The American Skeleton Key: A review of “THE DAY OF RAGE.”

The Day of Rage that was so aggressively talked about turned out the way I thought it would. Watching the “call to arms” videos such as this one below is an indication of all the same old communist stuff. These young people were simply taught these static patterns of thinking by their teachers in school. Those teachers are the types who look to the grand old “60’s” as their shining moment. None of these people have a clear understanding of what they are doing or why they do it. They were simply taught to think certain things, and they do so without any further inquisition. To understand some of the science behind this foolishness, CLICK ON THIS HOT LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION.

When I look into the face of these young people I see an otherwise blank mind, where their parents did not put a lot of their own recording into the child leaving radical teachers within the public school system to record some haphazard specter from the past in the form of radical, unfounded thoughts planted in the consciousness of America by KGB agents in the 50’s and 60’s. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT “SLEEPER AGENTS.” (YES THEY ARE REAL EVEN IF MTV DIDN’T TELL YOU SO) This leaves people like this kid looking blank and superficial just repeating what he has been told without any real information to counter the assertions.

Lucky for most of America, even though we have all been exposed to these communist philosophies delivered to us through sleeper cells directly from the KGB, most American’s don’t buy into the whole communist mantra, which is why very few people showed up for this “Day of Rage.” It was more like a day for a few sad souls to cry and weep because they lack knowledge.

The KGB wanted to stop the incredible success of the American economy, so they created the rhetoric these sad small-minded people are repeating, “arm our people,” and “tax the rich” and all that other nonsense came directly from Soviet spies to undermine our culture. Sorry, but it’s true. No conspiracy theory. It’s well documented. It’s just hard for people to come to grips with the fact that their beliefs are not rooted in any firmer ground than a glass of water, so they chose to deny those facts at their own peril. The cost of that denial has delivered us to our current state as a nation, as a weakened superpower that has lost its identity.

You see, and I’m talking to all the wanna-be hippies, Zen lovers, peace protesters, pin-heads, you know…………communists loving malcontents, your thoughts are wrong. The premise of your entire existence is incorrect and not of your own making. You are simply a ghost from the “Cold War” and the beliefs you have are part of a strategy of foreign enemies to cripple the United States Economy. That’s why the KGB wished you to target corporations and “the rich,” because those are the foundations of the American machine which no nation on Earth could compete against, so they attacked the fuel of that machine, the labor force through unions, and the young people who would take over those jobs from their parents, by infecting their education.

But America is a deeper culture with a much more intact system of beliefs that are luckily innate due to the fact that there are such a variety of ideas available to our population. So the communist theories have confused our population, but have not destroyed it. I’ve spoke a lot about the book Atlas Shrugged, because it is uniquely American. If Shakespeare is the giant of English literature, or Leo Tolstoy is the same for Russia, then Ayn Rand is that for America. Mark Twain and a long list of many others have also made their mark in American literature as well, but it was Rand who I believe truly captured the essence of what being an American truly was in her epic book called Atlas Shrugged.

A number of years ago I scurried the planet looking for a book called The Skeleton Key to Finnegan’s Wake, by Joseph Campbell, for I had been trying to decipher the book Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce for years, and since this was the pre-days of, I had no way to get the Skeleton Key, so I never found it in a used book store or even a yard sale. It had become a book lost to time. So I worked out my issues with that very elusive book Finnegan’s Wake on my own, and then moved on to my next literary pursuit. (Someday I’ll return back to that project now that getting such books is easier than ever) I enjoyed Finnegan’s Wake to such an extent that I named my lead character in my own book The Symposium of Justice after Finnegan’s Wake. (to learn more about Finnegan’s Wake check out this link: )

It is in that context that I say that Atlas Shrugged is one of the greatest novels on planet Earth from any time period. The reason is that it contains an elusive power to understand the structure behind why America works as a concept. It may not be the greatest work by way of command of the English language the way James Joyce is considered, but it is the power of the characters in the Ayn Rand classic which has captured the true essence of what freedom and the role of government should be in a human culture, and it properly identifies what the balance should be. It is the most important literary work in the history of mankind.

Over the last couple of years, as we have learned together of the types of protestors shown at the start of this article, I have also learned that many people are giving the book Atlas Shrugged to their friends and family as presents, giving this very important book renewed life, and serving as a kind of real Skeleton Key to the human race. In fact, when I first read Atlas Shrugged I proclaimed to my wife, “I have found the Skeleton Key!”

“I thought you were reading Ayn Rand, not James Joyce today.”

“I am, but it’s all the same, in fact it’s more important.” The Finnegan’s Wake Skeleton Key was just to translate a dreamy work of fiction. The Ayn Rand Skeleton Key called Atlas Shrugged was that skeleton key which would show all the lost souls of our spy impoverished nation still reeling from that terrible Cold War of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s ideas given to us through that spy network underground. This Skeleton Key would show people the way back to America, back before even the World Wars, before the terror of Woodrow Wilson, even the divided state of the nation after the Civil War. Ayn Rand had put her finger on it; she had captured that American essence clearly, definitively and written a Skeleton Key for America to rediscover itself.

Last spring the first of three films was released trying to capture the magic of that grand book in a movie to share with the masses. I am proud to have played a small part in bringing that film to Cincinnati, so I am even prouder to see that the film is about to be released on DVD just prior to this election in November. This film gives people who are not the “literary” type an opportunity to be exposed to Atlas Shrugged for the first time from their television screens, and is truly the launch of a new day in America. For the first time in America’s 200 year history, our people are beginning to dust themselves off, and to look inward at what we are all really about, and what our world-wide role is to be.

While old hippie, academic, pot smoking, malcontents cleave to the “past,” “their past,” a past given to them by KGB spies of which they believe wholly in, that group of people of which Barack Obama is a part, who ironically are characters in Atlas Shrugged and are directly responsible for the unintended consequences of their own ignorance, which brings about the collapse of civilization in the book, the rest of us are looking to a light at the end of the tunnel to the insight given to us in the literary work of Atlas Shrugged. And it gives me great pleasure, more pleasure than the brilliant sunrise peaking above the tree line of color changing vegetation and sharp morning chill that whispers autumn down the goose-bumps of our spines, to hear all these people declare that they are indeed, “JOHN GALT.”

John Galt is that life redeemer, that inventor, that dormant energy of the American consciousness who resided high away from the looters of existence only to emerge when the last of the looters had run the world into the ground. John Galt is the one who will emerge forth from the wreckage and return the world to restoration properly, and for the first time without “looters” being a part of the process. When many people declare that they are John Galt, they are saying that they are ready to emerge and take the reins of America into their hands and out of the hands of the “looters” to bring about that much-needed American Renaissance, which is about to unleash itself upon the American scene in a way that the world has never seen. That renaissance is made possible now because more than enough Americans are becoming aware that the Skeleton Key to their lives are not in some government building, or in any politician, but was, and has always been within them all along. And they are beginning to overcome the shackles which bind them, which were placed there by the modern progressive, which is but a mask behind the sinister presence of life killing communism.

It is a new day in America. People are waking up. They are reading and watching new information to replace the stale, empty mentality of the protestors at the “Day of Rage.” This is why there weren’t more people there, because American’s know better. They are looking for the truth, and lucky for them, the truth is easy to find. All one needs to do is have the courage to use the Skeleton Key to unlock all the possibilities that are available to those with courage to step into that new world and begin again using the book Atlas Shrugged as a blueprint.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior