Quandary of Collectivism: But you need my job to make you safe!

Below is a message I received from a teacher who is attempting to play a little game that is now all too familiar. In the debate I had recently with the Pro Lakota Levy group, you could hear the same type of fear based placement of a core argument, resembling the message below.(CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THAT DEBATE)


Mr. Hoffman,

I’m voting NO on issue 2. Issue 2 is unfair, unsafe and hurts us all. It takes away the voice of workers in the workplace and they will be unable to negotiate on important issues such as working conditions. Issue 2 will cost the state of Ohio a POWERFUL PRICE. When the good teachers leave for states where they are given a voice in the workplace, who will replace them? Teachers who are less able who can’t get jobs anywhere else.


What is easy to see in this small exchange is a kind of lobby attempt that can be seen in its exact duplication of tone on a larger scale over national issues. That is, those who work in government have strived to make themselves appear much more valuable than they truly are in a natural attempt at self-preservation. The tendency of that lobby is to attack the presumption that the world would be better off without the government workers creating needless bureaucracy, and they use examples like the teacher above citing that somehow all the good teachers will leave the state of Ohio if Issue 2 survives, or as in the below example, the world would be like Somalia if libertarians had their way. The government lobby message is the same everywhere……………….”You need my job to make you safe.”

It is in that keyword “safety” that the panicky young mother tunes her ear to the television. “I want my baby to be safe, so I should listen to them,” she says to herself. Or the grown man whose father ran off with another woman when he was a child, leaving he and his mom to fend for themselves, he thinks, “My mom needed the help of government. I’m glad government was there for her.” Or the old man facing his own terminal life who votes or the latest fire levy.  “It could be me they call to save my life.”  A thousand perplexed souls contemplate the same quandaries daily and it is these government types who capitalize on those primal fears to propel the security of their livelihoods in an unrealistic attainment of financial gain. But each time those government lobbyist open their mouth, the rhetoric is the same. The words are changed to fit the circumstances, but the intent is always to plant doubt in the minds of the tax payers that every government job created is needed. So when it is asked why does government seem to always expand, why is it so corrupt? Why is government so imposing? The source of the problem is in the desire of government to provide a job. In this way it grows like a virus unchecked by an immune system and destroys everything in its path in order to maintain the Static Patterns established by society in its pursuit of eternal safety.

The example of Somalia is a preposterous one. It is obvious that the creators of that little (anti-libertarian) film does not understand the greater aspects of social relationships. The real trouble in Somalia is due exclusively to their tendency toward collectivism as can be seen in this short documentary. It was on the back of collectivism that socialism was brought to that country, then when that fell, as it always does it paved the way for the clan Civil War that is currently taking place. Somalia is the direct result of government meddling at many levels, not the other way around, as the video obviously produced by some New Age Leftists, only able to see a small part of the overall picture interpreted.

The trouble with these documentaries is that they are often older than the minds of the modern socialist, whom was educated by a teacher similar to the one who wrote the opening statement of this article. Taken independently, I’m sure that teacher is a wonderful person. I’m sure there is a child who calls them a parent. I’m sure they are someone’s sibling, and is someone else’s child. I’m sure they shop at the same stores as the rest of us and it is their money that helps move wealth through our economic system, and that has intrinsic value. But the destruction comes from a belief in collectivism, a hope that government, and its expansion will bring justice and prosperity to everyone if only they worked for a big collective entity.

Collectivism is a naive concept conjured up over puffs of marijuana smoke in the college dormitories of America and it is in that naivety that people like Barry Obama formulated his belief system that teachers and public education are the salvation of the world, that would break down the barriers to everyone and reach into the villages of faraway places like Somalia and help the starving. Collectivists like Obama and the billionaire George Soros believe they can correct the part of themselves which they deem broken to be redeemed in social salvation. They are no different than Said Barre, the Somalia dictator. Even with all the evils of Barre, there are plenty of people who believe he’s a hero. Collectivists are ultimately the most selfish group on planet Earth, because they are typically flawed people who seek to redeem their own personal imperfections through philanthropy, and social reform, as if they can out-pace their internal demons with acts of charity.  (SEE MY ARTICLE ON JIM JONES)

It is collectivism that is the villain, and rhetoric is the mask that attempts to elude notice as it sneaks into American culture. The teacher who wrote me the letter was using rhetoric to mask the truth, that they can be replaced rather easily and they hope to scare me into believing otherwise, and the producers of the “Libertarian Paradise” film hope that the masses have just as shallow of historical knowledge as they do. And Barry Obama hopes that people will forget what he truly intended for America, a breakdown of the walls we had to the world, so that the world can share in our prosperity. After all, Obama has roots that come from a region of the world that thinks much like Somalia. Kenya is right next door. They all have in common the terrible disease of collectivism, which limits their minds and thinking to barriers in reduced social understanding. And that is why they fail time and time again.

I have been involved in the employment of people for quite some time, and I can personally verify that much of what people will tell you are laced with self-interest. Even in the most collective society, self-interest is the key ingredient. If a person believes they will be better off individually through collectivism, then they will seek to obtain in mass the fruits of that plunder, thus the labor movement. When the teacher says they must stand against Issue 2 to collectively bargain they are saying they want to dominate the process through collectivism so that they can en mass achieve the same results as the clans are performing in Somalia, individual gains reaped from brute force. And when those methods are questioned by the public, they already have the infrastructure in place to bring hardship to their employers in the form of a strike. Its military maneuvers at this point, not negotiation over tax money for the paying of government employees. And the mask is always one that says, “You need me. Only I can perform this task, so you must give me overtime to do it. Only I can do this job so you must put up with me and not hire a replacement.” Sometimes, you believe them, sometimes you don’t, but I have learned over time that after terminating dozens and dozens of employees and losing employees to disputes when you call their bluff, I have always been able to recover the achievement you hired the labor for in the first place, and the doomed promises predicted by the radical rhetoric never comes true. Because the rhetoric is only a mask and behind it is a soul with no real teeth who hopes that the public doesn’t catch on to their scam and pull the plug. Because in the world of collectivism, that world is financed by the tax dollar, and if tax payers stopped giving collectivists so much money, suddenly they are in real trouble. If government stops expanding, they suddenly lose the security blanket they built their collective lives around. So they will lie, cheat, mislead and conjure up any string of facts to justify their existence.

But that existence is coming under fire more and more, as the truth is seeping out from behind the collectivist’s masks of deception. And there is real fear in their eyes of what will become of them if those of us who produce decide to turn off the facet to their livelihoods. We are learning that the teacher asks for too much and does too little. We are learning that the government bureaucrat spends much time and money creating laws that get in our way of doing what we want, and it’s not worth it. And we are learning that community organizers who were forged in the radical sewers of human thought will have appeal to the weak and down-trodden who are willing to turn to collectivism for salvation they couldn’t achieve squarely on their own merit, and elect such a fool as President of a global village tribe, without considering that the tribe will break into an ideological civil war because society cannot be run by the weak collectives and their central planning.

The threats by these collectivists are utterances that aren’t worth the wind which carries the sound wave of discontent. Anyone who believes as collectivists do can be replaced by a superior mind quickly and efficiently, because it is the superior mind who avoids such occupations in order to avoid the fools who are currently employed there. The superior mind doesn’t waste their time on the quandary of collectivism. The apocalypse predicted by those employed by government as that body of collectivism is reduced by the tax dollar are unfounded, completely, the world will still turn tomorrow, kids will still be taught by a teacher, there will still be police and firefighters and many others. The term phrased, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” has been true. But my solution to the squeaky wheel is not to just put more grease on it; it is to replace the wheel all together with one that doesn’t make any noise, and might even work better. It is in such thinking that permanent fixes reside.

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Rich Hoffman

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