The American Ruling Class: Turning down a seat at the table

I received from Phil, a frequent visitor to this forum an article from The American Spectator by Angelo M. Codevilla written July 2010.  I had not read that article but ironically it summed up nicely many of the issues that Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is dedicated to, the identification of, dissemination of, and understanding of what is rotting the foundation of America.  Whenever I receive evidence that independent minds have arrived at virtually the same conclusion I have in a fashion 100% separate from my personal experiences, validation of those similar conclusions is refreshing.  You can read that article here.  It is well worth the time of anyone who wants to understand what the problem is behind the picture below.  The picture of the newspaper article is an editorial from a Michigan publication and articulates the growing frustration between the two classes of people who exists in American, the ruling class, and the country class, as identified by Codevilla in The American Spectator article. 
American Spectator article:  CLICK BELOW

Matt Clark, also from Michigan, like the articles above contemplates the bizarre behavior of Harry Reid, and Barack Obama from his radio program on WAAM.  Two weeks ago I was on the air with Matt and he asked me to predict what would happen in the debt crises.  I told him that Boehner would cave, even though I believed that Boehner had all the best intentions, he is now part of the ruling class, and he thinks in that fashion.  Any other thinking is foreign to him.  Listen to that broadcast here:  Listen to Matt’s most recent broadcast by hitting play below: 

I haven’t thought of naming these different class types by what Codevilla has.  To my mind America doesn’t need social class structures.  Such things get in the way of creativity, and have no place in society.  The desire for human class qualifications is to me, an archaic desire of an infantile mind.  Such desires are something that the human being is destined to outgrow, and America is the first step of that growth.  The idea of self-government, even though it never quite got off the ground where even the founding fathers struggled with their own European roots.  They knew how freedom should look on paper, but failed to implement it into their culture, and infantile minds craving power have occupied positions of power for two hundred years and created the classes illustrated above. 

I have dedicated thousands and thousands of words completely free of charge, with no intention at profit for myself to exposing this class structure in America. I do write books, I have written a book called The Symposium of Justice which was dedicated to exposing how the system worked at a psychological level.  You can see that book by clicking here:

I am currently working on another book that my editor is currently scrutinizing through called Tail of the Dragon.  The early comments about that book is, WOW, there is a lot of political chaos in this story, hard-hitting stuff!  My response is that the point of all the death, the billions of dollars of destruction, the violence, the love, and the adventure is to arrive at the scene inside the White House at the end of the book where the president gives a mighty speech.  Early readers have stated that it reminds them of a shorter version of the John Galt speech from Atlas Shrugged, which I consider a high compliment, because that’s the point.  Because my intention behind all this free content that I put out each day, and the intention behind my books, is to put a light on this ruling class, and once understood, for common American’s to take that power away from the ruling class by cutting the money which funds the whole enterprise. 

The path which took me to this place is a long one.  But what confirmed in me the final straw was an experience I had out in Hollywood, while working on a project with a production company.  Up until that point I had assumed that politics was a separate thing from entertainment, but when I worked on the set of a development project for a rather high-profile actor, I learned that the same politics were at play in the film industry as in politics, and this is why Hollywood and politics are often holding hands, because both believe they are part of the ruling class.  So to illustrate that story I’ll talk about my experience on the set of this project. 

This actor is a good guy.  I personally like him quite a bit, as I do the director.  So I won’t mention them here by name.  I’ve worked with entertainment types before so past reference isn’t necessary.  What is important is that even in a simple thing like entertainment, politics is very important. 

I was flown in to a job to be a stunt stand-in, so I had to be made-up to look just like the lead actor.  The lead actor was producing this production so it was his money that paid for my expenses.  He really wanted me specifically and he went out of his way to acquire my services.  When I arrived on set, I was given my trailer and the producer had accidentally not ordered the correct amount of trailers for this production.  So I was asked to share a trailer with the lead actress who wasn’t scheduled to arrive on set till after my make-up was complete.  This producer was relieved when I shrugged my shoulders and stated, I’ll dress in the parking lot, it doesn’t make any difference to me.  The director and the producer looked oddly at each other like I spoke from another planet.  They assumed I’d be very upset. 

The actor really wanted to meet me when he arrived on set and came to shake my hand.  He assumed that I would take great privilege in shaking his hand.  Now to those who know me, I make a point to treat everyone the same.  I show no special honor to anybody.  I would treat the President of the United States with the same attention as a street beggar.  To me they are all Americans.  And I like to be treated the same.  It’s a sign of respect to me.  So I shook his hand without a lot of worship.  I simply said, “Hey, what’s going on?”  He looked at me oddly, with a bit of obvious disappointment.  About two hours later he brought his family to me between takes and asked me, “Hey, Rich, do you have your whips, can you show my kids some of your stuff?” 

“Sure,” I grabbed my whips and demonstrated some single and double-handed routines and the kids loved it.  One of them had a little hat and he held it out to me.  I took it from him and put it on his head.  His mother, who was a popular television actress, said with a smile, “I think he wants your autograph.” 

I smiled at the kid and grabbed his hand.  “How about a handshake.”  I thought it was the right thing to do, since autographs seemed so presumptuous.  I don’t feel comfortable giving them.  I never enjoyed doing book signings with my book The Symposium of Justice, and I certainly didn’t think a child of two famous parents should want autographs.  If anything, I would think his parents would appreciate downplaying such a thing, since they get bombed with requests every time they go out someplace.  So by downplaying the incident I thought I was doing them a favor.  The actress looked uncomfortable at me with a smile intended for television and gathered her kids up and left the set. 

For the rest of the shoot I caught the actor looking at me oddly anytime he had a free moment.  It made me feel like an animal in a zoo the way he was examining me.  I blew it off, but the look reminded me of the many similar looks I had received over the years by politicians and company presidents who felt betrayed that they had invited me to the table and were hurt that I refused their invite by not participating in their hazing rituals.  It was at the lunch break on the set where all the technical people sat at one table, the support actors sat at another, the stunt men sat at another, the agents at another, and the director, producer and the lead actor sat at the same table closest to the catering truck.  Since it was those people who I knew the most out of everyone present I sat at their table.  The director and producer were warm to me, but the actor who had been very talkative until I arrived suddenly claimed up.  The director following his lead after a few moments stopped talking so openly.  All the people at that table finished up their food quickly and left saying they needed to get ready for the next set-ups. 

I was left at the table by myself, but the stunt coordinator who was sitting at a near-by table and had struck up several productive conversations with me came over and sat down.  “Do I stink of something” I asked him mockingly smelling my armpits. 

He laughed.  “No man, you have to understand something out here, everything is politics.  You are either in, or you’re out.” 

“So I’m out?” 

“No, you’re in, or they wouldn’t have called you.  I think they aren’t sure what to do with your Midwest like behavior.  Don’t worry about it, you’re cool.  They’ll come around.  Give them some time.” 

That conversation confirmed what I had been thinking, and it was disappointing.  I completed my tasks for that project and when it came time to break and wrap, the actor insisted on driving me back to my hotel to personally thank me for helping with the project. 

As he drove me through several neighborhoods back to my hotel there was awkwardness between us.  I realized that he did not want to drive me back, but was simply doing it because he had told the crew he planned to.  He was simply fulfilling his role in Hollywood politics.  He personally driving me back was supposed to be considered part of my payment, and to me it was expected by a friend, or potential friend.  When I stepped out of his car I wished him luck on his next project.  He said to me, “hey man, you have my email address.  Feel free to contact me anytime.”  As he drove away I felt relief of being out of that uncomfortable situation.  I was happy to be a part of the project, but glad to be away from the politics that was very evident. 

About 3 weeks later I wrote him curious to see if he’d respond. His email, which I had used dozens of times before bounced back.  He had canceled his account. 

It didn’t bother me; I was as uncomfortable as he was once we realized that we were functioning from completely different ideologies.  For me, I can deal with people who think different from me, even if I don’t like it.  But for people like him and his wife, they had looked for the signs, just like Codevilla spoke about, and I showed that I was not part of the ruling class and had no desire to learn how to be.  They were disappointed in losing a potential friend because unless I was willing to join their class, they could not associate with me.  When they realized that I wanted to stay on the outside, they stopped investing in our relationship.  It’s that simple.

This process is what school board members encounter when they get voted in by the public.  Congressional freshman also go through this process.  It is very tempting to say yes, because in saying yes, financial security is almost guaranteed.  Because it is the ruling class who has the power, and resources to give you, so when they invite you to the table, you accept it as an honor.  But for me I see shackles at that table, and I’ve always turned away from it, much to the horror of those who invited me.  To them it is a terrible insult to have their helping hand slapped away.  They become angry at themselves for ever thinking that they were willing to put their reputations behind someone who doesn’t want to play the game, which is a mere commoner, a peasant destined to be ruled by the ruling class. 

I could tell several dozen stories just like that one, and they all have in common the same pattern, an invite to the table of power, only for me to downplay the invite as worthless.  Not to slap down the value of the invite, but to display my reluctance to accept power and the game that follows.  For me the real value in life I can say I’ve felt on many occasions, and I feel sorry for those in the ruling class who grab so diligently that such concepts for which they are committed are a path of decline and they do not know it.  It is why so many politicians are corrupt and so many in Hollywood develop destructive addictions, it is the power of politics that corrupts the mind, because the pursuit of a class of any kind is like trying to fit mankind into the cloths of their youth.  The pants just don’t fit, mankind has outgrown such small-minded notions, they just don’t know how to articulate their beliefs.  So the questions come out as they do in the newspaper article from Michigan, as a frustrated rant about the way the world should be and the way it really is. 

This is the battle of our age, the reluctance of those who know better to join those who have bitten from the forbidden tree, the knowledge of good and evil, the pairs of opposites where politics ruins society from a lifetime of enchantment and understanding where the citizens do not need a ruling class, because they govern themselves. The politician uses duality to split the otherwise bright mind desiring freedom into bondage of opposites where the ruling class can conduct a psychological war to launch themselves as the peacemakers, and power holders.  It’s a game as old as time itself, and it is now outdated and worthless, for the philosophy of our time is not of Aristotle, Plato, or Socrates, but of Ayn Rand.  Time does not lie, even if the politics of power and the ruling class that resides in that power do lie.  America is at a point where we must go back to the beginning again, and start fresh with the knowledge we have now, and allow the European influence of peaking order and power grabs to leave our society under the guidance of modern philosophy which is specifically American. 

We must do this without pause, without the guidance of history, because we are writing that history right now.  The home of the brave and land of the free is alive in the hearts of those who do not seek the security of the ruling class.  That class, is the path to decline and rot and everything that is opposite of true freedom.



Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

9 thoughts on “The American Ruling Class: Turning down a seat at the table

  1. Rich, as I read your post I thought of another pop culture reference that fits so well here. I know we’re both fans of science fiction and fantasy. Are you familiar with the series “Angel”, which was a spin-off of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? That was a great show written by Joss Whedon, who also did Firefly (the best TV show ever made in my opinion) and is directing the upcoming Avengers movie. For those not familiar, it was a show about Angel, a vampire who was “cursed” by Gypsies after murdering one of their own. They gave him his soul back to torture him with remorse for the many people he murdered. He then became a crusader against evil, using his powers for good to hope to atone for his past crimes. The primary enemy is an evil law firm called Wolfram and Hart, which uses its direct connections to the underworld to cause misery on Earth and ready it for the apocalypse. Angel and his friends seem to be at a stalemate against the incredible machine Wolfram and Hart have built up over the centuries, while misery on Earth continues to worsen.

    Then, in an abrupt 90 degree turn (a Whedon hallmark), in the final season Angel and his crew are offered jobs as the head of the Los Angeles branch of W&H. At first they are totally repulsed by the idea, but then they accept an invitation for a tour of their headquarters. Each member of the entourage are offered something that appeals to them- a seemingly high position with an important title, resources, company cars, etc. They all end up taking the offer. At first they think they are doing well, using Wolfram and Hart’s vast resources for good. However, by the end of the season it’s clear to all of them that the apocalypse was worsening all around them while they were kept busy, insulated in their opulent offices, enjoying the trappings that had been offered to them. They realize that you cannot become part of evil even if your motives were pure.

    I see this as a direct parallel to what is going on today with our government. We have both seen good men like John Boehner go to Washington and lose their way. It was clear that were it not for the Tea Party and vigilant Americans, Boehner would have taken the first deal offered to him, no matter how bad. The fact that only 22 Republicans voted against the first Boehner deal disturbs me. Even Republicans like Jean Schmdt and Steve Chabot voted in favor of it. While I think that a large percentage of congressmen and women like Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer are reprehensible human beings in any setting, I think people like John Boehner are victims of the scenario in Angel: they don’t even realize how they have been corrupted by the money and power, while “hungrier” freshmen still have at least one foot on the ground outside the “beltway”. It may only be a matter of time before they lose their way too.


    1. You do realize that we are talkig about “THAT” which nobody ever talks about. The “THAT” is the thing behind the phrase, “there are two things you never talk about, politics and religion,” was meant to hide. However, it is “THAT” which is the most important thing in the world. It is “THAT” for which the Wizard hides behind in OZ. It is “THAT” which corrupts the entire world.

      Do you feel guilty? I don’t. : )


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