Cloaks of Deception: How Diana Frey is like Star Wars

It has been a difficult couple of weeks, the worst of which was the news that my editor had been particularly affected when Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast. She was so affected that she was unable to continue on with the task of editing my new book, since she needs time off to recover from the damage. So the publisher is assigning me someone else, which in the world of publishing is kind of like a “blind date,” you aren’t sure how much common ground you’ll have, and whether or not the relationship will be fruitful. But that’s the nature of business. When devastation strikes people you respect and care about, your heart goes out to them, but the objectives of business must march on.

As the news of my editor sent my publisher and me into a scramble, Diana Frey the former head of the union CODE was terminated by Milton Dohoney a month and a half after she was indicted for stealing $757,000 from her union members to primarily invest in real estate projects. This news was the recent topic of Doc Thompson on 700 WLW as he contemplated many of the facets of the public union debate and asked the question as to why more union members don’t question the practices that have led to the type of behavior that allowed Frey to steal so much money from her members in plain sight of the management controls which should have prevented such a thing. Click here to listen to that very entertaining broadcast.

The answer as to why Frey was able to do what she did was because unions and government function from static patterns. CLICK THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT STATIC AND DYNAMIC PATTERNS FOR REFERENCE:

The static patterns of government and the union did not allow for the possibility of a dynamic pattern of ruthlessness to steal so much money, so nobody was looking for it. The assumption in the union and all members involved was that people are inherently good, and that the union was a “brotherhood” where what’s good for one is good for all. So the selfish actions of Diana Frey was something that the members of the union refused to see, because such an action did not fit within the confines of their static pattern reality. This is how crooks, thieves and other criminals take advantage of the masses most effectively; they work outside the static patterns of society which works as a psychological cloak against the many eyes which have equal ability to spot the trouble.

This is why ISSUE 2 is such an important law. Diana Frey was not the first and certainly not the last union leader or politician who will take advantage of their power position to enrich themselves. And she is not the first to use the static patterns of society to hide their true intentions. In fact, many of the school levies on the ballot this year are using the static patterns of social education perception, sports, college prep, real estate value to disguise the labor union looting of the public treasury where the real intent are excessive wages and benefits for their members. It has nothing to do with the education of children. ISSUE 2 will allow the dynamic elements of society, to question things that aren’t right, and bring it to the attention of those who are stuck in static thinking, which simply can’t see it.

One of the most popular art forms which exemplify this static and dynamic tendency is the film series Star Wars. When people talk about Star Wars most people will say that they enjoy the older films more than the newer films. The complaint is that the new films are boring and discuss politics too much. Well, I don’t think that’s the real reason. The real reason that people like the older films over the newer films is by design. If Lucas had come out with the new series first, Star Wars would have never been popular. The series would have died off a long time ago. The original series, episodes 4 through 6 are all about Dynamic Quality. The rebellion is a dynamic static pattern confronting the static pattern of the Evil Empire. It’s the classic struggle, the David versus Goliath principle. Goliath did not expect David to simply launch a rock to hit the much larger man in the forehead. Goliath loses because in his static pattern thought there would be a great battle, where he would use his size against the much smaller David to defeat the little man. In Star Wars the small rebellion fires one small torpedo into the giant Death Star to blow it up and end the tyrannical super weapon of the Empire. It’s all the same stuff.

But in Episodes 1 through 3, known as the Prequels, the story is all about the rise of that Empire to power. Those films are about how the good guys, stuck in a static pattern of their own, failed to see the evil of Senator Palpatine who would become Emperor of the growing Empire in his power grabs which occurred right under the noses of the well respected Jedi.

The Jedi Council with all their wisdom and sage-like understanding rooted in thousands of years of defending the Old Republic from aggressive enemies, with the ability to even read the minds of people, could not see the actions of Senator Palpatine who had befriended the Jedi Council and used that relationship against the Jedi to hide his true intentions; the destruction of the Republic and the creation of an Empire of which he would lead.

Star Wars is based on actual history. The Emperor Nero comes to mind, Herod, many of the Greek classics, Genghis Khan, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, name your dictator, Star Wars was clearly intended to teach society how the process happens. And the genius of George Lucas, what he learned when he tried to tell that story the other way around, the mistake he made with his film THX-1138, is that the audience will reject a negative no matter how important or good the message is: SEE MY THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS FILM HERE:

Lucas knew from experience that the public would reject the Star Wars films if he started with the collapse of a static pattern looked after by the socially good and the evil dynamic was the actual protagonist, Star Wars would not have been so accepted and loved, so he began his story with the collapse of an evil static pattern to be replaced with a dynamic good pattern. Once he had a captive audience hungry for more, he had a portion of society who was prepared to hear his message. This is the message he tried to tell in films like Apocalypse Now, and American Graffiti as well, but never quite hit the mark until he moved the story to Star Wars, a world of his own making to create the tapestry in which to tell such a complex tale that worked at many psychological levels.

These static patterns are what are at play now, and dynamic thinking people can see them clearly, even if most people can’t. But the answer to how Diana Frey was able to commit her crime is because she used the static pattern of the union to pull off her heist, and that will happen again. Issue 2 allows people who think in a dynamic fashion to spot such criminals before they cause millions and millions of dollars in damage through fraud and waste on their own personal quests for power and control.

My good friend from Michigan, Matt Clark sent me the bumper clip to his upcoming show this Sunday at 1 PM on the ClarkCast radio network. I received the clip at about 2 AM this past morning and enjoyed it very much, because Matt, who is a Star Wars fan, and a young historian understands everything I just stated, and he assembled the perfect clip to tell the story of our modern-day issues, static patterns where people like James Hoffa and Barack Obama seek to pull off their own crimes against our American Republic in an act that is sadly not fictional. But Matt captured the spirit of these acts against the backdrop of Star Wars, which puts it in perspective for all those poor people who are suffering, just like the Jedi Council in Star Wars from not seeing the real menace to their lives which are unfolding right in front of them, and because they “won’t” see the menace because of their trust in their static patterns of daily life, the menace threatens to impact their lives in very negative ways. At the minimum affect our taxes increase, which means that we must work harder to support these thieves. But at the maximum, the very nature of our government is at risk which means our fundamental freedoms are a target. And Matt captured that threat perfectly in his bumper clip. Have a listen to hear that broadcast and clips from his show:

If more people developed the ability to see the Diana Frey’s of the world well before the crimes were ever committed, there wouldn’t be a need for laws like Issue 2. But unfortunately, they can’t and it will require those who think dynamically to point these evils out while they are still invisible to the rest of society, so that robberies of the public treasury can be greatly minimized, and the need for tax increases to compensate for that theft can be averted.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior