“Vote for a Dog before Jamie Green or Julie Shaffer”: the public education syndicate

“Vote for anybody but Jamie Green or Julie Shaffer for the Lakota School Board! I don’t care if it’s for a dog, don’t vote for those two, because they are tax and spenders and will set Lakota back to what caused this financial problem to begin with.” That’s what I told an audience at the West Chester Tea Party in a fiery excerpt from my 30 minute presentation. Earlier in the day Doc Thompson and I spoke about Lakota and the revelation of a “Deep Throat” who has been feeding the No Lakota Campaign sensitive information including the quick tip to Joan Powell’s endorsement letter asking people from her “inner circle” to endorse those two school board candidates over the others, including an incumbent who’s trying to hold her seat in Linda O’Conner. You can see more about that situation at this link:


The video below starts with the short segment Doc and I did together on 700 WLW then ends with the West Chester Tea Party speech. Doc couldn’t attend since he had to speak at an Empour U event about trade with China. And I couldn’t attend his event because I had to speak in West Chester. But this issue over the Lakota Levy is an important one because it’s happening in our own back yard. So go pop some popcorn, grab a drink and sit down and watch the video below by clicking on it. You’ll hear all about why you should VOTE NO on the Lakota Levy, and all the reasons that Issue 2 (the collective bargaining reform bill) is such a wonderful bill that you should VOTE YES on. I cover a lot of ground, so have a seat and fasten your seat belt.

Afterwards I was told by a few people that they enjoyed my passionate speech. It’s a statement I hear a lot. Well there’s a reason for that, because when it comes to public schools and the unions, I see a bully, and that bully is attempting to use our children to enrich themselves. I do not see the activity between the unions, especially the education unions, to be any different from the behavior of Al Capone and other syndicates. (YES I SAID THAT! STUDY YOUR HISTORY BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH) The difference is, the education unions don’t take the extra intimidation methods of actually killing people, but they certainly participate in thuggish behavior, extortion, public manipulation, and political exploitation and I don’t like it and find NO social value in their behavior. The wrongs committed to our communities are so obvious to me that it drives me into a fury, and I want my community to be free of their dominance.

Is that too bold of a statement? Am I over-exaggerating the level of these crimes, and yes, they are crimes? No. When Wisconsin was going through its collective-bargaining reforms, the unions were saying much of the same things they are in Ohio. But guess what, Wisconsin is thriving as a result of their reforms. Have a look for yourself.


Virtually everything the unions are saying about Issue 2 is a complete distortion of the truth. In the speech I gave there were several people who asked questions, which are hard to hear, but I saw in the eyes of an audience of well over a hundred people a hunger for the truth. And they were responding to what I said. They have seen for themselves that our lives would be greatly improved without the union domination of our public schools and our other public services.

As I said during the speech toward the end, “After Issue 2 holds we will still have teachers, we will still have cops and firefighters. We as a community will still employ those people. But we are not going to do it completely on their terms.”

An example of the thuggish behavior that comes from the unions and their apologists can be seen in the letter below, which I read to the audience. I get several of these letters each day, and I used this one because it was one of the cleaner, and better articulated letters I had received. So I place it here to view for yourself.


Union Apologist to Rich Hoffman:

• You know what a-hole. My kids are now suffering because the Levy didn’t pass and a-hole’s like you will probably cause the next levy to fail which means they will suffer even more. No buses for HS – limited for junior high and elementary. Honors, sports and any type of arts cut or extreme costs to parents. I bet your kids are out of the house. Do you give a damn about the kids! They suffer. Our schools decline and property value’s decrease. That last one might interest a greedy SOB like you

My response, to the union apologist:

• You want to know why your kids are suffering…………………..look in the mirror. If you are going to endorse this kind of behavior, you are clearly part of the problem.

• If your kids grow up to be not what you expected, you can blame yourself. Don’t push it off on me that you are an insecure parent.


Many of these so-called “great teachers” that people like Julie Shaffer, Jamie Green and Joan Powell advocate is actually quite worthless. They cost too much money, spend too much time pushing leftist ideology onto our children and have an extremely inflated impression of their value to society. I know of many instances of this going on by some teachers, because the kids are coming home and telling their parents who are then telling us in the No Lakota Levy group.

The threat that Lakota would lose its best teachers unless we throw money at them is preposterous and a flat-out lie. I would argue that Lakota lost some of its best teachers in the lay-offs of the teachers who were at the bottom of the seniority base. We keep the older, expensive and complacent teachers by a union contract, and we let go of the bright-eyed new teachers who are much cheaper, because the union contract says to. When I was giving my speech I forgot to mention this, even though it was on the tip of my mind, the myth that just because a teacher has experience it automatically makes a teacher “better” is just that, a myth. All it does is make that employee expensive, and if an employee prices themselves out of their market value, that’s their problem, not the tax payers. Under no circumstances should the public be required to subsidize inflated value because the law says to!!!!! The law was created under this “mob” mentality of the union lobby, and holds no water in my mind! NONE! And I will fight it! I will not be robbed of my money to fulfill myths without a fight! Thus, my passion over this issue!

The newest threats in this theft are candidates like Jamie Green and Julie Shaffer. Taken as individuals, they are nice people; at least I think Julie is. But ideologically, they are dangerous, because their beliefs help feed the monster that is union labor and its syndicate style rule over the state of Ohio. The extortion that takes place to rob us of our money, and prevents management of that money is a crime to me, and my anger at witnessing those crimes drives me in a passion that people notice when they are around me. I have fought bullies all my life and I will so long as I live. And the most recent bully is those from these public sector unions who are given power by the complacent minds of people like Jamie Green, Julie Shaffer, and Joan Powell. People like that should never be given responsibility in a community setting, let alone the important job of school board. So I’ll say it again, vote for anyone to the school board but those names, even if the only option is a dog, because you’d do better for the community to have a member wag its tail and do nothing, than electing radical activists who eat out of the hand of the teachers union to the public demise.

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Rich Hoffman