The Typical School Levy Advocate: A fat woman in a dress….(A METAPHOR)

If your wife asks you, “Honey, does this dress make me look fat?” Then you, the husband answer as you can see the skin dimples pushing through the fine surface of the dress as it hugs her hips, “No, no, you look beautiful.” The husband has committed a sin. You told her she was beautiful when you know in your mind that the correct answer was, “Hell, no, you’re fat. You have let yourself go over the last ten years and I’m embarrassed to be seen in public with you.” The husband answers the way he does out of a duty to his wife that goes beyond truth. He is forced to put on blinders to the truth in order to share a life with this woman, who has gained 40 extra pounds, wants the ability to eat, and eat and eat, but still expects her husband to lust after her for sex. The man, to avoid fighting with his over-weight wife will tell her anything to shut her up and get her off his back, so he tells her, “No, the dress looks great………..dear.”

I see the same kind of behavior coming from these people who support school levies. They have the same level of truth behind their eyes as the man who lies to his wife to avoid a conflict. Case in point, witness the testimony from this woman in Lakota who is supporting the most recent school levy.

Parents who have kids in those delicate years of childhood, who are in their school years, are an insecure lot. They of course want what’s best for their children, and desire every opportunity for them. So they tend to trust the opinions of others over their own knowledge because after all, being a good parent takes experience, and how do you get experience but by raising kids. So during that process, parents tend to believe they can throw money at a “professional” to give them the added security that those professionals will be there to pick-up whatever they miss as parents.

The trend ends up making a voting adult who will believe anything these professionals say in hopes that they can achieve their aim at raising good children. To the parent who believes that by spending money on security, they are more than willing to put on blinders to the actual truth to achieve that security even if it’s false.

The truth is that the “professionals” the teachers, the administrators are actually quite fat and when they ask for a school levy they say, “Look how lean we are? Look how much money we saved? At Lakota, we are operating at less per pupil than other districts, so pay us more money. We are caring for your kids! Give us more money!”

The parents both working jobs and paying a lot of money for a house they bought just so they could send their child to Lakota is no different from the husband who is just trying to keep the peace with his wife. “Yes, you look good to me. How much do you need to do your job better?”

The obese professionals caring for our children then take that money given by the enabler and buy more junk food so they can become even more obese. And when the food runs out, they will come back and say, “I need more! I am a ‘big boned’ entity and I need to maintain this large body. I’m hungry. We need a new levy.” The enabler, the typical tax advocate will then say as the woman in the video said, “We need to pass this levy so we can have good schools, so we can maintain our excellence.” But the eyes don’t lie. The public can witness the dishonesty which resides there seemingly hidden. They can see what the enabler is really thinking. “Wouldn’t it be better if the school system wasn’t so obese? Wouldn’t the school be better if it was much thinner?” The enabler is just as guilty as the husband who tells his wife, “Yes honey, you look good. You’re not fat at all.” The husband knows that if he doesn’t tell his wife something to that effect then sex will come with difficulty, and it will be a pain-in-the ass to pass his wife in the bathroom or in the hallways of his home. And thus the levy advocates are in the same boat. They must pass these inflated professionals in the halls of the school their children attend and communicate with others in social events, so they put on the blinders so that they can endure the experience with some resemblance of sanity.

If I knew the husband and he introduced me to his wife at a dinner party and the wife wanting praise from me upon introductions would say in a flirtatious social banter, “Do you think this dress makes me look fat?” The husband knowing my reaction would cup his hand over his face and brace himself for the anger his wife would soon feel. “Please Rich Hoffman, do not say what I know you are about to say. Please for the sake of my life, don’t piss her off.”

I would look at the woman with her body attempting to bust out of her dress and ask, “Do you really want to know?”

The woman expecting praise as she fans her hands down her thighs to straighten out her dress doing her best to look sexy, “Of course, darling.”

I would then say, “My dear, your ass is fat and you are a pain to all the eyes of this room for you should have worn a potato sack rather than do that dress injustice by asking it to hide your blob-like body. There isn’t any amount of perfume, make-up, or cosmetic accessories that can hide the fact that you have visited the potato chip bag about 100 times too many!”

The husband would be breathing through his hands knowing that the hours and hours ahead of him would be spent repairing his wife’s fractured psyche. The wife would of course be upset and would storm off in anger. And I’d have to say as she was leaving, “You wanted the truth.”

It is customary in our culture to avoid hurting people’s feelings even if in doing so we might actually help the person. And this is the case of our current education system, where they collectively believe they are more important, more powerful and ultimately influential on a child’s life. The success of a child’s life comes from the static patterns the parent provides for the child. Education is a part of it, but so are the parents themselves and the grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends. The teachers themselves are just a fraction of the potential success of a child.

But the mentality of the parent who believes that education will fill all the voids that they as parents lack are the same as the obese woman who drinks diet soda, and then eats whatever she wants expecting to lose weight. It doesn’t work, and telling those people that they are better or more important than they really are doesn’t do them any good in life by feeding their minds with a false sense of worth, of which they then expect us all to pay with increases in taxes.

It’s not against the law, or even wrong to be overweight. But when one is indeed fat, but expects to be lied to in order to further their own waistline without the guilt of public ridicule, then crimes are committed when society must decide between the harsh reality of the truth, or maintaining the status quo in order to avoid conflict.

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