The Great and Powerful “O”: Government and casinos are basically the same thing

All week long we heard about the “jobs” speech from President Obama as he attempted to address the nation before the opening of the NFL season Thursday September 8, 2011. Obama’s speech was a silly exhibition of naïveté. I cringed watching him thinking of all worlds’ dictators; George Soros included who were also watching with hungry lust on their minds. For the imagery of a fool president speaking in generalities that are completely worthless to the political landscape, dictators will lust after those images with pornographic seduction. I am sure they were licking their lips the way a hungry lion gazes at a herd of gazelle prior to pouncing upon those passive creatures for an evening meal. President Obama is simply embarrassing in every way.

And to cover up his obvious lack of worldly knowledge, the President seemed to evoke his usual Wizard of Oz persona where he almost seems to take on the personality of that factional character from that fictional tale to represent a fictional presidency and offer America a “jobs bill” that is simply no different than a Las Vegas slot machine.

The reality of what Obama uttered in his speech was that if you pull the government lever, somehow, magically jobs will appear. That by spending more money on the slot machine, that America will receive some kind of “jack pot.”

Yet as the Great and Powerful O travels all over the Midwest in his bus, the strain of the financial structure of the whole government gambling mentality is taking its toll. When talking about Social Security, which is a ponzi scheme by design, Rick Santelli argues with Thomas Friedman over the merit of Social Security, and what Friedman fails to understand is that if Social Security were built with some level of honesty behind the premise, then it might possibly work. However, because those in government all-to-often behave as though they are in a casino, the money gets spent on games like that slot machine to pursue jack-pots which simply don’t exists, or if they do, it’s just to convince people to spend more money to get a bigger jack-pot.

When people who are in decision making positions can’t even admit to what they are doing, and don’t understand what name to even give to things like Social Security, they are no different than a gambler with an addiction.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and proclaim that the best way to save money would be not to pay any of the people who were in the room when the President gave his speech to congress, because to those people, the whole ordeal is just a game, a slot machine that will have a pay-out to some fortunate soul who manages to pull the lever and get a “jack-pot.” But before there can be a jackpot, someone must put money in the machine, and once there is money in the machine, then the Great and Powerful O can then decide how he will spend it. I believe the Great and Powerful O is convinced that by spending money in his government casino, that he is helping people. But what he’s really doing is just creating more “dependent,” and “addicted” people whom the government exploits for its own ends. Just like a casino.


But don’t you see dear reader, that the Great and Powerful O, or any of those Looters of Washington have no power unless you put money into their machine. They are toothless fools with no bullets in their gun. It is you who put the bullets in their gun to use on you to force you to spend money on their casino schemes. If you don’t give them money, they have no power at all!

You have the power to stop it and I would propose that we should do so. The best way to end the corruption of the casino is not to give the casino money. Don’t give it money, and it will go out of business soon. The same with government, if you don’t like the level government which is expanding rapidly, all you have to do is starve it of what it eats, in this case it is your tax dollars. If left to their own devices, they will never stop eating. They are simply no different than this poor woman who proclaims she cannot stop eating. But consider the amount of food it takes to maintain this body. Where did she get it………her family fed her. They brought it to her when she became so big that she could no longer get it for herself. Yet this woman cries and proclaims that her situation is completely out of her control, just like government.

And study the compulsive gambler. Listen to this poor guy. How is he any different? It’s exactly the same, the compulsive gambler and the “spend happy” politician. Both believe that if they spend just a little more money, they will hit a “jack-pot.”

The government programs like Social Security, Medicare, welfare, education, all of it, are simply images similar to a slot machine dressed up to convince you to put money in their machine and give them power. As ridiculous as that first video was, with the Wizard of Oz slot machine, using images from that great movie to seduce people into putting money into it, to feed the gaming industry, is manipulative and excessively exploitive. Government does the same for exactly the same reason. It’s a game! It’s a racket!

And the Great and Powerful O is a racket also. I would say that he is simply no different than the large woman who became so obese she could no longer go into public and move around on her own. These are addictive personalities who are hiding their disorders from even themselves, and they will beg and plead to anyone to help them by bringing more food or more money.

The Great and Powerful O is determined to seduce people into spending their money on his casino like programs by taking advantage of people suffering from addictions by feeding those addictions to prop up his own power base, because that’s how a casino makes its money……..from addictions.

It’s all about fancy lights, and sweet talk with seductive music all designed to control the sign-stimuli which make a human being function.

Call it what it is……………………..a scam! The whole thing! And while you wonder why that woman’s family didn’t stop feeding her so she wouldn’t become so obese, or the gambler’s wife didn’t stop him before it was too late, ask yourself why you vote to pay more taxes when the game is simply designed to drain you for all you’re worth and when you’re done, the system will drain someone else, until they are done, then it will move on to someone else, completely consuming every part of their life, financially, and socially until there is nothing left. And all the while the government will convince even itself that it is helping its addicts by at least caring for them, which is the greatest sin of all. It’s the justification of just another addict whom is on a destructive path beyond their control, and that begs the question, why did we continue to feed it when we knew it was wrong to begin with?

The answer is of course is that we failed to call it what it was…….until it was too late.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior