Playing in the Mud on Issue 2: Why is so much TAX needed?

A controversy erupted over a new ad regarding Issue 2. The grandmother of a young girl named Zoey did a repeal ad for Issue 2 asking people to vote No so there will be firefighters available to save future Zoey’s. The pro group who wants a YES VOTE on ISSUE 2 took the contents of the ad and used it in a different cut to explain why keeping Senate Bill 5, by voting YES on ISSUE 2 will also help future Zoey’s. Well, the grandmother didn’t like having her words used out of context. She was giving an interview in the ad which precisely articulated the bullet points of the repeal campaign of the pro union movement, so the Better Ohio marketing people felt that ad was fair game to turn against the repeal attempt.

Doc Thompson did a segment about this controversy and I came on toward the end of it to provide some background about how S.B.5 was born and why all public workers were placed under the umbrella of Issue 2, which Doc felt was causing much of the problems that are starting to emerge. Both sides are getting furious and undermining each other with dirty tricks.

I explained that part of me understood why the people who want to keep ISSUE 2 by voting YES enjoyed punching back at the union rhetoric for a change. After all, the repeal campaign was attempting to exploit the older woman and the catastrophe of her granddaughter. The unions have a long history of distorting facts to play off the emotion of the public in order to negotiate for themselves results to their liking. But I also explained that this wasn’t needed, since the ISSUE 2 YES people of which I represent don’t need to stoop to the level of the unions, since the facts work in our favor. So I thought the ad was unnecessary. You can see the original ad at the link below.

Obviously, the repeal attempt is attempting to manipulate the public, and they haven’t even thought about what will happen if Issue 2 gets repealed. The overwhelming amount of selfishness exhibited by the Repeal People is even bewildering to me. Collective bargaining has never been a “right” yet the government employee culture has come to expect disproportionate benefits from the tax payer and they have shown they will do anything to get them, even if the benefits come at the expense of their co-workers who are under them in seniority. Without Issue 2 there will be no legal way to balance our budgets, and massive layoffs will occur, and we will lose teachers, firefighters and police. So the YES ISSUE 2 people put together the ad you see below which turns the first ad back around on that same group with truth, which caused the controversy.

To make matters even worse the issue is very confusing as it’s worded on the ballot. I spoke to many people who think they are quite intelligent who thought they were supposed to vote NO to implement the collective-bargaining reform, and I spoke to people who thought they were supposed to vote YES to get rid of it. So who knows what will happen on Election Day.

At the core of this problem the union leadership knows that most people don’t care very much about anything to truly understand any situation. People are lazy, let’s face it, and politicians and unions have taken advantage of lazy people for years.

What many people don’t realize is that if their taxes were less, they’d be quite wealthy. Because the taxes come out of their checks without their knowledge, they don’t see how much they actually spend. They of course lose money each week in their pay checks, but they also pay tax every time they buy something. They pay tax on their properties if they own them, and they pay tax when they die. For virtually every movement they make, they are taxed, and they never take the time to contemplate the merit of the taxes. Is the money actually needed, or could the organizations that consume our tax money do more with less? Why should we do with less, so others can have?

A few days ago I spelled out my thoughts on taxes, and you can read them at the link below. I use almost nothing in government service, and would be happy if government stayed out of my life. I don’t want what the bureaucrat creates.

I was at a GameStop the other day buying a new video game and a woman about my age was at the counter talking to the staff member who was trying to explain to the woman who if she used a special promotional offer that GameStop was offering, the woman could save $15 dollars on the game she was buying for her son. To my shock the woman said, “Do I look like I need to save money!” I took note of her large diamond rings, her very nice attire, her manicured hands, her hair, and her ear rings. I had heard her say earlier that she lived in Blue Ash so it was important to her that people saw that she made a lot of money. I have heard the same thing from parents who want me to support the school levies. “Can’t you afford $40 more a month? What’s wrong with you?” It is the same mentality.

I see such a thought process as a disease. Insecure people who use their income as a way to prove their worth to the world have helped create the terrible problem we are currently facing, because it is those people who these union ads target, and traditionally, people like that woman voted YES for everything over many years as far as tax increases. The motive was to prove how much money she made, and people like her have been taken advantage of.

I have asked many people, why does you wife have to work? Why do you work such long hours? Why do you work two jobs? Why do you give up a night on the town with your wife or husband? Most of the time, the answer is, “I can’t afford it.” But these same people feel they must approve another tax levy so they don’t have to admit that money is short. I’ve actually seen people take on extra jobs just to pay their taxes.

But with the economy being what it is, the easy money is gone, so there are far fewer people than that woman these days, and the taxes have finally caught up to all of us. We are all working far too hard to pay taxes that we can see with our own eyes are wasted. The money is consumed like logs on a raging fire and we are continuously asked to make more logs to burn.

The much better ad about Issue 2 can be seen below. To my experience, this is what I see to be the state of our situation regarding public employee finance, and there is a real risk of those services being dilapidated because those at the top of the public pay scale will destroy it for those at the bottom.

In my own life, I have always watched where every dime goes. That’s why paying taxes to me is a painful experience, because I watch where the money is spent and how much comes out, and don’t numb my mind with senseless television shows and pop music to make me forget. I actually enjoy asking the hard questions. I enjoy being awake. And it is frustrating to me to see so many people asleep, willingly asleep. I don’t wish to run on a tread mill like some gerbil on a wheel of taxation, for the amusement of government. I do not wish to put my wife to work in order to pay our taxes; rather I’d have her shop at Victoria Secret at the Kenwood Mall to buy something to greet me at the door with. And that’s our business, not the affairs of anyone in government. I do not consider it a badge of honor to “afford” my taxes because that is the position of a fool. As of now I can do both, but if at some point the looters of government continue to take, and take and take my money and the money of my neighbors and friends, then such an option may not be possible in the future.

And many people are already at that point. My wife and I were dining at Chili’s recently and I studied the people at the bar while we ate. Many of the couples there were watching the baseball playoff games being shown and were drinking large quantities of alcohol. I knew a few of them, and knew that they were putting the bill on their credit cards and that their wives secretly resented their own jobs and wished they had the ability to stay home as my wife does. But those couples came to Chili’s to meet with other friends and keep up appearances because it’s important to them to be able to say they dined out and did some socializing. I’ve told those same men that you are working too hard to pay too much tax that if you paid less tax, you could enjoy coming to Chili’s and have the money to pay for it without worry.

“But I have plenty of money. I’ll pay of the American Express in full when it comes. No problem.”

Meanwhile the large government advocates, progressives, and unions seek to feed off this tendency with misleading ads like the Zoey clip. The entire ad contains virtually no truth, but does appeal to the greed in everyone, the greed in taking too much, and the greed in those who want the world to believe they can afford anything. That leaves the rest of us who actually pay attention to shake our heads. Yes, we want to lash-out when we have the chance, and our side should have taken the high ground and not stooped to that level of the union advocates, because we don’t need to. But, for a moment in time, it felt good to give back to those thieves and tax moochers a bit of their own medicine, even if it was the wrong thing to do. However, as we go forward, I suggest sticking to the facts and not wallowing in the defecation from which such corrosive minds preside. Keep the argument on the high plains of truth instead, because that’s where we are trying to lead people anyway. Getting in the mud with them doesn’t accomplish that.

The way I see it, for every tax increase, the quality of life for all people, except a government worker, goes down just a little bit each time. Because decisions must be made to either make more money to pay the tax, or to give up things you enjoy to pay the tax, and such a decision should not even be considered. And those who expect us to consider it are simply selfish, and are out for their own lifestyle increase and don’t care one bit what it costs us. It has nothing to do with safety, children, or future security, but has everything to do with losses in quality of life. Without a YES VOTE on ISSUE 2 we will have to make the hard decision to see those public services decline, because we won’t have the opportunity to legally keep them and afford them at the same time. Issue 2 gives us the ability to do both, which is what this whole fight comes down to in the end.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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