Attack Watch: Brought to you by Dictator Obama

One of the great things about Glenn Beck is that he’s spent the money he’s made off his books, his subscriptions, and his shows and reinvested it back into the message he’s been committed to. You won’t find Glenn Beck running around with some stripper in a New York hotel, or find that he has used any of his money to abuse anybody in society. Regardless of whatever mistakes he may have made in the past, I sincerely believe the person he is today is a good person who just wants the truth, the same as me, and millions of other Americans who simply don’t like the progressive direction of our country.

When Glenn Beck launched his new GBTV network I wasn’t sure what to make of it. So far what I’ve seen I like a lot. I am very impressed with the $20 million dollar set he built, and better yet, he has no boss, no middleman to steer his topics into the “collective” direction of an editor or even a network owner. Glenn Beck is the owner and he has used his success to purchase his freedom from the grid of politics and he is truly free in a way that few people ever achieve to function authentically, and to use his gift of insight for all it’s worth.

A sign that Beck is achieving that success can be seen in President Obama’s new Attack Watch website, which I find disgusting, but also revealing, for it shows just how juvenile politicians as high-ranking as The President of the United States truly is. Listen to Beck discuss it from the set of his new show, totally free of any editorial censoring, which I believe has triggered this move by the president and his staff.

After I saw this episode with Beck I checked out the website for myself and the very first thing that came to my mind was the way that East Berlin used to engage in similar propaganda to prevent its people from trying to escape over into West Berlin. Obama is actively looking for dissidents to his administration so those dissidents can be targeted. Of course people like Beck will be targeted, but as I read the intent of that website it became clear that the goal of Attack Watch wasn’t so much after Glenn Beck, but it’s intended to target people like me and the material I publish on this site, which I stand behind proudly. But the nature of this type of information set my blood into a boil, so I contacted Attack Watch and turned myself in with the note shown below, which is the exact text that I sent to Barack Obama and his minions running Attack Watch.

Dear Attack Watch:

I will have to report myself. I am embarrassed at this administration and his support of public unionized labor. And he has put himself on the front line of Ohio’s Issue 2 and is very responsible for his own attacks and false information. The fact that he supports this site says everything about the guy.


Shortly after I did this I heard that Doc Thompson was covering this very issue on 700 WLW so I called in at about the 11 minute mark and confessed what I had done, that I had turned myself into Attack Watch. Doc and I had some fun at the expense of the President over his Jobs Bill and this tyrannical Attack Watch website, which the President deserves. CLICK TO LISTEN:

The parody that Doc and I were talking about can be seen in it’s entirety below. I am proud to see it produced but sad that the humor of it isn’t too far off from reality. For it is an accurate representation of the mentality of this President. This isn’t a new tactic by would-be-dictators. The Gestapo similarities are undeniable. If the President and his staff wanted to confirm everything “crazy” that critics like Beck have said about him, he just confirmed it with that website.

I would recommend that everyone take the opportunity to turn themselves in to our own American Gestapo by dropping a comment into Attack Watch and let them know what you think about a President who spends an enormous amount of money on theory, big labor support, and massively expanded government built with a theory of altruism that is naïve in its foundations, yet is sold to America with the same fast talking nonsense that we might see from a used car salesman. If I thought the Obama Presidency was a joke before the advent of Attack Watch, I am more convinced of it now than ever. If such a thing had been around during the Bush administration, the progressives would have taken Bush out of office with a posse and a rope. Yet Obama supporters write him a blank check on intelligence, of which they have all shown to be bankrupt, and not worth the paper the check is printed upon. Because this whole experiment has nothing to do with race or even party, it’s all about a massive progressive who believes just like the charismatic tyrant that if you “LOVE” him you’ll vote for anything he says. Well, only a fool does that, and I suspect that anyone who isn’t a fool will end up on the Attack Watch list at some point in time, because this is not the action of a President of a free country. This is the actions of a dictator, and that is the harsh reality.

Now, to make it simple for all those silly people who are willing to feed the Gestapo Dictator of Attack Watch information about me, which I have no doubt will happen, I have listed links to a small sample of the dozens and dozens of articles I have written about this President whom I do not believe is qualified to manage a McDonald’s, let alone a country.  The evidence speaks for itself.

Enjoy……………….and there’s a lot more where that came from. 

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior