WE ARE BROKE: Senator Jones speaks about Issue 2 on 55 KRC

Shannon Jones was on recently with Brian Thomas of 55 KRC to speak about the benefits of Issue 2. One of the important parts of the conversation centered on the typical contract of most workers where the previous contract serves as the baseline for the next one, this practice has served to unrealistically drive up costs which in many cases far exceed the CPI index of the average tax payer. Most public workers don’t concern themselves with such measures because they are conditioned by government to act as baby birds and wait for mother government to drop food into their mouths if they chirp incessantly which has become their irritating mode of operation.

Brian and Shannon have a wonderful conversation about this very important bill. Be sure to listen to the entire broadcast especially the callers after the interview.

As I was sitting down for dinner with my wife, there was a knock on the door. The dogs were going nuts as they peered through the windows at a person they did not recognize. So I went out to meet the guy through the garage to avoid trying to talk while holding back the dogs.

“Hi!” the man said enthusiastically. “I wanted to talk to you about Issue 2.”

I smiled as he handed me the literature which was in favor of the repeal attempt. My wife had come out behind me and grabbed her forehead when she heard that a spokesman from the “other side” was in our driveway. “You came to the wrong house” she said.

The man’s smile disappeared as he studied our faces. “Why’s that?”

My wife gently pointed at me, “that’s Rich Hoffman.”

“Crap………..Well, you never know who’s door you’re going to knock on.”

I put my arm around the guy and said, “Dude, it’s alright. We’re definitely on opposite sides of this situation, but we can still get along…..even if you’re wrong.”

The man was holding out the literature for the repeal attempt, which I took. “Thanks,” I said, “I was wondering what you guys were handing out to people.”

The man smiled slightly and shook my hand. “Well, thanks for your time, and have a good day.”

“You too,” I said as the man turned and headed back to his car. I could feel my wife burning a hole in my back with her gaze.“What? I was nice.”

“Suspiciously nice,” she said. “What are you up to?”

I feigned surprise. “Now what makes you think I’m up to something?”

“Because I’ve been married to you for over 20 years.”

I held up the literature from We Are Ohio. “Because it’s nice to have the other side bring you information and place it on your doorstep. It saves me some research time. I’m grateful to the fellow, as time is a precious commodity.”

My wife and I finished our dinner with a hearty laugh at the literature and how terribly misleading it was. The emotional appeals that school levies and labor unions employ to their cause are traditionally pathetic and this literature was no different.

In bullet points the literature read like this:

Issue 2 strips away important Collective Bargaining Rights. This was hilarious since there isn’t anything anywhere which states that collective bargaining is a “right.” It is a privilege that has been abused. Click on this article to see how.


Issue 2 Endangers us All. This is another one that brings about laughter. It’s the old “panic” trick which schools use to trick people into more tax money spent. “You’ll be safer if you pay us more money.” This behavior actually equates to mob type extortion, because the only real danger comes from the public employees themselves, because if they walk off the job, homes could burn down, criminals might roam with impunity, and kids would be in a classroom that has no teacher because they are on strike. The only danger is that if Issue 2, the public employees in a fit might retaliate by laying down on the job. It’s even documented that some public employees have actually burned down the homes of their tax opponents in the past or encouraged violence in other “indirect” ways.


• Issue 2 Hurts our Economy. This comes from people who most probably have difficulty balancing their check book if they didn’t have a 43.4% wage and benefit advantage over the private sector. They are people who have little knowledge of production, but are simply service oriented employees who think they know the miracle of money and production. It is these types of individuals who think that “job creation” is done by government and not the wealthy.


• Issue 2 is an Unfair Political Giveaway. Here comes the classic class warfare ploy. It’s “us (the worker) against them (the management).” In the minds of the radicalized public worker “management” is always against them and they treat negotiations like a football game, where you gain yards against the defense which is management. It doesn’t matter who is on management’s side, they are all villains to the radicalized union member, and this especially true of public workers represented by a union.


We finished our dinner with our stomachs sore from the laughter and again contemplated the public employees who have grown over time to become entitled, to expect everything in their lives to move forward, but to never give anything up. Their idea of giving back to the community is to take wage freezes and giving back personal days, which many in the private sector don’t get and never will. Giving back things you have not yet received is not giving back. But to the public employee, it is! As a group the public employee is desperately out of touch and they have no plan on what to do with the day after the election if they succeed in a repeal attempt. Their plan is to raise taxes to deal with the budget deficits, and that’s why we laughed so hard over our dinner. The idea of just how out-of-touch these people are is something that might be unbelievable on a stand-up comedy act. Yet, with a straight face, they hand out literature and protest with silly signs in the back of pickup truck to “repeal Issue 2, so we can keep everything the same for us, the public employee.” But they have no plan other than taxing the rich. Their argument is one of shallow water in a jagged stream filled with a dye that discolors the water which they applied so that nobody can see just how shallow their water is, and what they hide just under the surface. The answers to most of the reasons we need Issue 2 is articulated in the Brian Thomas, Shannon Jones interview. But also, all the reasons we should vote for Issue 2 also comes from the literature of We Are Ohio. Upon examination it is clear there is no helping these people since their perspective is tinted with extremely high expectations. And only time will heal them while we must help them put their feet upon the ground of reality once again after decades of neglect and pay-offs.
In the meantime all we can do is laugh and vote YES for Issue 2 on November 8, 2011.

For the answer to everything click the link below!


Rich Hoffman

18 thoughts on “WE ARE BROKE: Senator Jones speaks about Issue 2 on 55 KRC

  1. MAN!!!!! I NEVER get any of the other side on anything! Perhaps it’s the various signage stating my constitutional liberties, all the American Flags, the Gadsden (my Fav) or the “God Bless America!” hanger on my door. Shoot…. I mean Darn.
    I would have engaged him in a loooooong conversation so to see if he was just a puppet for the literature or, if he indeed had a passion for the footwork he was embarking upon. You only need to look into a man’s eyes and shake his hand to know if he’s serious about his cause. Well for some of us.
    MAN!!! Lucky You!!! ; )


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