2008 there was a lot of chatter on the blogosphere about my relationship with Barack Obama: we had served together on the board of a foundation, knew one another as neighbors and family friends, held an initial fundraiser at my house, where I’d made a small donation to his earliest political campaign.”).


Obama tried to back off the Ayers connection, but the evidence was just too overwhelming. Now this video isn’t from Fox News, it’s by CNN. Ayers is a man who is willing to do anything to accomplish his objective. When he and his wife bragged about the rise of Barack Obama as a political power in Chicago politics there is no question that Ayers at some point told Obama, “They’ll harass you for knowing me. That’s OK. It’s worth it to have one of our kind in The White House. When they ask don’t feel bad in denying you know me. I’ll understand.”

One last warning about Barack Obama, a look into his past, this video was done in 2008, well before Glenn Beck. Tony Rezko was a major fund-raiser for Barack Obama. Rezko and several others were indicted on federal charges in October 2006, for using their connections to the state boards to demand kickbacks from businesses that wanted to do business with the state. While the others pleaded guilty to the charges, Rezko pleaded not guilty and was found guilty of 16 of the 24 charges filed against him. Rezko also worked with Rod Blagojevich who was just convicted this year in late June of 17 counts of wire fraud, attempted extortion, bribery, conspiracy to commit extortion, and conspiracy to commit bribery, as well as trying to sell President Obama’s former Senate seat in exchange for political favors. This is the circle of associates around President Obama. All these people have displayed the ability to look straight into a camera and lie about their innocence or provide misleading information.

Source article

I’ve said a lot on these pages about looters, people who primarily look at public service positions as a way to enrich themselves off tax money. Look at how Michelle Obama and her husband behaved before he became President of the United States. This is how Obama got some of his money that he is so proud of when he state, “people like me are willing to give back some.” Obama has been bragging about his wealth even as far back as the Joe the Plumber question, which I didn’t realize until I just recently looked at it again.

Obama has shown that he will lie, especially in politics. There is no question that he will and has been caught many times as shown above. Listen to him in this CNN investigation.

When you listen to Obama speak about the budget below look at his record. Here he lies 7 times in a 2 minute speech.

Being Muslim is not a problem, as discussed. But lying about it so that a person can get elected is a big problem. Here is convincing evidence that Obama is a Muslim which is proof that the man will lie about a seemingly insignificant issue. So what does anybody think he’d do over a really big issue?

The reason this whole Muslim issue is relevant can be shown from this statement about the condition of the flag and the Muslim faith as told to Dale Lindsborg ‘s Meet the Press from Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008, 11:48:04 EST, Televised broadcast. The then Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.

I had forgotten about this whole issue until a friend of mine reminded me of it after reading other stories I have stated about President Obama and his position over this recent budget battle. The text below is quite startling.

General Bill Ginn, USAF (ret.), asked Obama to explain why he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.

The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…

During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention, facing the flag, with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.

‘Senator’ Obama replied:

“As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides….” “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression….” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air, and all that sort of thing.”

Obama continued:, “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of waring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ……”

“When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts . We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice, which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag, and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past.”

“Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America.”

Dale Lindsborg, Washington Post

This compelling story brings us to one central question, addressed by Mr.Garvin in the start of this article outlining the behavior pattern of one of the most subversive American Presidents in our history. This President was launched into politics by radicals and crooks. He is a public sector looter as defined by the work of philosophy Atlas Shrugged and gained his wealth in that fashion. He has shown that he will lie about his religion. He will lie about his associations. And he will be misleading about his true political intentions.

Just like the salesman who had slept with the girl, without question the girl felt used when she attempted to call the number and found out the smooth talking salesman had lied to her and even given a false number. She had believed everything the man had said because she wanted to. She wanted to believe that there were people who actually told the truth, especially when they spoke so wonderfully, and were pleasant to look at. Normal average everyday people like the woman in the bar, and millions of Americans of all different political affiliations want to believe that there is good in people, especially attractive people.

Sailors have told stories for generations about sirens that used their songs of seduction and elliptical attractiveness to lure those men to their deaths with enchantment upon the hidden rocks disguised below the surface. But it’s not just beautiful women who perform this seduction. Sometimes it’s fast talking salesman with gold rings. Its governors, mobsters, and senators, who use public office to enrich themselves, its radical reformers who hate America and launch a fellow board member into a path to the presidency from his living room, or it’s the President himself, who has his eye on a prize most American’s can’t even conceive, because the audacity of the deception defies credibility. That deception is the end of America as we all know it and a prized position with the United Nations heading that organization toward global concerns.

Lies are not hard for those types, and in this budget battle the fight isn’t over fixing the budget, or even the debt limit. The fight is over our ability to fix it, because the intent is to collapse America as a world power. And the fear from thousands of radicals like Bill Ayers is that their 40 year strategy to end America under the smile of a good-looking, smooth talking President is in jeopardy, because it’s no longer just the radical right, the conspiracy theorists, the Fox News junkies who see the problem. It’s the average, every day people like Jim Garvin who have the look of who just fu**ed me! And why did I let them do it!

Many women have woke up to an empty pillow on the morning after a drunken binge. Now America is about to roll over and see that there is no head in that pillow, and that while we slept the man we brought home not only took advantage of our condition, but also stole all our money, and material goods and headed home to the object of their true desire, a marriage we did not know about until it was too late and we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

20 thoughts on “Sleeping with a Sleazy Salesman: The Path of the Obama Presidency

  1. I wanted to respond to this, one of your best pieces, straight out when it came in my inbox last night. With all the weeks events and news, I’m pretty sure my mind was mush. Decided to take today away from the absurdity that is Washington and do something that didn’t have anything to do with politics. Like before I’d had enough…back in those days of ignorant bliss, which is odd that I can’t remember what that was like. That person is long gone.
    Figured I’d finish Overton Window, which I did, and garden. I lasted about an hour and I couldn’t stand it any longer. Turned on the news. I need help.
    My husband came home and said lets do some prep, that will ease your frustrations. He was right. Afterwards, we then spend a couple of hours watching the horses run out back and shared thoughts. We have skills independent of eachother that were taught to us long ago by parents and peers. I can hunt, skin, and cook dinner, he can build a house. We wondered if the youth of today is taught any basic survival skills at all. It was common in our day to know at least some of those things. Just part of growing up.
    I say that because I do not see life getting back to “normal”. We either burn it down and start over, or prolong the inevitable. Either way..things are going to get very bumpy…and it’s pain now or massive pain later. Pick one. I hope I’m wrong and Wednesday it will all be Unicorns and Butterflies, but I’m guessing that won’t be the case unless it’s 1978 and I’m halucinating again.
    Damn shame it’s not, as reality is really starting to piss me off.
    So I’ll continue to wear my “Hobbit” hat while keeping the tin foil one close by, and pray.


  2. While I don’t subscribe to many of the solutions (especially his Canadian take as I have family there), This isn’t bad. You can nit pick a few but he did a pretty good job. Amazing what Capitolists can accomplish!

    John Stossel

    I don’t claim to be a budget expert. But others, such as Chris Edwards at Cato and Stuart Butler at Heritage, are. They found lots of serious cuts. My staff found a few more, and put together a list that would completely balance the budget:

    Defense cut by 2/3: $475 billion (Federal Budget, pg. 58)

    Medicare/Medicaid*: $441 billion (Cato Institute)

    Social Security Means Testing: $170 billion (Heritage Foundation)

    Eliminate Dept. of Education (includes Pell Grants): $106.9 billion (Cato Institute)

    Social Security*: $85.7 billion (Cato Institute)

    Eliminate Dept. of Transportation: $84.8 billion (Cato Institute)

    Tax Amnesty: $80 billion (Rep. Jared Polis D-Co.)

    Eliminate Dept. of Labor*: $78.6 billion (Department of Labor and White House)

    Eliminate HUD: $60.8 billion (Cato Institute)

    Eliminate Dept. of Agriculture*: $33 billion (Cato Institute)

    Cut civilian employee compensation: $30 billion (Cato Institute)

    Stop maintaining vacant federal property: $25 billion (Heritage Foundation)

    Eliminate Foreign Aid: $21.2 billion (Cato Institute)

    Eliminate Dept. of Energy*: $20.8 billion (Cato Institute)

    Eliminate NASA: $19.6 billion (Cato Institute)

    Federal Drug War: $15 billion (White House)

    Earmark moratorium: $16 billion (Heritage Foundation)

    Eliminate Fannie/Freddie Subsidies: $14 billion (Federal Housing Finance Agency (p. 10))

    Eliminate Dept. of Commerce: $13.9 billion (Department of Commerce)

    Eliminate Dept. of Interior: $12 billion (White House)

    Legalize Pot, Online gambling, Immigrants: $12 billion (Rep. Jared Polis D-Co.)

    Privatize Army Corps of Engineers: $10.6 billion (Cato Institute)

    Cut federal employee travel budget: $10 billion (Heritage Foundation)

    Eliminate National Science Foundation: $7.4 billion (National Science Foundation)

    End EPA’s State and Local grants: $6.5 billion (Cato Institute)

    Repeal Davis-Bacon: $6 billion (Republican Study Committee)

    Privatize TSA: $5.7 billion (Federal Budget)

    Cut Dept. of Justice’s State and Local grants: $5 billion (Heritage Foundation)

    Privatize Post Office: $4 billion (White House)

    Eliminate Small Business Administration: $1.8 billion (Small Business Administration)

    Lease coastal plain of ANWR: $1.5 billion (Heritage Foundation)

    Eliminate Federal Flood Insurance: $1.3 billion (CBO, pg. 3)

    Abolish SEC: $1.3 billion (SEC)

    Eliminate Corporation for National Community Service: $1 billion (Cato Institute)

    Suspend acquisition of federal office space: $1 billion (Heritage Foundation)

    End subsidies for public broadcasting: $500 million (Cato Institute)

    Eliminate the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp: $480 million (Heritage Foundation)

    Eliminate the FCC: $439 million (FCC)

    Eliminate the Endowments for Arts/Humanities: $332 million (NEA/NEH)

    Total Cut: $1,882,619,000,000

    Current deficit: $1,645,000,000,000

    Surplus Achieved: $237,619,000,000

    (Research by Maxim Lott and Charles Couger.)

    They don’t need to drive us deeper in debt. They choose to. Tune in tonight at 10pm to see how they could choose differently.


    Department of Energy is eliminated except for Nuclear arms maintenance

    Department of Agriculture is eliminated, except for food programs for the needy

    Department of Labor is eliminated, except for 26-week unemployment benefits

    Defense budget would still be $243 billion, more than twice what the next highest country (China) spends

    Medicare and Medicaid savings breakdown:

    Block grant Medicaid and freeze spending (226)

    Repeal 2010 healthcare law (87)

    Increase Medicare premiums (39.8)

    Cut non-Medicare premiums (37.7)

    Cut Medicare payment error rate by 50% (28.6)

    Increase Medicare deductibles (12.6)

    Tort Reform (10)

    Social Security savings breakdown:

    Price index initial benefits** 41.1

    Raise the normal retirement age** 31.4

    Cut Social Security disability program by 10% 13.2

    Read more:


  3. I had the “pleasure” of seeing a true con artist at my workplace back in the mid ’90s. The company I work for hired a lady in a temporary clerical position. She was very nice and personable, a mature lady in her late ’50s, and seemed to be efficient at her job. She was attractive for a lady for her age but certainly not a “bombshell” that comes to mind when you think of women “sleeping their way to the top”. She had a rather incredible story of events that happened to her in her past which she overcame to “get to where she was today”.

    Within days she was beginning to exhibit the manipulative behaviors you described above on any man whom she thought could help her in her career. She was very pleasant to those of us not in management, but she reserved the special touching and flattery (and who knows what else) for the supervisors and managers. My best friend (a female) and I both saw right through her act but no one else seemed to. Right around the time her contract was up our manager was being promoted and gained an executive admin. He chose her instead of any number of more qualified women who had been actual employees of the company for years. She then was physically located near the executives and continued to ply her trade on an even bigger level. She quickly moved up the ladder until she was named head of the charitable wing of our organization, a position which controls or influences the dispensation of millions of dollars a year given in grants.

    This was during the Clinton administration, and our CEO was (and still is) a master con man with moves taken right out of the Clinton playbook, including the “pointing with the thumb sticking out of the fist” to emphasize words. I thought Mr. Clinton and our CEO were the two biggest con men I’d ever seen until she came along…it was like watching a predator lure in her prey. It was pretty amazing to see a master at work, even if I thought what she was doing was sleazy.

    When I watch our current president in action I personally don’t see the same level of skill demonstrated by Mr. Clinton, my CEO, or the lady I described above. I see a man who is repeating the same old progressive lines over and over, usually read from a teleprompter. When those words cease to be effective he falters and seems to get more angry and petulant. Mr. Clinton has a jovial manner that seems to charm many people. Mr. Obama seems cold and calculating to me, with none of Mr. Clintons “charm”. I believe that if it was not for incredible media support, the state of the economy at the time, Chicago-style thug tactics and a weak Republican challenger Mr. Obama would never have been elected president. For that matter, if you take away the Chicago-style thug tactics he would never have been elected Senator.

    When Mr. Clinton faced a situation similar to the current showdown in the mid-90’s he showed what a true con artist can do. He managed to get the world to think he balanced the budget and even create a “surplus”, even though it was the House Republicans who were primarily responsible. He then took credit for even more right-wing ideas from the Republicans like welfare reform, all while continuing to be loved by the left. I see very little of that kind of skill in Mr. Obama.


    1. Fantastic, Phil! And you are right about Obama, he’s not Slick Willie. But he can tell a lie with a straight face. But you are right that he doesn’t have the same level of skill like you discussed with CEO or even the woman. Obama is simply the attractive puppet where others who are good at that behavior pull the strings, which is why he gets angery when things don’t work and he has to speak on his own. Great example!


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