Rich Hoffman and Doc Thompson Fix the World: In spite of the hauntings from the past

As we are bombarded incessantly for further impositions into our personal income with the demand for higher taxes the irretrievable implication is that there isn’t a plan for taxes to ever be reduced, only to grow forever, until society completely collapses. This is the case of all government these days and has been since President Kennedy signed into law with executive action, the legalization of public unions, which Lyndon Johnston then expanded to build a voter base. (CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT ALL BEGAN) The incredible lack of wisdom and complete selfishness of the Democratic political party in those critical years of the 60’s have taken us all down this current path which ends at a collapsed bridge with steep cliffs on all sides and nowhere to go but back. Standing at the end of that road on a Saturday afternoon, being the first to arrive there, Doc Thompson of 700 WLW and I have a serious talk laced with humor and frustration about all the reasons why the school funding models are failing, and how ridiculous it is that school boards have no other option but to request higher taxes in an out-of-control system bent on self-destruction. If you have any doubts, questions, or fears about why taxes for your school keep going up, then listen to this broadcast. After my interview, there was a parade of callers all deeply frustrated who shed further light into this diabolical modern-day catastrophe that has become public education.

I’m not just blaming the Democrats in this folly. All politicians are to blame, because they didn’t address the problems, fearing political fallout. I personally have no desire to ever be a politician. From my experience too many politicians celebrate their wins as though they won the lottery, not as a sacrifice. Politicians know that there will be opportunities to enrich themselves, that there are unions and other special interests out there that will give them money to do as they say and they can become wealthy in the process, and that’s what’s been happening. (CLICK HERE TO SEE JUST HOW BAD THE SITUATION TRULY IS) My desire is to write, read, and continue to climb mountains with my wife on weekend adventures. Public office or political gain of any kind is unattractive to me. Fixing the problems of politics however is, because I don’t want to spend money on aspects of culture that isn’t needed because it lowers the quality of the culture I wish to enjoy.

I had lunch with my daughter after the radio interview and she showed me a new phone application on her smart phone that she downloaded for free. It’s a language translation program where she can speak into her phone, then the phone will translate the phrase into any language she wishes, and it will vocalize it as well. This will be helpful if she is in Romania on a photo shoot, but she doesn’t know the local language, and she needs to ask someone a question, she can simply speak into her phone, and then play the translation for the person she’s asking. The phone has become an instant translator.

My wife and I stopped by Best Buy on the way home to check on buying new computers for a new video game called The Old Republic by Bioware. I’ve been looking forward to that massive online game for years, and the release date is nearing, so my wife and I plan to buy a couple of new computers just to play that game, one for her and one for me, so we can spend time with all our nieces and nephews and other friends who are scattered all over the face of the planet. I was shocked that virtually every young person I spoke to from my daughters friends to the employees at Best Buy are all on a waiting list for that game. I joked to my wife on the way home that when The Old Republic is released, the economy may tank, because nobody will want to do anything but play that game. People my age and younger are eager to jump into that extremely immersive world.

But what does that say about our current society? Many of these people wanting to play The Old Republic currently play World of Warcraft and will spend countless hours learning everything there is to know about a fictional world with absolutely no implication to their actual lives. It’s all a fantasy. But why the powerful desire……escape?

Many people have given up on American culture, and public unions have capitalized on that apathy. The technology of online gaming and my daughters smart phone should be incorporated instantly into our education system because that is the way young people are learning now. They are wasting their time in modern education. It makes the parents feel good about themselves, but the kids really aren’t learning anything other than social boundaries which makes public education a complete failure in my book.

I can speak for myself; I understand why so many people are drawn to online gaming. Because there are no restrictions in those environments, the internet is the freest way of life ever conceived by human minds, and online gaming whether it is for Maddan Football, or World of Warcraft allows the human mind to venture beyond the social restrictions of our current culture, and that is the tragedy of our age.

Public education has been captured by public sector unions and molded into a boring, stale, environment that kids are simply not interested in, and is preparing them for a world that will change tomorrow. Public education is way behind the curve; they are in the back of the train as I’ve discussed using Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as a prime example. (If you haven’t read Pirsig it’s in the philosophy section of your local bookstore.) Click here to see what I say about it.

I have taught those close to me many things, one of them is a phrase I’ve used for more than 30 years and its “Advice is only as good as the person who gives it.” If the quality of the person giving advice, teaching ideas, or even coming up with a social model of ideas that are deemed important, if the minds “advising” are not quality minds, then the advice is worthless. When my wife was younger she had a parade of people who were always telling her she should be a fashion model, she should go to school to become a great scientist, that she should do a bunch of things because she is a very intelligent woman who is also very attractive, attributes that many around her secretly resented. So I’d say to her, “Where are the lives of the people telling you these things? Are they what you’d consider successful people? Even the people who are wealthy, do they look happy to you? If not, then why would you even consider their advice even a little? Their advice has not led their own lives to prosperity and happiness, so how can they be expected to tell you what to do.”

Yet in traditional education, we send a child to school to be taught by a complete stranger advice which the child is supposed to carry deep into their lives. I understand that many parents are not equipped to live by the mentality I provided my wife with, but in sectors of the internet, gaming community, and social networks like Facebook the true desires for human development are there for everyone to see. And the reason new ideas are not being explored in education is exclusively because public sector unions are resistant to the rapid changes happening in the world around them. They are like a boat going downstream in a swift river filled with rapids only to toss out an anchor into the water to stop all movement because they are “scared” of the changes. But in doing so they have limited the maneuverability of the boat to navigate in the water and the swift current is actually beating on the boat threatening to sink the vessel by sheer force.

I am convinced that no adjustments to public education are even possible as long as public sector unions exist. They are a cancer in the body of thought. And they are in denial of their corrosive nature.

Their leaders are fools intent to hang on to some archaic education practice long outdated, and is increasingly just too expensive. The teachers unions have priced themselves out of relevance because not only are they teaching in an outdated model that they force upon society with their fear of change, but they charge too much to do it. It’s that simple. They’ve high-jacked all administrative control, political persuasion, and social latitude to arrive at a place where the world is marching on without them and they are still holding their stupid signs from the 60’s, “better jobs for teachers.” Who cares? The kids can’t wait to leave the classroom of the teacher to get home and get on their computer and play World of Warcraft with their friends, or The Old Republic. If education was smart, it would be teaching in that realm so that kids could learn perhaps three times as much in a shorter period of time than what is currently experienced.

When a Smartphone can do with a free download what it takes two years of foreign language studies to achieve, society has reached an impasse, and the public sector unions like what the teaches have, are still walking around with the dinosaurs. They sadly believe they are more relevant than they really are, and society up till now has just thrown money at them so they don’t have to feel bad about all the years of college they have, the massive debt they’ve accumulated, and the social fulfillment they were promised when they entered the profession. They have become extinct, because society, like that swift river, is moving too fast for their timid minds to navigate.

And more taxes won’t fix that void left in the broken heart of the disillusioned soul who discovers that the impact they believe they have on social development is easily out-done by a video game character in a virtual world who can level up by initiative, without needless restriction. It is the teacher who belonged to a union and used that collective influence to make themselves extinct, like ghosts haunting a house who do not know they are dead, and insist on living by sheer force even though they are just reflections of the past.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

9 thoughts on “Rich Hoffman and Doc Thompson Fix the World: In spite of the hauntings from the past

  1. Many parents just love the government schools because they “babysit” their
    children all day. Schools take the responsibility away from the parents and, for
    some, that is comfortable. They don’t question their children about the
    days indoctrination. John Taylor Gatto, a teacher, refers to government schools
    as prisons. He says that the way we teach children is inhuman. The methods destroy critical thinking skills and the development of curiosity and discovery.
    “Compulsory government schooling has nothing to do with education, doing little but teach young people to conform to the economy and the social order.”

    There has to be a complete overhaul of the entire educational system. The union control has to be removed. It is a sad day when doctors, engineers, linguists, scientists and other highly skilled people are not allowed to teach. Not because they don’t have the ability to transfer information, but because they haven’t taken the Mickey Mouse “psycho-babble” courses required to obtain a state teaching certificate. As the kids in my day used to say, “horse puckey.”


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