Supernormal Sign Stimuli: What is it and how it runs your life

As a kind of continuation of yesterday’s article on Static Intellectualism and patterns associated with it this next topic is one of great concern. So if context is needed, please feel free to visit this link:

When I was in my mid-twenties I was reading a book by an author that at that time I had been reading since I was 19 years old. I started with the easy stuff, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and had been working up to the current masterpieces, the four volume set of The Masks of God by Joseph Campbell. During those days when the rest of the people my age were trying to gather up money to go on “spring break” and such things were the goals of their entire existence, I was on a search for rare books by obscure authors which came to me through the work of Campbell, which was a treasure hunt of the mind. I had rejected virtually everything at the time that society said was important and over the years through my reading, have worked backward to include the aspects of society that I think are important, while still rejecting the things that are obviously flawed by human intervention adhering to static quality patterns that are actually destructive even though they may be culturally safe for the present age.

Before any effort can be made to take society back to a static pattern prior to the progressive era here in the United States human beings need to understand something about themselves, something that is currently pumping over 13 billion dollars in the US, and 97 billion dollars world-wide and earns more than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink combined. In fact this industry has more revenue in the United States than all of Major League Baseball, the NHL, and the NFL plus all the combined revenue of ABC, CBS, and NBC. It’s the porn industry and it occupies a lot of people’s time, and all the attributes that make it attractive are also used to sell people shoes, politics, career choices, even school levies, because the very thing that makes pornography attractive to human beings is a very little discussed trait called SIGN STIMULI.

One of the reasons I was rejecting much of what society was telling me was important and spending my spare time reading Joseph Campbell when many were very upset with me for “wasting” my life on such pursuits, when I could be out running all over town being young and free, was because the life style of my age group didn’t add up to me. I could not see how the decisions my generation was making could possibly translate to something beneficial. I had the benefit of a lot of travel and adventure before I ever turned 18, so my perspective was unique, and once I arrived at that magical age, I took my books and went on an intellectual adventure while the rest of the world marched in a different direction. It was in these late night reading sessions in places like Perkins, and Waffle House that I read about the grayling moth in Campbell’s Primitive Mythology, book 1 of The Masks of God as drunken fools would come in representing the static values of people just like in this video below. This clash of values doesn’t make anyone good or bad, however the sum of the total values of which time and effort are applied has predictable results, and what I learned about in the behavior patterns of the grayling moth transferred directly to the drunken derelicts traveling down the static intellectualism of known destruction not because they were simply functioning from biological forces of which they didn’t understand completely, and this lack of understanding is what propelled their decision-making process. It’s the same lack of understanding that has made the porn industry one of the most explosive markets on Earth, and it is what holds our society back not to some religious static intellectualism, but to a primitive yearning for sexual fulfillment.

Contained within these sexual yearnings is the progressive politics of the youth, of the revolutionaries, who are all mixed up. The primary reason that many of the people in the Tea Party are so old (“grey hairs”) is that once people become older their minds finally become interested in other pursuits besides reproductive games, and they are finally able to think outside the static patters of their cultural quality which is based on sex. Just imagine how much power they would have if they could tap into this power at a younger age, and not wait till they are elderly?

The reason the grayling moth is so important to this discussion of sex is because it was studied among the grayling moths that certain moths of different patterns on their wings, or even different shades of gray, made them more appealing to females. This same attribute had been observed in Peacocks.

The feathers of a peacock or the patterns on the wing of a grayling moth are what are called sign stimuli, patterns that are attractive to females and encourage them to mate with the males. Well the same thing is occurring in humans. If looked at objectively, the butt of a woman or a man is a pretty disgusting thing. Nothing good comes out of a butt, yet in relation to sex, the butt is an item of sign stimuli for both men and women and depending on the condition of it will have a lot to do with how many sexual requests that particular human is exposed to. Other examples of sign stimuli in humans are lips, breasts, shoulders, legs and eyes. Those attributes mean nothing to a mammal of another species, such as a dog, or a cat. But to a member of the opposite sex of the human species, they mean everything, and human beings spend much of their time consumed with sign stimuli either of their own, or observing it in the opposite sex.

However of particular interest in the grayling moth, and this is the big secret that you won’t find anywhere unless you read older books, is that there are attributes that makes some moths more attractive to others. These attributes might include different kinds of patterns or shades of color and these are called Supernormal Sign Stimuli. In fact if you Google the term you won’t even find a video for this subject, and any literary papers done on the topic are highly technical and get lost in the static intellectualism of their particular education institution, so the topic as been almost completely ignored even though it is probably the largest daily consumer of human thought. In fact, supernormal sign stimuli makes up the porn industry obviously, but it also is responsible for all the makeup and perfume sold, most of our clothing, most of our dining experiences, in other words, supernormal sign stimuli is responsible for I’d say over 75% of all human activity as defined by the Static Intellectualism of our current social patterns.

Examples of Supernormal Sign Stimuli in human beings are of course perfume and cologne because the smell of a person is a sign stimuli. If you can make a human smell “better” that is supernormal. Ear rings are an example of supernormal sign stimuli because they enhance the way the ear appears to the opposite sex. Lip stick, eye shadow, dyed hair, (particularly blond hair because blond hair is genetically rare) being excessively skinny or even excessively over-weight can all be examples of supernormal sign stimuli and give those people sexual opportunity advantages over competing rivals.

Supernormal Sign Stimuli can be said to be anything that does not naturally occur in nature, which the human being does to themselves to stand out against their sexual competition. If you get to the root cause, the deep down reason why women have their nails done, or get eye lash extensions, it is to appeal to the opposite sex with supernormal sign stimuli, because finger nails are not normally red and eye lashes are typically short. It doesn’t always mean a woman wants to have sex with a member of the opposite sex, but she does want to be noticed and respected as a potential mate, because it is in this process, the static value of our culture built through intellectualism that these values have been placed upon our culture to represent value and personal worth.

Young women in fact are so obsessed with improving their super normal sign stimuli that it virtually occupies most of their daily time. They certainly don’t have time to consider the merits of the Obama administration, or whether or not public labor unions should even be legal, yet they do vote and they tend to vote for the candidate that puts the information on a plate for them so they don’t have to work very hard to understand, because they are busy trying to improve their supernormal sign stimuli. This is why there aren’t more young people who are involved in anything truly meaningful, because Static Intellectualism passed down through their education channels being public education and college, have informed them that the value system of their culture values supernormal sign stimuli above all social traits. Now this wasn’t done maliciously. It was done by accident when Static Intellectuals attempted to remove the parent from the equation of child rearing during the Victorian Era and then provided no meaningful substitute. Traditionally, self-esteem was built by the parents, particularly a strong father figure. Without strong fathers, human beings tend to revert to their most primal impulses which increase the need for supernormal sign stimuli to fill the self-esteem gaps. Within the last 20 years it has now become culturally acceptable for women to purchase breast implants much the way they purchase ear rings, because the goal is to increase their supernormal sign stimuli, which they believe will help their self-esteem by making them more attractive to the opposite sex. When I hear the story of this girl in the below video I could probably write an entire book on what her parents did wrong without even meeting them. This girl is a typical lost soul, of which Static Intellectualism has created. Sadly, this girl is considered normal in 2011.

The reason science does not talk about supernormal sign stimuli is because Static Intellectualism does not want to discuss the matter. The informers of our current culture are too busy with the static patterns they have created and maintaining the failures of those patterns with attempted social fixes to pay any particular attention to the “root cause” of their failure. Because that admission would be devastating to their cultural platform of which I am willing to declare a complete failure that requires scrubbing completely. A complete scrubbing of that cultural platform in my view appears to be resetting our value system to a time just before the Civil War, with the uttering’s of Henry David Thoreau’s Transcendentalism. This was a period in American history that was cut short by the Civil War and was built upon the foundations of the United States Constitution once the dust settled a bit in the 1840’s and 1850’s. I know such a statement is preposterous to today’s educators, the current Static Intellectualism supporter, but those social patterns are corrupted and are destroying our society at a fundamental, biological level. The current Static Intellectualism has been an unprecedented failure.

The failure would be comparable to the Microsoft release of Window’s Vista when XP worked so well, but Microsoft wanting to stay competitive with the Mac wanted to change their operating program. In this example the Mac is what Europe is doing. So Microsoft changed their operating system to more resemble Mac, which fundamentally changed the character of their product. The release came out and was full of bugs, so Microsoft spent the next two years with software patches trying to fix all the damage. Meanwhile, people loyal to Microsoft went back to Microsoft XP. So Microsoft went to Window’s 7 which went to the roots of what made Microsoft XP so dynamic and moved away from Microsoft Vista.

Progressivism is comparable to Microsoft Vista, it’s full of holes in the programming and it is slow to react and takes up a lot of valuable memory just to run. Progressivism is the architect of the Static Intellectual, born of the Victorian Era elitists who took their narrow vision into an all-encompassing government planned society that only focused on a few traits of human motivation. And in their plans they completely underestimated the effect of supernormal sign stimuli in the human race. As scientific understanding expanded, they did not because their intellectuals were fixated on a static pattern of understanding that ignored one of the largest motivations of modern society. So what we have is several generations of human beings functioning off primal biological natures trying to make decisions that require intense intellectualism both Static and Dynamic to expand our culture to meet the 21st Century needs of a human being, and without that fulfillment of basic foundations required by those same human beings in their formation years where it is a biological necessity to have a strong male character and a nurturing female character in the lives of a child to provide the “basics” we are seeing a culture in dramatic decline, on a scientifically proven course.

Supernormal sign stimuli has been known for a long time. Public relation firms use it every day to “spin” a story in favor of their client. Political advisors mold their candidates around it, advertisers sell their products with it, and school systems run by teacher unions use it also to play on the “primal” nurturing desire of parents to care for their young with images which allow outright looting of the taxpayer through open manipulation of their true intentions hiding those intentions behind a culture built around supernormal sign stimuli. It is not the school and the curriculum the schools are selling “per se” it is the culture the children are exposed to in the school, which of course is a completely unsupervised journey into the science of supernormal sign stimuli. Yet it is not taught in schools, it isn’t even covered on television and to get a taste of it you have to watch some of the more obscure television shows on Discovery Channel or National Geographic. It is probably the most important modern human problem because it consumes most of our time and energy but it is not discussed because it exists outside the social pattern of Static Intellectualism so is therefore put into the same category as “ancient aliens” or “voodoo mysticism.”

The behavior of supernormal sign stimuli cannot be outlawed by the laws of man in any way, and the churches can never interpret the intentions of a God in this matter without scrapping all the natural impulses which make humans unique. What is needed is to understand what makes our society work so that we can then have an intelligent discussion about how to proceed, because the current path will not work. The failures are complete and it will be the job of those in the Tea Party to erase that nasty equation off the chalk board to start fresh, which is what’s happening. And in this process, supernormal sign stimuli must be considered as a factor in the static patterns we create in that process for we don’t want to suppress all that sexual energy only to give birth to another group of puritans like what the progressives started out as in the Victorian Era, banning alcohol, sex and other social behavior. But to come to terms with it in a maturity that is expected from an advanced culture.

My vote is for an American foundation based on Transidentalism and let’s begin from there. All progressivism needs to be taken completely off the table and replaced with an understanding that humans are motivated by sign stimuli and our values need to consider those implications before the implications end up the new emperor in a kingdom of lost souls.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

18 thoughts on “Supernormal Sign Stimuli: What is it and how it runs your life

  1. Great article! 🙂 Very informative! (although I can’t help but think of all the times I had very similar discussions with a certain someone I know….!) 😉


    1. Do you remember all that stuff? LOL The difference between you guys and the rest of these people is you guys couldn’t just turn off the computer when it became too much. It’s like I told you a while ago, you get to a certain point and one of two things happen, you go crazy because the rest of the world is so far off from what you’re thinking, or you break through to something else, something new. It’s the later that’s happening. : )


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