VOTE YES ON SENATE BILL 5: If you don’t the results will be your fault

There is a strong desire among many who support Senate Bill 5, to meet those opposed to S.B.5 squarely on the battlefield, which means going behind them on their door to door campaign and telling voters to vote “Yes” instead of “No” which those opposed are advocating. The intent of course is to harass the harasser, to fight back! To be just as creepy, deceitful, manipulative, scandalous, thoughtless, egocentric, yet altruistic all the same, as those who chant, swarm, lobby, and intimidate their opposition to S.B.5 in favor of a spoils system which has enriched them.

The desire to fight back is strong from many who realize that we’ve been scammed for years by public sector unions. The greed of these public union organizations is grossly evident to those of us who dare to look, and many feel that they have been openly robbed, and want to lash out in the same fashion that one might wish to lash out at a thief who had stolen our money in a back alley.

I would say to those people to not wear yourselves out chasing after those harassers. Do not attempt to run into the hiding places that those thieves reside in. Do not play their game their way. Play the game the way we dictate on ground they cannot defend, ground based on the truth. Rip away their hiding places all together and shine light where it has not shown for generations, for the truth will do this to the con artists who are in hiding. It is they who have something to hide from. Playing the game the way they dictate is only an advantage to those who are guilty and must hide themselves behind illusions of good-will to protect the greed evident in their actions. Does anybody really believe Diana Frey acted alone, and is the only case of robbery going on in public sector unions?

The battle to save Senate Bill 5 is a battle for the heart of America. It is nothing less than that. Those opposed to Senate Bill 5 are clearly against the kind of America I want to live in which is one where taxes are lower, government is smaller, and localities have more control over their lives. Opponents believe that they can use a flash mob like behavior to inundate the voting population in mass, getting their message across. It is this behavior that has worked for them in the past, and has placed their wages about 30% above the tax payers who pay their salaries.

In 2008 the teachers of Lakota, the school district I pay my taxes in, threatened to go on strike which is one of the issues that Senate Bill 5 addresses. The threat of that strike is a direct result of the current crises of that district asking for more money from the tax payers. In fact, the same behavior has went on in Ohio for years and is why over 50% of all school districts in Southern Ohio are going to the tax payers for more money in November. In fact, Mt. Healthy, a district to the southwest of Lakota had their levy turned down on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning had made the announcement that they were going back to voters just 3 months later with another request. That’s ridiculous!!!! In Lakota the average teacher makes over 60K per year. Lakota is a district that resides within West Chester, Ohio which was number 33 out of the top 100 of CNN’s best places to live in the country.

The AVERAGE median family income in West Chester is $97,971 per year and is considered one of the most affluent districts in all of Ohio. That means in a two income household, which is most homes, the average rate of pay is 49K per year. Yet because of the union extortion which has taken advantage of the good will of the community, they have negotiated wages that far exceed the average in an affluent community! In fact, the average rate of pay for a teacher in Ohio is 55K per year! That makes teachers one of the highest paying professions, yet they are completely supported by the tax payer. One good teacher or one bad teacher they all get paid the same, and a district with a lot of employees will naturally find their payrolls bursting with excessive expectations which leave those districts one option, to go to the tax payers with higher taxes to pay for the union greed.

Many people are angry with the school boards for not regulating these costs, but as many school board members will tell you, and I know many of them all over the state, their hands are tied by state revised code, much of it created under pressure from a union lobby, and they can’t do much to control their costs. That’s why people who want to get control of these costs support Senate Bill 5. That’s also why people who want to continue to take advantage of the tax payer and the chaos of an out-of control system want to say NO to Senate Bill 5. Because they want to continue to plunder the public for everything they can, it’s that simple.

These same influences are what keep the debt ceiling issue from being solved on a federal level. There are just too many hands taking too much out of the cookie jar. The public has to make too many cookies to feed everyone, and that’s not fair to the people making the cookies.

The decision to keep Senate Bill 5 is a decision to do the right thing. It will be a personal choice made by common people. Not a bunch of thugs running around in flash mobs holding up signs to manipulate a lazy public, who spend most of their time watching Dancing with the Stars. The decision to save Ohio from financial ruin will fall on those who are intelligent enough to see where we are, and have the guts in the privacy of the voting booth to do the right thing.

I believe there are 2 to 3 million people in Ohio who are able to vote that understand the problem. And they will all have to show up and vote on Election Day, because those who benefit from the chaos of public sector unions number in the millions, and they won’t vote against themselves. They don’t have the courage for that. The YES vote can see through the tactics, the mob behavior of the unions, the mailings, the “feel good” commercials to the truth. Many of those public sector unions are just after our money and are no different from a Vegas casino. They advertise themselves very similar to a casino, with bright lights and feel good slogans such as “save the middle class,” yet their true intentions are to get you intoxicated so they can convince you to give them all your money.

Those of us who will vote YES, and I will be one of them, know that S.B.5 is the needed measure to save our state and country. Those who vote NO will be exclusively responsible for the chaos that follows, because the problems of the day will not go away.

When the school levies fail this fall all over Ohio, those schools will still need money to fulfill the financial obligations of their contracts to those unions. And the only way they can make payroll is to raise taxes on families who are already paying too much. And those tax requests will come every two years for the rest of your lives if you don’t put a stop to it right now. School boards must be given the ability to keep their districts within the budget the community sets for itself. Those budgets cannot be left to the control of union radicalism, because the end result is uncontrollable budgets which are what is happening everywhere.

Foreclosures on homes, on people’s dreams, are happening all over Ohio. People do not have the expendable income to have their taxes increased, so further increases in taxes are not an option. So we are on the precipice right now of a serious financial collapse. Senate Bill 5 is the only way out of this problem. It’s the only solution to a devastating problem. It’s state law right now, but voters will have to vote YES to keep it. Anyone who does not vote to keep it will be responsible for the misery that will follow.

The best way to fight this battle is to reach out to those voters who are intelligent, and can see the problem. They won’t be reached with rhetoric. The public unions already have the other type on their side, those who are overly emotional and don’t understand basic finance. Instead, we have to provide those who have intelligence and a mind to see it with the proper information because the truth is on the side of Senate Bill 5. And we have to trust the truth, and that there are enough people left who can understand the problem and have the courage to act on it.

The alternative won’t be pleasant, but if you vote YES, at least you won’t be a party to the misery that follows. Saying YES to S.B.5 is the only responsible choice!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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