Issue 2 in Ohio Could Save Your Community: Where did the jobs go?????????

Brian Thomas of 55 KRC had a fabulous segment on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 covering Issue 2 in Ohio which is the collective bargaining reform law. As I heard this broadcast I couldn’t help but think of a debate I attended just a few days prior where the firefighter union had shown up to complain about the law. My feelings about that debate and most of what Brian speaks about in this broadcast can be seen by clicking on this hotlink. To listen to Brian Thomas talking about Issue 2, click the video below.

Anyone who reads me regularly knows that I have now designated those who work for public sector unions as being members of the “spoiled class.” The spoiled class believes that they are entitled to certain wages and benefits no matter what the cost to those who provide the money to fuel those benefits. They know of no end to that money supply and believe that they should be the first to get it upon their necessity. (As you heard Jeff Birding state, the firefighter suggested raising taxes to balance their budget.) This is an insidious concept and I blame the rhetoric of the labor unions for it. The unions have spent many year programming their members with a political agenda rooted in far left progressivism, to a point that even people who think they are conservatives, find that they are tools of this progressive agenda.

I didn’t know how bad it was till the Issue 2 debate that I mentioned where a member of the Middletown City Council pleaded to Senator Coley that jobs needed to be brought to Ohio, as if Coley could somehow reach into a magic bag and produce them from thin air. This man truly believed that such a statement was possible, and as I heard him speak I felt profound pity for the man. He seemed like a nice guy, certainly well-intentioned, but he did not understand where all the jobs in his city had gone.

High tax rates drive away business, and this nonsense of attacking Wall Street that is all the rage of the spoiled class these days, to solve many of the problems of the public unions and their demands of inflated wages is baffling. It’s like trying to cut the heart out of your body to lose weight, it makes about as much sense. The union advocates remind me of the typical suburban housewife who buy hamburger meat at the grocery store, and has become completely disconnected with the idea that once that meat they are buying was a living breathing thing, that was killed for her consumption. They have lost touch with the nature of their food because when they get it, it comes all wrapped up in a nice package. The same has occurred with the modern union worker. They know or care nothing where their wages come from. They only care that they get those wages. The unions are disconnected with the origin of money.

To understand this situation clearly and how close the alliance between big government and organized labor has become, one only has to examine the situation with Boeing, a large aerospace employer known best for their large manufacturing facilities in Washington, Oregon, and Kansas. Boeing is a private company, not a public one, but even here, the government has stuck its nose into the situation of regulating the way Boeing does business in favor of organized labor. Boeing has suffered some difficult work stoppages over the last decade with one of the most costly being a 58-day strike in 2008. So when Boeing needed to build a new plant for their new 787 craft, they elected to build it in South Carolina, a “right-to-work” state, which means the union would not be have an unfair negotiating advantage over Boeing to halt customer commitments of the 787 craft. Boeing knew that if they attempted to build the 787 in one of their existing manufacturing plants with a new building, they would suffer the same labor fates as they had in the past from devastating strikes, particularly District 751 Machinists Union.

Taking it upon themselves The National Labor Relations Board filed a law suit against Boeing for the move, District 751 spokesman Connie Kelliher that Boeing’s move “proves what we’ve suspected all along – that Boeing moved to Charleston to punish its members for exercising their union’s rights.” The Federal government on behalf of this union is suing one of the largest employers in the United States for wanting to build a manufacturing plant in a right-to-work state, and all parties involved, except for Boeing think this is acceptable!

I don’t blame Boeing at all for not wanting to put up with a radical work force, and I find it appalling that the government is stepping in where it has no business, but the same thing happens in our communities each time a teachers union decides to strike, a federal mediator comes in to negotiate, and what happens is our elected officials quickly get out-witted by the outside pressure and the unions win with public money we must then supply as tax payers. The situation is that ridiculous. And yes the spoiled class is that out-of-touch.

This is a serious problem as America must compete on a world stage where our competition will work for cents on a day, and they’ll work 10 to 15 hours because they are happy to have a job. Employees in India, China, and Indonesia and very industrious, and will stop at nothing when given a task, and they are typically happy to have a job, because many of the people they know don’t have one. (TO UNDERSTAND HOW BAD THE SITUATION IS CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE NUMBERS FOR YOURSELF.) I don’t blame large companies who move to these countries to avoid the pain-in-the neck of American Labor employed by the spoiled class. (THESE PEOPLE BELIEVE THE JOB EXISTS FOR THEIR BENEFIT!!) The companies would like to stay in America, but who wants to put up with radicals? Everyone wants to make money. Everyone wants to produce. But nobody wants to deal with economic terrorists, and that is what the spoiled class uses to get their way.

The spoiled class is an unfortunate burden. They have squandered away a lifetime of education to arrive as adults with the need to be educated again because they point at empty buildings and they contemplate, “Where did the jobs go that was in those buildings. Please, bring them back.” Therefore a discussion with them isn’t even possible and negotiating with them is even worse, because for negotiations to take place, the value of something must be determined and understood. And the spoiled class does not understand value, so they are ill-equipped to discuss anything about value, yet they hold equal ability to vote and be represented by tax money. This is a debacle that is epic, and permeates the very foundation of our entire country. This illness of the spoiled class must be dealt with before any advancement of our society can take place. Because when a company as valuable to America as Boeing cannot even build a manufacturing plant in a state without union labor, any discussion about education reform, medical advancement, or any public service cannot be explored. And this is something which should be of great concern to everyone.

In the end it will be the unions who look at the empty buildings and wonder why there isn’t any money and struggle to get their minds around the fact that those buildings are empty because they drove away the occupants, and all that will shine upon those monuments to industry is a setting-sun shining once more a faint flicker of light before dropping below the horizon leaving American and its unions in darkness, hungry, confused, and disillusioned fighting over the scraps that are left.

Thank the “Spoiled Class” for those empty buildings, and the job that was once there, but has fled our shores in search for freedom and the right to thrive and grow.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior