Vote NO on the Lakota School Levy 2011: All the reasons why and more

For my national readers, I know that all this Lakota information is distracting, but the situation at my school district is essentially the same trouble you are experiencing in your own districts no matter where in the country you reside. What bothers me at the Lakota School System is that the community is already providing an adequate budget, we are heavily taxed, yet we are told that it’s not enough. So that begs the question, why?

If you look at the Yes Lakota position this time around, you will see how they avoid the hard facts of why they put themselves in financial hardship to begin with. Instead they use community testimony and their Excellence record to somehow justify why they should have more money in the form of higher taxes. (See their website here)

And that’s the trouble; their entire position is built on emotion, not rational decisions. They are in financial trouble because of union radicalism, most notably the strike attempt of 2008, and as an organization they are seeking to cover up that behavior with pictures of children and emotional testimony declaring that Lakota must move forward instead of going backwards.

Personally, I have fought wrongs of this kind before. I write books about it, and fight against misleading information even within my own family. I have taught my kids not to put up with it either, so when a giant labor organization has embedded itself into my community and tries to play the smoke and mirrors game, I am obliged to confront them which is why I’m even involved in an education issue. The excessive costs associated with education are a result of radicalism from the labor force, and a lack of managements desire to confront that radicalism. Those two things do not dictate that the community bails them out for the trouble they brought themselves.

I would not care so much if the Lakota School System presented the levy request by saying, “We need more money to support a very large obligation that we have to the union labor contract.” That would be honest and I could then vote “NO,” but if the rest of the community voted, “YES” I could live with it. But instead, the YES people tell us that if we want to move forward then we’ll vote ourselves more taxes. That if we love our children, we’ll vote for a levy. That if we want to protect our property values, we’ll vote for the levy. They’ll tell us all that without dealing with the WHY. Well, the WHY is because radical union behavior at all levels of politics, through their lobby power at the state level, and their ability to strike at the local, have driven up the cost of education in many ways, and personally I see that the bed they have made for themselves is a problem based on a failed Keynesian economics model and is not my problem, until they ask me for something. And it’s not the problem of my school district either. It’s the problem of the people who did not educate themselves properly and instead resorted to radical behavior to force through financial ideas that are completely wrong. It is for that reason that Lakota believes that they need more money. It is because of a lack of will to deal with a radical labor force and when the cost per pupil is over $9,000 per student, those costs need to be reduced dramatically, and the only way to do that is to bring reality to the union labor force and let them carry the burden of their failed philosophy, not the rest of the community and certainly not the children we are trying to teach and raise.

So for your benefit, I will put here a link to most of the articles and videos I have written or produced over the 2010 to 2011 school year so you can see for yourself the kind of game that is being played against you. It is my intention to remove the radicals from the process of this whole financial discussion so that truly intelligent minds can solve these problems. And that will not happen by appeasing the radicals (union labor). By giving them more money, you just let them believe that their radical behavior works, and you’ve perpetuated the problem. So please enjoy the links below to articles from the past year, and learn the truth of what has been happening to our district.

I know it’s a lot, but if you really want to know, you will book mark this page and visit it a little bit at a time from now to the election so that you can make the most informed vote possible. Or you can do the easy thing and just “believe” the sweet words that the Pro Levy campaign is feeding you, and you’ll regret the decision years down the road, even if you’re one of those people who will move away from Lakota the minute your children grow up, it will still bounce around in your head for the ensuing decades, because you knew they were misleading you, but you didn’t have the courage to face it squarely.

The answer is always in the WHY. Why won’t the Lakota people admit to WHY they have a financial problem? The answer is because if the public knew, they wouldn’t support the financial requirements of that demand. So they hide their behavior behind your kids hoping that you won’t push the issue too far, and allow them to continue the radical union scam that has embedded itself in public education.

ENJOY!  This isn’t all of them, but a good sample of the last year.

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