“The Tea Party is Racist”: But they like Herman Cain, how can they be both?

The comments from the actor Morgan Freeman over this last weekend citing that the Tea Party are racists and have a sole purpose in removing President Obama from office because he’s black proves how little so many people who vote truly know. Click this HOTLINK to see a recent article of mine where I play the video from Freeman. Without extrapolating further the authority by which any value in Freeman’s opinion dictates, let me just say, Morgan Freeman is looking for a convenient outlet for his lack of understanding.

Herman Cain is my pick of the Republicans so far running for the 2012 election and I think he’s black. I didn’t consider his skin color until Morgan Freeman made me think of it. As I watched the Freeman interview I said to the TV, “Hey, wait. That’s not true, Herman Cain is black. The Tea Party is trying to replace a black progressive with a black conservative. It has nothing to do with the word, ‘blackness.’” It’s more like replacing someone who can’t do the job with someone who can.
I like Cain because he has more experience than our current president and he seems to understand the concept of limited government. Virtually everyone agrees that our tax system need reforming, including President Obama, and Cain has a plan. It’s called the ‘9-9-9’ tax plan. Check it out!

Saturday Night Live did a skit involving Herman Cain as an “unelectable” candidate. They also made fun of the fact that Cain was the CEO of Godfather Pizza, as if that “small” amount of experience did not qualify Cain for the Presidency. As I watched and considered the two weekend comments together I could not help but conclude that the “Progressive Machine” was functioning with full steam applied. Many in the media are afraid of Cain, because he is a black man, and he’s articulate, quite intelligent and he has a plan to straighten out an actual chaotic situation of government with solutions. That makes Progressives nervous because they need chaos to survive.

President Obama had virtually no experience at doing anything when he ran for President. Herman Cain has actually had success as the head of a company. The implication is that because it’s a pizza company, somehow the effort contains less merit. The media considers “community organizing” much more valuable, apparently.

I was happy to see that Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Pole. The reason for these debates is to show who the strong candidates truly are over time, and Cain is emerging as one of the stronger candidates even though the orthodox media and political machines wish those candidates to be Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. You see, the static patterns of society know what to do with people like Perry and Romney, and the media has already decided they will not allow Ron Paul a seat at the table even though Paul is a fantastic candidate. But Herman Cain is fresh, and Presidential. And he’s a black man. The only knock against Cain (according to the media) is that he’s a conservative.

What would the Progressive Community do if Herman Cain turned out to be the Republican Nominee? They would not be able to say that conservatives are racist because they nominated a black man. And the Tea Party likes Herman Cain. So how could the Tea Party be racist yet at the same time support Herman Cain?

Herman Cain proves the hypocrisy of our modern society. I don’t care what color Herman Cain’s skin is. I really didn’t think much about it. I simply thought Cain was the best of the offered candidates. I have heard that many people would support Herman Cain but are afraid to because he’s “unelectable.” What does that mean?

There is a belief that if the media will not endorse a candidate, that a person running for the Presidency cannot become President. So even though people may think Herman Cain is the best guy for the job, somehow the good people of the United States must settle for someone like Mitt Romney because the media will support them. It would seem the media has too much power and have themselves become a corrupt nobility who view their role on the world stage as reformers, not reporters.

The media does not create policy, even though they did create President Obama, the empty promises behind their strategy is immediately evident in the collective media’s utopian naïveté, because Obama is lost when it comes to any kind of management. Obama’s economic plan is one concocted by a small army of fools displaying an unprecedented ignorance and evidence that America’s education system is a failed institution—because it produced these fools.

Herman Cain’s ‘9-9-9’ plan will raise about $1.768 trillion in raw tax revenue and economic growth using numbers similar to the Obama Administration’s own estimates, will bring in an additional $1.4 trillion more creating $2.17 trillion which matches the $2.16 trillion in tax revenues collected this year, and it takes away all the corruption and lost money that thrives like a virus in the chaos of our current progressive tax system.

That’s a much better system than President Obama’s plan of taxing the social minority of 235,000 millionaires and billionaires, (you know, people like Obama) that already pay 40% of all Federal taxes. Obama seems to leave all the trouble of the current tax code on the shoulders of the “rich,” such as the fact that the bottom 50% of all wage owners pays just 3% toward taxes. And about 47% of all American households pay no federal income tax at all. Those are the Obama supporters. Of course they will endorse a candidate that will steal money on their behalf…..and it’s legal. “Go after the rich Mr. Obama and loot us some of that Obama money!”

Cain’s plan makes taxes fair for everyone, and it just makes sense. It solves a problem that progressives created, and this is why the progressives will not support Herman Cain even if he is a black man. Because the issue is not about the color a man’s skin, the color is just a deterrent from the real issue which is that progressives need chaos so they can have excuses to expand government even more and with each encroachment for American society to become less free.

The agenda is not to have a black president, but to use the guilt of racism to advance a political philosophy supported by the intellectual elite, which make up the media.

For myself, I will support Herman Cain to the ends of the Earth because I believe in the man, and I think he has the best plan I’ve heard for reforming the tax code and starting the country on the right course. And I believe Herman Cain will support American’s more than Agenda 21 and that makes him the ideal guy in my book to take America to the next plateau of greatness which it deserves after a waltz with the demons of discontent. (CLICK HERE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT AGENDA 21 IS)

Clearly we are two America’s and a confrontation is inevitable. Hopefully, that confrontation will stay at the ballot box. That’s why I will be voting for Herman Cain in 2012.

For the answer to everything, CLICK THIS LINK:


Rich Hoffman

9 thoughts on ““The Tea Party is Racist”: But they like Herman Cain, how can they be both?

  1. His own race calls him a “sell out oreo”. What a pathetic choice of words and a disgrace.
    I have been on the phones all day with voters and his performance in Florida was the turning point for many.
    I too believe he IS the right choice.


  2. I’ve known about Herman for a relatively long time. I used to listen to his radio show. I also listen to Neal Boortz every day on Dayton’s WHIO and Herman is a frequent guest there. In my opinion he’s the real deal. If you haven’t seen him dismantle Bill Clinton back in the day it’s definitely worth the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WP5dYfBBzU Go Herman!


  3. That was great Phil..Thanks!
    Neal is huge in Florida where I have family, and I have listened to him on and off for years.
    On Morgan Freeman…He has ruined one of my all time favorite movies. Shawshank Redemption.
    Never will that movie be the same for me simply for his pin-headed views on what is clearly a patriotic movement in America. Now he’s just another dirtbag hollywood lib with a teeny tiny mind.


    1. I have a problem watching George Clooney movies for the same reason. I can’t help but see a fool when one of his characters is speaking. Kind of distracting. That’s why these actors should just stick to the script on a movie set and not the script of a political party. In both cases they are simply hired mouths purchased to fill the skin of a character.


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