The Harsh Reality of the World Economy: Learn about money and why you may be a looter

The greatest peril of an oncoming tragedy is in attempting to convince the people who do not yet see it that catastrophe is about to occur. When watching a football game, it is the really good coach who does not panic, makes adjustments at halftime then comes back out to attempt to win the game after he has educated his team to a new strategy. The bad coaches fail to identify the problem and leave fate to hope that the situation of their team will improve on its own.

Those of us who can see problems way out ahead of most everyone else have been sending out the alarms that America is falling behind for a long time now. Darryl Parks of 700 WLW is one of those “visionaries” and frequently has elements of his programs that are incredibly revealing. We have been attempting to make those halftime adjustments and tell those around us who don’t see so clearly that peril is in front of them. We try to say that if American society does not make adjustments suddenly, there is a very good chance we are going to lose big in the economic game of the world marketplace.

To understand just how severe the world marketplace is, by way of population and the amount of jobs available to those people, listen carefully to this broadcast with Darryl Parks. The facts are broadcast for all to hear, and upon hearing them, you’ll understand more clearly what I’m going to say next. (CLICK THE VIDEO TO HEAR)

20 years ago when I made the decision to stick with manufacturing, many people chastised my decision. They simply didn’t understand, and I’d try and reason with them, that the world does not need more lawyers, it does not need more teachers, technology is making them less important to the education process, and we do not need more doctors, nurses, X-Ray technicians, insurance salesman, politicians, and the like. None of those jobs produce anything. They are simply a service oriented occupation that falls in the same category as a grill cook at McDonalds, “service.” What is needed is manufacturing jobs, things that America actually makes, loads on a truck and is delivered to some paying customer.

Even as a child I would scratch my head at the labor strikes and protests I’d see at places like Armco in Middletown, now known as AK Steel. I saw labor disputes at the Norwood car plant where they built Camero’s and I’d wonder what those people were thinking. But back then manufacturing jobs were abundant and the parents of the next generation who didn’t want their kids to “work for greedy management” (indirect rhetoric created in the union halls of America) wanted better for their kids. So they sent their children to college to become teachers, lawyers, and doctors and now there isn’t anybody to build anything. The Norwood plant is gone now, just like most of the American Steel Industry. And the tax base cannot afford the public employment of the extremely high expectations promised to those public sector people because there isn’t any manufacturing anymore to support government looting with a progressive tax system. America has become like I warned 20 years ago, a service industry and not a manufacturing giant, and it is the labor unions that played a huge role in killing American manufacturing.

In regard to the protests over Issue 2 and the other collective bargaining reforms taking place all over the country, I would think many of those people should be grateful every day that they have a job to go to. In fact, the reason we are creating Issue 2 is so we can keep all those people employed. But greed is ruling their minds. They are not job creators. They are employees in a service industry, who maintain what we currently have.

The trouble with trying to convince those who are causing us to lose this game that they are guilty of the act is in their lack of understanding the true value of money. To the public worker, the protester, the teacher who expects to live like a member of some royalty because they are a member of academia I leave for them an article I wrote some time ago, a piece about the value of money, so that they can see where they are wrong, and make those adjustments so they can get back on our team and help us win this game. But until those public workers get a grip on that basic concept, my words have as much meaning to them as if I were trying to explain quantum mechanics to my dog. So please take this moment to educate yourselves. They owe that to the rest of us who have seen this problem for a long time, but have had to put up with the arrogance of their poor understanding.

If they can’t understand that, then there is no way they can help the rest of us win this game.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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