Indicted West Chester Police Officer made $70,032.20: Yet the apologists think that’s not enough

The West Chester Police did a good thing and that’s act quickly on an internal investigation of one of their own.  The nine-year veteran 37-year-old David Busemeyer was investigated and indicted by a grand jury of three felony charges, obstruction of official business, obstruction of justice and attempted tampering with evidence. Busemeyer is of course innocent until proven guilty, but this entire internal investigation is a reminder that public servants are not perfect. And I don’t expect them to be. What I expect is for West Chester to do exactly as it did, and that is bring about justice even when it involves their own.

However, in light of Issue 2, where the rhetoric has been turned up, and those pandering types use public servants to prop up their own political positions, I keep hearing that public servants do not make very much money, that police start at 35K a year, and that firefighters make 55K per year, and that teachers are not getting rich off their jobs. Well, I’ve shown at this site that teachers at Lakota make an average of $63K per year and are doing very well relative to the rest of the community. The police and firefighters in my community are also doing quite well, which I wasn’t aware of till the last levy was approved. After the approval of that levy I started looking at the numbers which resulted in the below spreadsheet.

Because this officer had been named and indicted by a grand jury, I was curious how much this particular police officer made, because according to Bill Cunningham and many others who are supporters of collective bargaining and union labor, these guys don’t make very much money. So I took a look at the spreadsheet below and sure enough, David Busemeyer is on there. At only 37 years old and nine years on the force he is making $70,032.20 as of 2010 numbers, since I received that information during the winter of 2011.

That’s not bad money. In fact, that’s quite a bit more than the average tax payer, even in West Chester. Have a look at my list.

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The trouble with “collective begging” which is the union term that Cunningham has adopted to refer to the “collective bargaining” reform bill of Issue 2 is that “collective bargaining” is not practical, is expensive, and allows employees who can’t achieve large wage levels under their own merit to make excellent wages under that system. Using West Chester purely as an example since it’s my community it’s not a big deal if David Busemeyer makes $70,032.20 if there was some sort of evaluation procedure that delivered him that type of wage. Maybe he does a lot of high risk work, or maybe he can speak in several languages and act as a translator for illegal immigration busts. But under collective bargaining, EVERYONE makes that kind of money. All a public employee has to do is show up for work, do what they are told within the union rules, and keep their nose clean, somewhat, and they will receive an automatic increase based on their collective bargaining contract. And instead of one employee making great money, you have hundreds making that kind of money and every bit of it must come from the tax payer.

Cunningham’s comments are the same as the typical politician. He’s pandering to the masses, which is no different from when Barry Obama does it, or Jessie Jackson, or Bill Clinton. Cunningham knows that many of his listeners during the day are public servants. Cops have on 700 WLW in their cars as they sit on the side of the road watching for speeders. Teachers have it on in the teacher’s lounge, and firefighters having it on in the firehouses. Cunningham seems to have always cared more for pandering than the actual truth which used to make me mad, but like one of my readers told me the other day, Willie Springer has no credibility. He lost that a long time ago.  It’s important to know that Willie is a brand name to a creation.  He is a lawyer.  He has a restaurant in West Chester where many teachers, PTA members, and coaches of sports teams for Lakota attend, so there is profit in pandering.  That seems to be why he supports a levy in my district even though he doesn’t live there.  He’ll pay the extra tax for his business because the school pandering will fill the seats at his sports bar.  I often assumed that what he said he believed, because I would, but he’s no different from an actor in a movie or on a TV show.  He’s a radio personality who has attached his role as a lawyer to the public sector worker as his listeners, the “voice of the common man” even though he is wearing a Mercedes shirt, which tells much of the story in itself.  It’s a cute gig until he starts taking official positions, where he comes out sounding as foolish as Sean Penn or some other radicle actor.

I hired Willie about 15 years ago to be my spokesman for a line of T-shirts I was producing to help get out a message I had which stated, “TAKE AN AX TO OUR TAX.” We were making the shirts at cost during the 1996 election season to bring high taxes to people’s attention. Rob Portman actually bought one from me, and I took one down to city hall and gave it to Roxanne Quals, the mayor of Cincinnati at the time. Willie was hired to do our commercial which we ran on 700 WLW.

I was set to go on with Bill Cunningham during his 9 PM show on a summer Friday night. As I was headed to the station Cunningham had on a segment where he had strippers on doing a live strip show while Cunningham did play-by-play commentary. My wife told me, “This is the guy you’ve hired to be your spokesman?”

I said, “No, he’s a conservative. Willie is just doing this for ratings.”

My wife said, “And you’re going to go on behind this?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Doesn’t this compromise your message?” My wife said. “You hate Howard Stern because he has no ethics. You hate Jerry Springer because he’ll do anything for money. How is this guy any different? And you’re going to go on his show and let him pretend he’s a conservative. You’re going to acknowledge his existence? You’re going to even give him the time of day?”

I knew she was right, so we turned around and went home. I called his producer and told him that I wasn’t going to go on behind a room full of strippers. So Cunningham kept the girls in the studio till midnight, and they had a grand old-time laughing and carrying on. And from that day on, I knew that Cunningham the personality was not the same as Cunningham the man, which was very disappointing, because I wanted to believe in him.

In the video above, Cunningham has fantasies that his words actually carry weight, and there is a certain percentage of the population out there who would listen to advice from Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, or Bill Cunningham. Those types of personalities try to be everything to everybody, and actually believe in nothing. But then again, most lawyers are that way. They’ll believe whatever you tell them to, so long as the money is green.

However, this business of Issue 2 is serious, and people like Cunningham just muddy up the water with the revelation that he has always been a Democrat, and was only a conservative for the benefit of his show. They take advantage of the ignorance of the masses who are too busy with their lives to look into anything for themselves. Yet the spreadsheet above shows what the union supporters don’t want you to know, and that is “collective bargaining” has allowed too many people to make too much money. Getting pay increases in large groups is a concept that could only work in government. In the private sector it puts companies out of business. In government it causes tax increases.

Apologists attempt to pander to everyone so they hope to divert our attention to the corruption of the federal government and the war in Afghanistan which is terribly expensive, rather than what’s going on in our communities.  All they are doing is trying to divert attention from the immediate problems. I can’t do much about those federal issues, but I can in my backyard. And getting these public employee costs under control is my obligation to my community, not to get side-tracked on some diatribe by a radio/television personality. People like that are no different from politicians who will do anything or say anything for a vote.

In the end, whatever happens to Issue 2, the collective bargaining system will collapse on itself. If the unions get their way, they will be solely responsible for the catastrophe that follows. School levies won’t go away, and neither will police and fire levies they’ll keep asking for money to satisfy their collective bargaining contracts while the rest of us suffer through stagnate wages that have topped out. Issue 2 isn’t about fairness, it’s about survival, and those that are trying to get rid of it are no different from those soccer players who crashed in the Andes mountains portrayed in the movie ALIVE.

They ate their dead…………………and became cannibals.


I wonder what that officer really did to have the investigation actually bring about an indictment.  My question was why did that officer make so much money?  What was the evaluation process?  How many times was his life in danger the previous year?  What does he do from the start of his shift to the end?  The answer is we don’t know, because collective bargaining gives pay increases to all employees equally, so the evaluations done are just customary, since they have very little meaning to actual wages.  And that probably had something to do with why this officer wasn’t detected as a potential problem by his management, until something bad happened.  And that system will continue because people like Bill Cunningham are willing to give people like this a blank check of entitlement, which empowers these groups of public workers to believe they are far more important, and valuable than they actually are. 

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior