Issue 2 Debate in Ohio: “The Spoiled Class”

The Labor Movement the more I look into it is a sinister aspect of American culture. Their recent promotion of the protests all over America is clearly nudged by the same advocates who look to the rich in order to fill their basket with tax money so that they can loot from it in a mantra they have embraced for years. Now they are using the innocence of our youth to add fuel to the fire of discontent that often rages in a young mind. I will cover this aspect in great detail in another post, since the origins of these protest run deep, but all can be said to be advocated by a new class of American. This new class is not the “upper class.” It is not the “lower class.” It is not the “middle class.” This new class is called the “Spoiled Class,” and I have seen and heard them first hand in my own community.

I was impatient at the Issue 2 debate which took place on October 3, 2011. As my wife and I arrived at the Lakota East Freshman Building at 7 PM to see Bill Coley take on Steven Lazarus representing the local firefighters in a debate over Issue 2, the collective bargaining reform law. I was impatient because my Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football and anyone who knows me understands how much I love the Bucs! So I had thought about skipping this debate so I wouldn’t miss the game. However, I also like Doc Thompson and the Liberty Twp Tea Party and both were involved in putting on this debate, so I reluctantly recorded my game to attend this event.

As we walked across the parking lot I saw that several firefighters had arrived all wearing matching t-shirts declaring that they wanted to repeal Issue 2. In the flat bed of a large F250 pick-up truck was a sign, VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2! I noted that most of the usual Tea Party crowd did not seem to be present and were replaced with these protesting public workers. This in itself was not surprising. I expected this to be the case, since this was a meeting created for the benefit of public knowledge.

Inside I noted that the public unions filled the seats in the center of the large auditorium, and the people I knew to be the regular Tea Party members of the community took to the outskirts to observe the strange behavior of the collective union body. Doc Thompson was the MC and instructed Senator Coley and Counsel Lazarus the rules of engagement for the debate. There were microphones at each end of the room where members of the community could come up and ask a question. Doc would take questions from each side of the room switching back and forth till around 8:30 an hour and a half later. I had a list of questions to ask in case people were shy to get started, but my focus was to film the event, and get home to my game, while not lingering too long. That video can be seen here. Of course it’s long; my battery power was running out at the end, so I had to be diligent in my power use. I would have brought my AC supply, but in my mind I didn’t want the event to go on longer than an hour and a half, because my game started at 8:30!!!!!

I was ready with my list to step away from the camera and ask my questions to get the evening started, which wasn’t necessary because a steadily line began to form. Listed below are my questions and I fully expected part of them to be brought up during the event.

Issue 2 questions

1. Why is it necessary to support an extreme labor union position in order to declare support for our Firefighters?

2. Why are the firefighters allowing themselves to be out in front of the larger problem involving the much needed reforms with teachers? It would appear that the teacher unions are using the good name of the firefighters to disguise the targets of the needed reforms brought forth by Issue 2?

3. Why would teachers protest the provision in Issue 2 that prevents striking? Firefighters can’t strike, neither can police, so why should teachers be allowed to strike if their positions are so important to our communities? Without Issue 2, they’ll still be able to walk off the job.

4. One of the provisions in Issue 2 is it makes joining a labor union optional. Wouldn’t we still have firefighters and police and teachers even if the employees didn’t wish to participate in a union?

5. How are overtime costs regulated in the fire and police departments? Is it true that a senior officer nearing their retirements work more hours to boost their retirement amounts, so they can show a higher yearly salary, boosting their retirement amounts?

6. How specifically will Issue 2 take away public employees?

7. How specifically will Issue 2 make conditions unsafe for police and firefighters?

8. (To Lazarus) Do you agree with the level of protests and rhetoric that occurred around Issue 2 when it was Senate Bill 5?

9. Why is it so important to remove binding arbitration?

10. Why is it so unfair to ask public employees to pay a fraction of their health care costs?

11. In what way have public employees made sacrifices when they have an edge of 43.4% in benefits over the private sector that pay their salaries? Wouldn’t a real sacrifice be in equalizing the benefits of the public worker with the private worker?

12. (To Lazarus) According to the recent Monroe City contract with its 33 firefighters the union proposed a 15 percent increase in wages spread evenly over three years — 5 percent in 2011, 5 percent in 2012 and 5 percent in 2013. Why does the union think this is appropriate, because in three more years there will be more increase requests?

13. (To Lazarus) Do you think increases of 3 to 5% a year is acceptable even if the CPI index from the private sector doesn’t provide the same level of compensation.

14. Dealing with 33 firefighters like the situation in Monroe and their requests for good wages for their public service takes on an entirely new meaning when it comes to school teachers where the district must employee up to 1500 employees, such as the case at Lakota. The cost of the teachers on the community is much greater for the teachers because of the number of employees. Without Issue 2, what type of management control would the public employee attorney suggest?

15. How can we continue without Issue 2, because collective bargaining has only worked well for the public worker, leaving the community facing higher and higher taxes? It would seem that collective bargaining has been good for public employees, but not the people on the other side of the table. How is that fair?

However…………I didn’t get a chance to ask a single question, partially because I couldn’t step away from the camera as long as would be required as the union members were not shy about asking questions. Of course I knew the answer to all those questions, but I wanted to ask them to allow the two personalities speaking to answer them for the public benefit. You can see most of those answers in my articles on Issue 2 listed here: CLICK THIS HOT LINK TO READ.

I came to this event with the intention to have an open mind toward the union position. What I witnessed from my unique position as a spectator behind the lens of a camera was a group of people whom I believe are nice people. I think if they were my direct neighbor I might lend them a bucket or a water hose if they needed it. But collectively, what I saw of these people was a deeply selfish group, completely consumed with self-interest. They seemed immature in a juvenile sort of way and it was obvious that what they were doing at this Liberty Twp Tea Party event was to use mass to intimidate the opposition, a mode of operation that they have done for years.

Now I’ve been to these events many times, and I know who speaks and who doesn’t, and during the course of the evening, most everyone sat in their seats and gapped at these public employees as though they were watching animals in a zoo. The behavior of the public employees seemed foreign and un-American. I encourage you dear reader to watch the entire video, because you will see for yourselves how the public unions booed and hissed at the things that Senator Coley was saying. It was a radical behavior that seemed completely out-of-place in a forum of adult discussion.

I feel badly now, for with all that I have said and written about how destructive the public worker has become not only to the national economy, but to themselves. I feel badly because even though many view my comments as harsh and overly critical, I realize now after that episode of the Issue 2 Debate that my comments have not been harsh enough. It is evident to me that the public unions do not represent the middle-class in any way shape or form. They are a new class onto themselves. The name of that class is the “Spoiled Class.” They are citizens of our community who have become so numb to anything beneficial that they no longer appreciate what it took to give them anything at all. They seem to be no different from the spoiled child of the very wealthy who will scream at the top of their lungs, “I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND IN CALIFORNIA. I WANT TO GO TO DISNEYWORLD IN FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The entire evening of the debate, even though I thought Senator Coley did very well, was about health care premiums, and the wages of the politicians themselves. The public unions seem to have absolutely no concept as to where the money comes from, because as Lazarus stated, “The public worker pays taxes too.” Those taxes come easier when the wage and benefit differential makes paying the taxes easier. For the public worker paying taxes is like passing the hat in revenue they all share. For the private worker we contribute to the hat, but get nothing back but cry-baby employees who never seem to be happy and are corrupted with union radicalism.

I thought Lazarus did well also. He is a very good attorney and it has been an army of people just like him arguing on behalf of public unions for years who have driven up our taxes. Lazarus showed exactly why we need Issue 2. People like Lazarus have made good livings off representing the public worker, and taking advantage of politician who weren’t as cleaver as him, and easy to take advantage of. Coley tried to explain the process, but the public workers didn’t want to hear it. All they wanted to hear was that their health care costs wouldn’t go up, and that the politicians were going to take a pay cut. Speaking to them was like speaking to a child who hasn’t yet learned to read and understand information on their own.

The “Spoiled Class” cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be appeased. They do not wish to negotiate unless it is in their favor. They are selfish, short-sighted, corrupt, and are in need of a basic education to even have a foundation discussion with. They are the epitome of a virus in the human body threatening eternal sickness, even death if allowed to continue. The “Spoiled Class” is a self-destructive group of parasites who negate any potential they bring to society in their public work with 10 negatives for every positive.

They like the spoiled child are not even capable of seeing anything beyond their own concerns. The “Spoiled Class” collective disposition is only out for what they can achieve in mass and even that has a selfish prerequisite.

And that was what stunned my Tea Party friends on this evening. They were thinking just as I was, that yes, these public workers are every bit as bad as we feared they were. They are an uncaring lot who live in a totally different reality than the rest of us.

Issue 2 is about 10 years too late. I think Issue 2 isn’t nearly strong enough and is too late to save our society from the termites of our culture that is the public worker. Even the attorney Lazarus instructed us that the reason for collective bargaining to come about in the first place was to protect the citizens from striking police officers. That is the same as saying that we must take the form of extortion that is collective bargaining over another form of extortion called walking off the job. This tells me that the employees who would consider either option is a radical that isn’t worth the tax money I must produce to employee them. For such people are not worth my hard work. They are not worth one bead of sweat on my brow. They deserve no effort what-so-ever of my labor for their sustenance; for they provide me with virtually nothing in exchange for the great deal that I give them with my taxes.

I feel toward this “Spoiled Class” just as I would the spoiled child who would complain about my choice in vacation spots for their entertainment. Their ungrateful demeanor prompts me to get back in the car and take them back home, for the effort of their enjoyment brings me only headaches.

It is our fault for allowing this “Spoiled Class” to rule as they have. We have allowed them to ruin our lives in toil toward their aims, to shut their screaming mouths for fear that they might embarrass us. We created the “Spoiled Class” and I would suggest that we dismantle it for their own good. Because the mental condition of the “Spoiled Class” is that of a psychological weakling. They are dependents who only have strength in collective numbers which is an insect-like trait, and this should not be allowed to be a mode of operation for any member of the human race.

Issue 2 needs to be passed and passed quickly. The longer this behavior goes on, the closer the human race de-evolves back into a primitive rubbing sticks together for fire, or catching food with a rock, because the path of the public workers will take us in the direction of a primitive where they cheer like hunters who have just slaughtered a woolly mammoth to the demise of everything the human mind cherished as good once upon a time of skyscrapers and industry.

As to fairness in labor negotiations all one must do is look at the 43.4% edge the public workers have over their employers, the tax payers, to see who has benefited from collective bargaining without Issue 2. (IT ISN’T THE PRIVATE SECTOR)

For the answer to everything, CLICK THIS LINK:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

17 thoughts on “Issue 2 Debate in Ohio: “The Spoiled Class”

  1. I agree 100% Rich. When Bill Cunningham interviewed Bill Seitz earlier this year I posted a comment on this blog about how ludicrous Cunningham’s statement was that if Kasich had only gone to the unions up front he would have gotten 70 or 80 percent of what he wanted. I’ve dealt with unions long enough to know that they would have laughed at any suggestions of contributing more to their health care or pensions, or going to a merit-based pay system. You are right on about the “spoiled class”. The behavior we are witnessing on Wall Street by the young “protestors” is a result of children having been raised by these types of people.


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