We Are Ohio’s Commercials: Cincinnati State goes on STRIKE!

Oh, how absolutely adorable. The new ad from We Are Ohio below says that Teachers, Firefighters and Police have “saved” us money by taking wage freezes and cuts in furlough days. Only in government would a group of people declare a savings in money that hasn’t even been spent yet.

That sort of pulls on your heart-strings, doesn’t it? I suppose what the ad is telling us is that since these public unions took cuts, that they somehow deserve a payoff for their sacrifice? That’s what it says to me.

How about this next ad, featuring a neighbor of mine, Eric Abney, why wouldn’t the firefighter be there? Issue 2 doesn’t get rid of firefighters. It only deals with the negotiating process of public employment. But according to Eric, the kid in the video would have died if Issue 2 were a law.

Not so, in fact it is this type of radical view of the world, and the public union’s hostile approach toward management that created a system that clearly is one-sided. As far as Republicans giving tax breaks to their “corporate friends,” well, they are doing that in an attempt to bring business to the state, because believe it or not, businesses that actually provide jobs don’t like to pay taxes to a system that wastes their money, and then keeps trying to hose them for more money. Business tends to go to states with low tax rates. That’s why Ohio has to manage its costs better. It’s not just the politicians in Columbus who want Issue 2. I want Issue 2 because it will give me more control of these costs locally, especially at my local School Board at Lakota. I’m tired of levy, after levy, after levy, and this whole idea that we aren’t supposed to manage those costs is ridiculous. Because it’s education, we are supposed to turn off logic and toss money into a bottomless pit. YES, THEY REALLY THINK THIS WAY!!!!

One of the biggest drivers of teacher salaries is this whole concept of radical striking, where the teachers walk off the job in order to either drive up their wages, or obtain some other perk. Because of a teacher’s ability to strike, which they have abused over many years, education has migrated in cost to an extraordinary level, which dictates more school levies. The only reason public unions “negotiated” this year on their contracts and gave anything back, as they are now claiming in the ads above, is so they could claim to have done so in an effort to repeal Issue 2. I told you dear reader this many months ago, that they would attempt to do this. But what brought them to the table with their hat in hand was the fact that Kasich signed Issue 2 into law. If the unions can repeal the Issue 2, they will resume back to their previous, “high spending,” ways, but in the meantime they are calling it a “sacrifice.” I call it they “have no choice.”

As evidence of this tendency have a look at these teachers at Cincinnati State as they walked off the job yesterday over the lofty goal of “working less.” Yes, that’s right. The teachers at Cincinnati State want to work 20% less. That’s what they are willing to walk off the job for. Issue 2 will prevent teachers in the future from being able to walk off the job, which to me sounds like common sense.

What in the world made those professors believe that they were somehow “entitled” to walk off the job and extort more money from Cincinnati State, because that’s what they are doing? Issue 2 will prevent an employee who receives tax money from being able to walk off that job, since we are led to believe that those public jobs are “essential.” Cincinnati State can’t afford to not continue with classes. So they are obligated to replace those teachers who are striking with employees who want to work. (Here’s a hint, I could re-staff the entire school with new employees by the end of next week. Give me a call Cincinnati State if you want the help, because here’s the secret. Those jobs are replaceable. If those people will walk away from a kids’ education then they aren’t of any real quality to begin with. Dump those striking employees while you can.)

Some of the fault for these teachers high opinion of the services they offer to the community comes from politicians, who are even more clueless than the teachers. Barry Obama is a spokesman for union labor and recently spoke in Cincinnati trying to tie the urgency of fixing the Brent Spence Bridge to the plight of teachers. Barry’s assumption is that teachers are valuable regardless of performance, so more money spent means better education, so if we just through money at teachers without any kind of management of that money, then somehow education will improve. Listen to the Reverend Barry Obama. The audience was full of union people so they were very responsive. (CLICK HERE TO SEE MY REVIEW OF OBAMA SUPPORTERS)

Something seems familiar about that speech…………….ummmm, what is it?

Well, that’s how progressives sell their programs. Obama put teachers on a “spiritual pedestal” and too often it goes to their heads. Ironically, the teachers at Cincinnati State walked off the job the day after Obama gave his speech. But notice in all this discussion that there isn’t any debate about how much money is fair or justified in these public employee positions. The assumption is that we need to be at the teachers mercy because the teachers are performing a high moral task. (For the reason of this mentality CLICK HERE to see my article on how authority figures establish themselves)

As usual, Glenn Beck does a good job of connecting all the dots. Issue 2 is but one small attempt by the public to fix a lot of nonsense and inequity that has been going on in public service. And the first thing that the “less thoughtful” do when they can’t win an argument based on facts instead of emotion, is they resort to violence or racism, and this has given rise to the declaration of class warfare.

Surprisingly, a guy I like quite a bit, Morgan Freeman is one of those who are uncomfortable with the kind of information that Beck and many others are putting out which questions this whole system of public worker entitlement. And it would seem that Mr. Freeman is more intelligent as an actor than as a true thinker, because he is doing the same thing that all the opponents of Issue 2, are doing, he’s trying to hide the facts of the matter with the emotional race card.

I would have expected more from him, but this goes to show the condition of his real mind, and Morgan seems to be just as influenced by the reverend like rhetoric that progressives use to seduce people away from the facts.

But Issue 2 is not about cutting jobs, or hurting teachers, firefighters, or any public employee. It’s about managing the costs which funds these activities with our tax money. Currently there isn’t any management, it’s a one-way street at the negotiating table, and the public unions know it. And they can’t argue to that effect, so they attempt to divert voters away from the truth with emotion and fear disguised in “spiritual” delivery.

What nobody questions is the value of a job, and what that job does, and just like the reverend of a congregation who speaks with seductive eloquence, the goal is to hide the fact that many of those in public service have learned to “steal” money to enrich themselves on the public dollar.

Notice here Dennis Gannon the labor leader of Chicago who gave a similar speech a year ago which sounds oddly just like Obama’s recent speech, and these kinds of talks are very exciting to union members, because they want to believe that they are essential to the marketplace, and somehow deserve to be placed on a pedestal, high above the control of any management. They would have you dear reader believe that Issue 2 is something they are above, and they cannot do their jobs if they are not given the right to negotiate for our tax money without opposition of any kind.

But like everything, all you have to do is follow the money to get at the truth. Dennis Gannon just yesterday secured a $158,000 dollar pension which should come out to 5 million dollars over his lifetime after being rehired for only one day after his retirement. See that article at The Blaze for more detail. (It pays to be a labor leader; again this week in Cincinnati Diana Frey gave a guilty plea to her theft of $750,000. See a pattern?)


That’s what is really behind the emotional ads of Issue 2, those who work in public service to continue this “lottery ticket” existence, where the average worker makes 43.4% more than the private sector employee. It’s always about money. It’s not about safety. It’s certainly not about the kids. It’s about money and benefits.

So it will be up to you dear reader to see through the smoke, the emotion, and the haze to the truth. The truth is easy to see if you dare look, and life will continue after Issue 2 maintains its status as a law. But if you really want to put an end to the enormous amounts of corruption and manipulation, accompanied with the massive spending of our tax money, then you better protect Issue 2. Otherwise it will go back to how it was, where the teaching unions will walk off the job over just small increases in their health care coverage, or to just simply do less work as the teachers at Cincinnati State are doing. And you will look back to this day and wonder why you didn’t have the courage to Vote Yes on Issue 2.


For the answer to everything, CLICK THIS LINK:


Rich Hoffman

9 thoughts on “We Are Ohio’s Commercials: Cincinnati State goes on STRIKE!

  1. Dave Yost says, “A 40-hour workweek is 2080 hours a year. (I wonder how many of you work so few hours.)

    The striking teacher — who average $72,000 per year — have to work 575 “instructional hours” per year. Even if you give them an hour of office time and an hour of research for every hour of classroom time, they still wouldn’t get to 2080 hours.

    Let’s be fair, and let’s pay for services rendered. But this ain’t a sweatshop, and it’s one more reason why I’m voting for Issue 2.”

    Anyone with a brain can see that the taxpayers have been used over and over again with emotional pleas that did not and will not ever hold water. I noted in the Enquirer that an instrutor complained of having to check five papers per class. He says that he has to read the proposal, the outline and the final paper. At the college level this is ridiculous. Just proves the kids weren’t taught how to write a paper in high school. So those “dedicated educators” did not prepare the students for college level classes. Now we know why so many students require one full year of remediation when they get to college.


    1. My wife is an adjunct instructor at a local college. She too is appalled at the preparedness of her students, particularly in the areas of math, science (her field) and writing. She would agree with you 100% on that point Sandra.


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