The Buffett Rule: The sad position of Barry Obama

What? The President said he’d veto any proposal that did not include tax increases……oh, I mean “revenue.” I thought this President was all about “compromise.” (Auh Oh, I better be careful. Someone might send this article to Attack Watch.)

The President of the United States continues to be a complete joke. He is maybe one of the most incompetent administrators I have seen in a long time. I believe he is WAY over his head in this job of President. I knew what the President was going to say before he even got up this morning, but the recklessness for which he says it is stunning. I’ve known for a long time in fact what the President would say, because Barry Obama is simply a puppet that speaks what his political party desires, and if you know who they are, you can predict what will come out of the president’s mouth. So as my new article on Issue 2 was published in American Thinker, which ironically is partly about how Obama is basically a spokesman for labor unions, part of my mind marveled at how convoluted this President continues to think. (See that American Thinker article here)

Doc Thompson of 700 WLW was interrupted by the President during his broadcast, and had some things to say about the merit of Barry’s little speech which will lead to what I’m about to say. Listen to that broadcast here.

People like Barry Obama, and many in his party and some from the Republican Party are not acting in our best interest. For many years there has been a plan to turn The United States Republic into something else.

Enter Norman Mattoon Thomas, who in 1944 made the statement you will see included in the fine little picture included here. Take a minute to read that before continuing.

Now, how about that? Are those the words of some conspiracy theory, Tea Party, radical? No, those are the words of a real person who along with an army of like-minded pacifists helped usher in the radicals 60’s movement with the aim of bringing Socialism to the United States. You can see in his own words the method by which he and his friends intended to do this, liberalism.

The key to me in listening to the President’s speech was why do I have to pay for all these social programs that are attached to liberalism, if I don’t support liberalism? Why should I support any liberal program, especially knowing that socialism has always been the goal? Why would I knowingly choose to fund my own country’s destruction by funding liberal policies? That doesn’t make any sense.

Much of what Barry Obama stated were “essential” programs that must be funded by my tax money are programs created under the umbrella of liberalism, or as shown by Mr. Thomas, “socialism.” So why do those programs deserve to be funded at all?

The President mentioned that some of that tax burden of which he wishes to fund using the wealth of the “rich,” would go to fund education. OK, so what does education entail? Is education making sure children learn to read, write, and do math, or is education actually liberal, (socialist) instruction? And is a teacher a mentor, or someone who is supposed to teach a child the basics? And is a teacher worth 40K a year, 50K per year, or 60K per year? If it is determined that a teacher are essential mentors and instructors of basic instruction and are worth 60K a year in salary, then how many teachers are performing at this level, all of them? Because currently we pay in taxes a value which assumes that every teacher is performing with spectacular results, the best of the best, even when we discover they are having sex with kids and other indiscretions during school hours. Not all teachers mind you, but some. (Here’s the trouble with taking teachers as a collective in assessing value. When they want to be paid well, they all stick together. But when one messes up and does something stupid, like the pedophile at Lakota, then the teachers act like he acted alone and they should not be judged because of him. So which is it? All for one and one for all………..or, judged by independent merit?)


In Ohio out of the 612 school districts they are collectively running at a $8 billion dollar deficit, 96% of which is compensation costs. According to President Obama, tax payers should just pay the money to close that deficit gap without asking why the gap exists or without having an intelligent discussion as to whether or not the compensation for those teachers is worth it, because I see an awful lot of children graduating from high school these days who aren’t very smart.

That small example could be greatly expanded to include Medicare, Social Security, The EPA, the entire Department of Education, and Homeland Security. In fact I could probably put down a whole book just on the wasteful programs built by liberalism, as a subtle march toward socialism, that simply cost too much money and don’t deserve my hard-earned money.

The President mentioned again that people “like him” should make a sacrifice, to dig deep into their pockets to pay their fair share of taxes. Well, no WE shouldn’t. First of all, Barry Obama became wealthy because of his public service. Without politics, Barry would still be organizing rallies in Chicago and smoking joints like a lot of his union brothers. He certainly wouldn’t be a millionaire, because he doesn’t make anything or manage anything that can produce a profit. Second, what is a “fair share?” Why is it fair to require me to fund programs I think are ridiculously foolish and are weakening our society, in my opinion? I have no intention of ever receiving a Social Security check, so why should I continue to pay? How is that fair, that some absentminded fool politician came up with some looting law for me to work extra hard to pay for, when if I kept the money, could have done something more productive? The tax to me is just legalized robbery. It’s going to groups I don’t believe in to fund philosophies I have no faith in, to support an agenda I find detrimental to the future of the country. So why do I have to pay again? How is it my obligation, because some incompetent manager like Barry decided I had to pay?

It’s easy for a looter to give away things; because they can just take away from “the rich” anytime they need to refill themselves. And that’s what all these tax increases are. If the wealthy were a minority group representing bloc voters, Barry Obama would never think of insulting the wealthy the way he does. He only does it because there aren’t that many wealthy people, so if they all vote against him in the next election, he could care less. He’s all about taking from those who have, and giving to those who don’t, and there are more people in the world that don’t. So it works out from his stand point, which is a premise of socialism.

Just like Mr. Thomas knew that people would never accept socialism at face value, so they changed the name to liberalism, progressivism, the enlightened philosopher kings of Plato’s Republic. But the reality of their mentality is socialism. Just like the reality of demanding more taxes is simply no different from a thief holding a victim at gun point to rob them of the contents of their wallet. It is purely relative as to whether or not the robber has a gun or a whole country with the IRS, CIA, ATTACK WATCH or any other weapon at their disposal. The intent is the same, and that is to loot those who have so those that want it can have it.

The reason Barry is so incompetent is that he can’t see that even if he took all the wealth the “rich” had, then what would happen then? When that money is gone what happens next? If Barry gets reelected President, what will happen two years from now when taxes won’t fix the problem and spending is still on an upward trend and the rich have simply moved to Hong Kong, or Singapore to hide from the long arm of the Government? What will that bamboozled president do then? Who will he rob then to take care of his own “special interests,” his voting bloc, his political contributors which move his mouth to make words come out? Who?????????????

He’ll do the same as the gambler who has lost his whole fortune in one night at the tables; he’ll roll the dice again, and again, as long as we let him. Just like the gambling addict, he will continue to sprinkle illusions at even himself because he is fully committed to the strategy of those who came before him, people like Mr. Thomas, even when there is no money to bet with any longer, and his credibility has long since left him, because the foundations of his beliefs were wrong to begin with, and everything he is, and hopes to be will require him to steal from someone else so that he could be something………….anything in the age-old tragedy the likes of which made Shakespeare seem so prophetic.

Look in Barry’s hand there if you doubt what I’ve said here and shown you.  To see what that book is about check it out at this link:

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior