S&P Downgrade America: Crack Whores, Politicians, and Scumbags wreck a Superpower



Thanks Timothy Geithner, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Al Frankin, Barney Frank, George Bush senior and junior, Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Franklin Roosevelt and many, many, many others, your dream of ruining America is nearly complete. With the official downgrade of Standard & Poor’s credit rating from a AAA to a AA+ America woke up Saturday morning with the dumbfounded look of a mere teenager whom had just been dropped off at college with his parents credit card and racked up an enormous amount of debt on that card only to find out he now had too many commitments to too many debtors and he has now lost his ability to borrow. Or more accurately, that his ability to borrow has been downgraded, not only is this news unfortunate in that it presents new financial restrictions, but it shows that the foolish teenager can’t be trusted.  Again for the second week Darryl Parks of 700 WLW had a fantastic broadcast about this whole issue.  Toward the end, I come on Darryl’s program to discuss the difference between “crack whores” and politicians, and we can’t think of any!  Click below to have a listen:

Anyone with even a partially functioning brain could have seen it coming. I mean, look at the charts! Yet politicians have developed the habit of purchasing power for themselves by giving stuff away without having an eye toward the day when they’d have to pay for it, just like the foolish teenager spending his parents money. The teenager has no understanding of money because they didn’t earn it. They do know that they can impress people by buying them dinner, or that they can get dates by buying presents for the opposite sex, but they don’t understand why doing these acts has so much power. That’s because the people receiving these gifts know that money is hard to get, because you must do something to earn it. Something somewhere must be produced to get something. Nothing is produced from thin air, so when someone partakes in a pleasure, and the person enjoying that pleasure didn’t do anything to earn that pleasure, then somebody somewhere is getting ripped off, because they did the work which generated the money of which someone else is enjoying the benefits. With the teenager, his parents did the work, while the kid had the fun. In government, it is the tax payer who does the work, while the government spends the money on impressing their friends.

What Standard and Poor just did was let the child know that the government has misused the money. The trouble is the government is a reflection of the taxpayer just like the teenager is a reflection of the parent. And now that the United States has been downgraded, we all look foolish.

Look at these charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are those idiots thinking!!!!!!!!!

We all know politics in Washington has been a joke for a long time. But it’s only been very recently that our debt has been out of control. The debt in 1990 was hovering around 2 trillion after a long Cold War with Communist Soviet Union. Yet the moment that George Bush Senior took office, the spending skyrocketed for the next 20 years, with the exception of a period at the end of Bill Clinton’s second term as president, while he was in trouble with the Monica Lewinsky situation, where the President actually worked with John Kasich, Ohio’s current governor to balance the budget. Other than that, it’s been a spending binge with no eye on reality. Obama is only the latest, and most obvious big spender, and America is now a nation of spoiled brats, educated to believe all the wrong things matter. It is actually the education system itself that I blame, because the emphasis for three decades now has been on social issues, not economics. The result is that we have a society of people who will update their Facebook account religiously, but won’t pay any attention to how money is spent, how it’s generated, or what makes something better than another thing. Therefore, these people function with the assumption that America is great, it will always be great, and they have to do nothing to maintain it.

This is no different than the spoiled teenager saying, “Do you know who my dad is,” as a way to leverage some power over someone else. What the teenager should say is “Do you know who I am?” The teenager should have worked hard to build a name for himself, so being “somebody” has value.

The same thing is going on right now in our country. “We are America.” Well, so what! That doesn’t mean anything if teachers are more concerned over their “union rights” promised to them by LBJ, than actually working hard to leave their own mark in the world from their own efforts. It means nothing if the caretakers of America will spend more time updating their Facebook status while out to dinner with friends or family rather than paying attention to what is going on in the world around them. America means nothing if the people elect a politician to represent their beliefs in their state or in Washington, then don’t pay any attention to what that representative is doing. The value of America is lost in the complacency.

The debt crises is about one primary thing, aside from the obvious immaturity of the action involved in spending beyond our means, it is about a failed philosophy.

Being an American means something, but it loses its meaning if the aspects behind the definition are lost, poorly maintained, or simply squandered away carelessly. It is the philosophy of self-reliance that built America, and it is the children of prosperity, these fool politicians and academics who like immature teenagers have questioned their parental guidance in search of their own identity. But in the process, they have destroyed the family name of America.

That is what the downgrade means to America. It is embarrassing, and signals that the teenagers we’ve turned loose to run our country are simply not equipped to do so. They have learned the wrong philosophy for being a caretaker of the greatest country in recorded history, and they need to be removed quickly.

When I listen to the politicians complaining about the Tea Party being “terrorists” and other derogatory terms, again I think of the immature teenager, who complains about how “mean” their parents are, because that’s what’s happening. The teenager, who does not understand the value of things, who does not understand why the family name is so important because it’s just always been good, ridicules their parents for all the same reasons the politician ridicules the Tea Party. The Tea Party has evolved in American society as the responsible parent who has come back to the college to pick up their kid, take away their credit cards and teach them a hard lesson for their own good.

The teenager may cry about it, they may call the parent names, but it is for their own good in the end.
It is our responsibility to reel in the neglect these politicians are inclined to indulge in, because we have seen what they will do on their own accord. This most recent president is simply a spoiled child who is displaying the roots of many psychological problems. Donald Trump stopped short of calling the guy stupid, but I’ll say about him the same as I’ve said of many young people I’ve seen drunk and choking on their own puke after drinking way too much, or the young girl passed out on a sofa, completely nude who has urinated all over herself from her irresponsibility and personal neglect, that this current president and the congress, and the senate, especially the house led under Nancy Pelosi are a bunch of stupid teenagers who should all be gathered up and dropped into the middle of a desert so they can learn what real hardship is, and learn to overcome adversity, and grow up to have some sense.

Because the philosophy for which they are functioning under is reprehensible, destructive, and embarrassing, and I personally will not provide excuses for the behavior of those children.

The answers to these problems are along the lines of this John Stossel segment. I agree with everything except his view on drugs. What John does is similar to the parent who sits their child down to explain the rules they are expected to live under. If America was smart, it would use Stossel’s guide to hold all government to a level of expectation which will then improve the family name to the value we all expect it t be.

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