Occupy Wall Street Movement: Why the moon looks away from the Earth

Nathan Lane of the Occupy Cincinnati Movement was on 700 WLW talking to Darryl Parks about the event he’s organizing for today, September, October 8, 2011. This event in Cincinnati is reflective of events exploding all over the nation after the Occupy Wall Street Movement in New York City. I found the interview extremely fascinating, and I chimed in with Darryl toward the end of this clip.

There are those of us who function outside of the normal static patterns of society, and do so on purpose, because it is clear to us what is behind this “Occupy Movement.” Glenn Beck is one of those people and you will see his videos here explaining this situation, along with the other active parties. Much of the source material for this article comes from Glenn Beck in one way or another, because as progressives have outlets like Russia Today, the RT Network, the Huffington Post and many others, those of us who don’t care for progressivism have Glenn Beck’s work, and Talk Radio and we are late to this game, because for too long, we trusted the system while progressives embedded themselves under our noses. To understand fully, I suggest watching these videos completely, which I’m providing to compliment my text. It is extremely important to have a full understanding of this very complicated situation that is actually a military maneuver without the use of weapons. So take your time and absorb all this information, and be sure to send it to a friend. To understand what the intent behind the military maneuver is, read this article:


As the protests were breaking out on Wall Street, George Soros gave a statement from the UN Headquarters about how he sympathizes with the protestors. Well, of course he does, because it is his money that has helped shape the discontent. At levels which exist outside the static patterns of most American’s George Soros has done much to bring about the conditions for these riots, which is a maneuver designed to topple the American economy for the advancement of United Nations goals. To help Soros with this act, which is not a conspiracy theory, is an activist President, labor unions, and many progressive news outlets, many of which Soros contributes money to directly. The match that started the protests came from Soros hand.

Other activists which helped start this movement is the old name of Francis Fox Piven, just as Glenn Beck had warned for well over 2 years on his Fox TV show. Here you can see that she is quite active with a student group to help ignite another match to blow up yet another protest rally.

Meanwhile, away from the college front is the so-called “middle-class” which I now term, “The Spoiled Class,” who is being led by people like Stephen Lerner of SEIU. I have seen the influence of SEIU in Ohio where they are attempting the same type of radicalism over Issue 2, a law created to remove the influence of people like Lerner from our political process. Here you will see Lerner giving directions on what his audience must do next, and that’s “make the rich uncomfortable.”

Glenn Beck on his radio show talks about this SEIU speech and the “OCCUPY” protests in more detail. Glenn pulls back the covers so his listeners can understand how involved the labor unions have been in these protests. What is going on is these progressive groups are very uncomfortable with the sustainability of the Tea Party, and the popularity of Glenn Beck, and the sudden popularity of an anti-union sentiment in various states like Ohio seeking to rid themselves of such heavy union influence. Stephen Lerner is using his members to radicalize in the way they typically do, in a violent mass to push against the American economic system to get what they want.

To understand what is wrong in America, which none of the progressive groups seem to understand, but people like George Soros is exploiting for his own ends, watch this video. Here Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad explains the mystery that everyone is so confused about. He breaks down our entire society into four groups in a diagram he calls The Quadrant. First are the “E’s,” which are employees then come “S’s,” who are the “Smart Guys,” then the “B’s” which are big business, and then the “I’s” are the investors. I’ve been saying the same as Kiyosakis that our society makes entirely too many “E’s,” and it s the “Employees” who make up these protestors. America was designed to create “B’s,” and “I’s” and an abundance of “S’s.” But the socialist movement brought to the United States by progressives during the years of Teddy Roosevelt seeks to make lots of “E’s” through public education. So when everyone is trained in the same place, they think the same, and can then be used to march like soldiers when commanded.

All this brings us back to the point I’ve been screaming about for 5 years now, and that is that the cost of education seems to be consuming the attention of everyone who has kids, which is most people, to pay for education in order to “get a job.” Notice how most of the discussion coming from Obama and these protest s are all about “creating a job,” yet nobody seems to understand how or why a job would be created. That’s because they are trained into the static pattern of being an “E,” an employee. They cannot think any differently because their public educations have failed them and served their masters, people like Soros.

The strategy from people like George Soros, and he’s not the only one, but is simply the guy who is on the camera most, and provides video for us to observe, is to use progressive groups, like labor unions, to drive up costs, bankrupt the economic system of the United States to the point of collapse, then bring the United States into a weakened position under the global order of the United Nations. That is the plan. (“Call it crazy today, but tomorrow you’ll wish you listened.”)

Soros knows that the greed of mankind will willingly participate in this destruction because they are trained as “employees” and so long as the benefits are great, and they are for the union worker, public union workers in Ohio have a 43.4% edge over the private sector in over-all compensation. The average teacher in my local school district averages 63K per year and has over 2000 employees which require over $120 million a year in tax money to fund for just one school. Yet progressive groups continue to steer the public attention away from this fact to fulfill their own goal of making all that they can without any eye at where that behavior may take them in the future. The “employees” who are school teachers administrators, college professors and the like have bought the labor union lie that their enrichment can continue forever, but it can’t. Watch this next segment Glenn Beck did on tuition hikes for college, which is about to crash in a disastrous way, and when it does, where will the money come from to bail everyone out?

No it is not a coincidence. For anyone who wishes to discredit Glenn Beck refer back to the second video at the beginning of this article. There you will see that the girl speaking has been programmed into a static pattern belief system of an “employee” given to her by public education, from teachers who have been radicalized by their union who out of self-interest has subtly adopted a progressive political platform. Those teachers adopt that progressive platform because it’s in their self-interest to do so, after all, where else could people who are simply employees by their psychological nature make the kind of money they are making. Their loyalty has been purchased. Progressives have been very cleaver to purchase the loyalty of these employees by using our own tax money to perform the feat, so it costs them nothing! They have rigged the system so that we fund our own demise!

George Soros on the quadrant chart is an “I,” an investor. He knows just as Kiyosaki does that most people in society are “Employees” and “Smart People,” and that they all received their training from the same place. So if Soros wants to achieve a lofty goal of removing the United States out of the economic game for which he is attempting to reestablish under the United Nations control, all he needs to do is funnel money through progressive groups and labor unions to get them addicted like drug addicts to social expectations, and when the progressive tax system cannot pay any longer, Soros has an army of “addicted employees” to do the job of take-over for him. This is why these “Occupy Movements” are military maneuvers, even if that military is not one officially recognized by a country, but around a group of sovereign individuals who happen to be billionaires of a philanthropic tendency.

I contemplated this problem late into the night and I walked alone under the light of the moon and visited my friend Thoreau in the book he wrote in 1845 called Walden“and yet we learn to read only as far as Easy Reading, the primers and class-books and when we leave school, the ‘Little Reading,’ and story books, which are for boys and beginners; and our reading, our conversation and thinking, are all on a very low-level, worthy only of pygmies and manikins.” The moon and I conversed for a moment and it spoke to me that it had watched the human race for many millenniums and humans had always acted as thus Thoreau witnessed. This is not a new condition, where mankind learns only what it needs to fit into the “employee” quadrant and expects someone from one of the other three quadrants to care for them. The moon had seen many thousands of tyrants residing in those other quadrants take over the “employees” time, and time, and time again. In fact, the moon told me that the reason the far side of the moon always faces away from the Earth is to hide it’s shame for it is on that side that the moon carries it’s face so it chooses to look away into the vastness of space where possibilities abound, instead of the human being on Earth that chooses time and time again to commit themselves like slaves to tyrants who control them as “employees.”

The cold October moon had no compassion for this most recent human debacle called Occupy Cincinnati, or Occupy Wall Street. To the moon the acts of these simpletons are just new ant colonies rising up beneath it, only to be smashed out of existence upon the convenience of the next world power. Because it is the serfs, the human slaves who would trade their temporary comfort and good incomes for crushing their neighbors with debt beyond reason, imprisoning all the “employees” of the world to a life of tyranny under the flag of philanthropy.

As America smolders in ruin under the crush of its next generation of clueless, helpless employees the value it once held will be gone. At that point, it would be appropriate to send the bill to George Soros, which given his nature, would then proceed to wipe his ass with it. And the moon will have witnessed the next decline of human civilization, an event it has witnessed one too many times, and it’s dark side face will keep its wayward gaze out into the vast emptiness of space, because at least in that direction, everything makes sense.

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Rich Hoffman