The Pawns of Occupy America: Understand the nature of the game they are playing

Study the young man standing in front of his parent’s very nice home, yet is a philosopher of the world who like so many young people is untested and believe that they know it all. They only believe such things because life has not chipped away at their beliefs yet, and they live in a world that tells them they do know it all, and that life begins to end at age 25. So from their perspective, they are at the prime of their existence, and like the honey bee in service to a hive, they are vigorous to serve the “queen,” (MOTHER EARTH) before their time expires into decline. This young man was recently RIF’d from GameStop, and he wants to know where his job is and explains in an interview why he is one of the protestors participating in the “Occupy Movement.”

You can hear more from young people who are participating in this “Occupy Movement” with Doc Thompson and Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW by clicking on this very illuminating broadcast below. Cunningham actually sounded like his old self for a change when he was confounded by the young woman’s sense of belonging to a “greater cause.”

There are three games growing up that I refused to participate in. First was the game of Chess. I used to disregard strategy in favor of straight on combat thinking that strategy was a sign of weakness. I believed that until I read the Art of War and the Book of Five Rings. After those books I played chess on a PC to learn the basics and understand how important it is to think 5 to 10 moves ahead of your opponent. The second game was Poker, because I always associated that game with gambling, which I’m completely against. To win at poker requires a certain level of deceit, the ability to maintain a “Poker Face” which implies a level of dishonesty. To this day I still have not played this game for that reason. The third game is Golf. I have been invited many times to play the game and have rejected them all since golf has a public perception of a “gentleman’s” game which is a stereotype I have sought to avoid. I recently played Wii Golf in our living room and enjoyed the game without the country club culture and socializing with men in checkered pants and a false sense of titan-like world knowledge as big fish in a small pond. For all the reasons I have avoided golf in my life is due to the image of the President playing golf with John Boehner. I always viewed those power games as something similar to “anal lube,” and I don’t swing that way. When I have a meeting with an opponent I don’t allow for the opportunity to be swindled under a false pretense of peace under a flag of neutrality, which is what the game of golf represents to me.

It is within those three games however that the skills for seeing the greater strategy which is at play with these “Occupy Movements.” Those games require an understanding of the skills needed to dominate a culture and demonstrate how powerful people think 5 to 10 moves ahead of time and implement their strategy over decades to win. It requires an understanding of reading “poker faces” to see what is really going on behind your opponent and it demands knowing who is tied to who in alliances formed on the golf courses of the world. This is where Bill Cunningham is stuck with Issue 2 in my opinion; he is in league with too many people in public service to think with a clear head. That is a prime example as to why I avoid golf games, so I can remain free to throw criticism where it deserves to be, regardless of whatever friendships or leagues are formed.

To people who aren’t good at those mentioned skills, they are unable to understand what is going on in the world around them, because their minds are occupied with immediacy. That in itself is a strategy being imposed to create a society of pawns by the chess masters of the political class who seek to keep the world of the Victorians alive globally. For those people I offer two articles to show you who is behind the veil and create the strategy we are seeing at many levels. I also offer this video from my good friend Matt Clark, who has the situation nailed down very well. Do yourself a favor and watch this video and read these articles carefully.

The great despair these protestors are discovering is that they were told they’d be chess masters themselves, but upon entering adulthood they learn they have always only been pawns, and their parents were no better, and disillusion is engulfing them as they turn on their own society in a game that is and will remain beyond their comprehension.

These young people are learning that they have all along been pawns in the great chess game of life. They have been used to prop up education costs. The teachers in public education and college helped perpetuate a progressive philosophy because the money was lucrative and were much higher than those educators would make in the private sector. Money buys loyalty. The children were delivered into the modern age full of progressive ideology from these educators, but without a job because the same forces that played the chess game of education one way, worked through the labor unions in another way to crush American Manufacturing which has driven down the median household income in the United States to under 49K. Compound that with the crushing debt many of these college kids are incurring to maintain the salary structure of the educators and you have a recipe for financial collapse.

Without high median-household incomes, the taxes expected among educators cannot be achieved, because the public simply cannot pay it. So as these children come out of college after being told for their entire lives that the world would be theirs for the taking if they only went to college, and when they graduate find they are being let go from jobs like GameStop because even the video game industry is closing stores, they learn too late that they have been lied to. Now they are deeply in debt with no job in sight that can possibly get them out of that debt, let alone buy a home and start a family. So they are protesting, and saying the same things that the protestors in Wisconsin and Ohio were saying, TAX the RICH!!!!!! Socialism for all!!!!!!!!!

And as the news broadcasts cover the globe showing these events erupting all over American, strategists sitting at large glass tables overlooking vast vistas in Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Rio, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, and Beijing utter under their breaths, “Checkmate.”

Oh, I heard what you just thought dear reader, “Rich Hoffman is subscribing to preposterous conspiracy theories.” For you, I am sorry; I actually pity the limits of your thinking. You cannot look at this problem with a mind barely capable to win at a child’s game of Checkers or even a cross-word puzzle. To even begin to have an intelligent discussion about this topic you must understand the game of Chess at least at a beginner level, and realize that the game is being played against us right now, and that you are not captains of industry in your small little pond upon the golf courses of life, sipping your drink and patting your pals on the back. In the larger game of chess you are simply Knights as local politicians are Bishops, and federal politicians are Rooks. Presidents of countries are Queens and they all protect the King. Your task is to figure out who the King’s are, because in Chess even a Pawn can take out the King. But you have to know you’re role, and must be wiser than the chess masters playing against you. Until you know that, you are not qualified to have a discussion. So educate yourself, watch these videos, and study chess mapping out an entire game before you even begin. Then you will know what to look for and how to defeat it.

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