The “Education Bubble”: The enemy gathers outside of it

For those who believe that all is right in the world, the video below is something you should see. I recently had a debate on 700 WLW with Julie Shaffer over school levies and how much she believes people outside the “education bubble” make as a wage, which far off the true mark and goes far to explain why educators are out-of-touch in asking the public to increase taxes to maintain their lifestyles even when the CPI index says those same teachers are extremely overpaid. It is that same “education bubble” of academia where they view the world with rose-colored lenses darkened even more with tenure that they cannot, or will not see that in their typically leftist viewpoint of global unity and focus on “world peace” that our enemies stir. (CLICK THIS HOTLINK TO HEAR MY DEBATE WITH JULIE)

While the teachers inside this bubble teach our youth pacifism, our youth are becoming less inclined to identify evil for what it is. In fact, many of our adults have the same difficulty, as we have all been educated in the same places. It is not the fault of public education so much as it is the fault of those within the “education bubble” to allow themselves to be seduced by the messages of peace that were created by socialist sympathizers early in American history, and should be viewed no differently than when the farmer takes his flock of cattle to the slaughter-house, petting his animals as he leads them to their deaths. The farmer will drive away from the slaughter-house with money in his pocket, but his cows will leave in pieces, their necks slit and drained of the life. Those in the “education bubble” are like the farmer. They don’t intend harm to their flocks, but they do crave that safety from within academia where they chose to reside, and will at great effort labor to stay there and turn their eyes away from what goes on outside that bubble, even if it means selling away their cattle for money.

I would place the blame on why Americans do not seem able to identify this Middle-Eastern threat on the shoulders of academia, because in their methods of self-preservation, they have allowed the arrogance of an enemy to grow to dangerous proportions. They have lulled society to sleep with empty promises and a pursuit of material wealth accompanied by a healthy dose of altruism, all designed to dissect sectors of modern society from their strongholds of belief.

The academic will scoff at my utterances and those of Glenn Beck because they don’t want to believe in those threats. They do not want to consider that the foundations of their beliefs are but blinders to a menace so magnificent that it threatens to erase any progress mankind has made and cast it back to tents in a desert valley, erasing from the minds of all any trace of skyscrapers, Wall Street trading, or even automobiles. For the rage that dwells within the predators of man care for nothing of invention, peace, love, charity, or reaching for the stars. Their hungry eyes are on the fresh meat within that education bubble which they would consume without reverence or mercy.

And they plot like sinister manipulators, walking among us like the wolf in sheep’s clothing, climbing under the fence to get behind that bubble to eat. Meanwhile the academic looks at the predator and says, “look there at the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed and offer them your hand, your help, your charity! I say to you my young students to beckon your wealth in their direction, to assist them for they are our brothers and sisters of this world, and deem our respect and understanding.” In this way the teacher leads the students straight into the mouth of the predator to be consumed uneventfully.

The media personality is another type of academic within the “education bubble” who looks everywhere but at the predator in hopes to maintain their fantasy of peace. As they prepare their news stories to met the most recent deadline, and news of a predator in their midst proves unmistakable they utter to themselves, “If only I could take such violent minds to the streets of France to dine within sight of the Eiffel Tower and later that night make love on a veranda overlooking the city at night, then these predators would not want to cut the head off the innocent. If only I could save them from themselves then I would be a type of hero who offered myself to save their lives.” Shortly thereafter, the disillusioned media personality will bury their faces into their hands when they realize too late that it was they who left the gate open to the predators to slaughter their friends behind the “education bubble.”

The enemy is now everywhere and our eyes are no longer trained to see them, because the “education bubble” has failed us. They are in our government, they wear suits, and look like everyone else, and they study everything we do. The enemy is so diverse these days that the enemy doesn’t even know it’s the enemy. They believe they are social servants. Thus, the training provided from within the “education bubble.”

As teachers and other public servants chant at the statehouses all over the nation to protect their “collective bargaining” rights, and their view of the world that was built within the “education bubble” they do not see that the fight they are engaged in is one of manipulation. They were taught to provide a military type distraction in two ways, first to bankrupt our financial structure and deplete our manufacturing base; second they are to draw attention away from the real predators as they maneuver into position to attack. Within the “education bubble” we are taught to think in terms of quarters and semesters. The enemy is taught to think in decades and generations.

So as the teachers and sympathizers of the “education bubble” continue to beat a drum of distraction to preserve their right to shop at Nordstrom’s, an enemy gathers outside of their vision. And as people like me point and say, “there is your end,” they gallantly shrug off the warning.

“Oh, that Mr. Hoffman just hates teachers and so anti-education. You can’t believe anything he says, because he chooses not to join us in the “education bubble.”

And they wonder why I wish to pop that bubble so that they can finally see………………………………

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