Terror from the Ohio FOP: How much workers make in America

This radio ad from the Ohio FOP is to me one of the most disgusting I have ever heard. It’s disgusting because it assumes that the public in general are truly weak, and docile. While there are some who are, there are many who are not, and this ad is an insult to the intelligence and courage of the average Ohioan.

My answer to that ad is, police officers, keep your fat asses home. Stay at the coffee dispenser in Dunkin Donuts talking to the cashier. If some punk comes to my house and duplicates the encounter you recreated in that ad, this will be what that criminal encounters.

It’ll be nice and simple. I’ll even video tape it for testimony in court, so it will be without question within my Second Amendment rights to protect my property. And with that gun, there won’t even be a need for the first responders to show up. All you need is the meat wagon. I wouldn’t want to interrupt your card game around the firehouse. I’ll take care of the whole thing myself. I don’t need you.

I am willing to pay a certain price in taxes for my friends and neighbors who aren’t so self-reliant. But I am not willing to pay too much. I am not willing to support the unions which these employees are a part, because I do not support progressive politics, and the AFL-CIO is a progressive organization as defined by Richard Trumka. I do not want my money in his pocket, and if I give too much money to police, firefighters, and teachers who then give with union dues money to any group backed by the AFL-CIO, my money ends up in his pocket, which is theft from me. I see all progressive groups as detrimental to the kind of America I want to live in.

Read my article on Richard Trumka specifically here. This will explain to all my readers why the collectivism of union behavior is dangerous for America, and is unsustainable.


I am sick and tired of listening to moochers declare what heroes they are because they stand between criminals and the public, how they run into a fire when I run out. Such people are no different from the soldier who says to a naive 19-year-old girl in a bar just before he goes oversees, “I may be killed tomorrow, so will you sleep with me tonight?”

“Oh, you’re such a hero,” says the young girl. “Yes, I would love to be your last time.”

The soldier doesn’t say to the girl who he’s going oversees to be a cook in the mess hall, and will never see any danger. But he uses the mask of hero-worship to get laid. I see many public servants using the same tactic to garner higher wages for themselves. And that type of message doesn’t fly with those who know better, so let me make it clear. Heroes do not consider money before heroics. Heroes do not strike; they do not walk off the job. They do not cry when they are shot at, and they get back on their feet when tragedy strikes, which in dangerous occupations happens often. A mercenary does do work for money, which isn’t a problem, because many people do. But call it what it is.

For instance, when the firefighters of Monroe, Ohio in June of 2011 haggled over a contract demanding a 5% increase in wages for a three-year period, those are not heroes, they are mercenaries. When a union like police and firefighters negotiate over health care benefits, wages, and retirement benefits, they are mercenaries. Not heroes. You are not a hero just because you put on a uniform. You are a hero when you act heroically.

The confusion that society has on this issue is obvious. Click the link below to see how much police and firefighters make in my community and consider how that happened. If you’ll look at that list, there are many employees who make 70K to 80K per year. Teachers in my community make an average of 63K per year. Now compare that to the list below which shows what jobs all across the country make, including teachers, firefighters and police.


This is what people make in America on average by salary range.

Salary range: $20,000-$29,999

1. Personal home and care aides: $20,280
2. Manicurists and pedicurists: $22,150
3. Funeral attendants: $23,880
4. Landscaping and groundskeeping workers: $25,340
5. Dietetic technicians: $28,530

Salary range: $30,000-$39,999

6. Veterinary technologists and technicians: $30,580
7. Travel agents: $32,450
8. Dental assistants: $34,000
9. Police, fire and ambulance dispatchers: $36,470
10. Massage therapists: $39,780

Salary range: $40,000-$49,999

11. Surgical technologists: $40,710
12. Law clerks: $41,960
13. Flight attendants: $43,350
14. Firefighters: $47,270
15. Health educators: $49,060

Salary range: $50,000-$59,999

16. Food service technicians: $50,850
17. Respiratory therapists: $54,200
18. Anthropologists and archaeologists: $57,230
19. Editors: $58,440
20. Public relations specialists: $59,370

Salary range: $60,000-$69,999

21. Zoologists and wildlife biologists: $60,670
22. Insurance underwriters: $63,300
23. Registered nurses: $66,530
24. Audiologists: $66,850
25. Budget analysts: $69,240

Salary range: $70,000-$79,999

26. Microbiologists: $71,980
27. Computer programmers: $74,690
28. Sociologists: $76,190
29. Radiation therapists: $77,340
30. Marine engineers and naval architects: $79,240

Salary range: $80,000-$89,999

31. Chiropractors: $80,390
32. Administrative services managers: $81,530
33. Financial analysts: $85,240
34. Producers and directors: $86,870
35. Biochemists and biophysicists: $88,550

Salary range: $90,000-$99,999

36. Art directors: $91,520
37. Construction managers: $93,290
38. Compensation and benefits managers: $95,230
39. Purchasing managers: $96,910
40. Advertising and promotions managers: $97,670

Salary range: $100,000-$109,999

41. Political scientists: $101,050
42. Astronomers: $102,740
43. Judges, magistrate judges and magistrates: $103,990
44. Air traffic controllers: $106,990
45. Law teachers, post-secondary: $109,150

*Salaries are the according to the National Compensation Survey.

You can see the source link article here:


When I tell some of these local public workers that they make too much, and they used emotion, the heroics of others to get it from the public in the form of tax increases, I hear back that I’m being cheap. “Can’t you afford just $24 a month more to support your local public servants?”

“I would if they were broke, or even making a middle-class wage, but they are doing exceptionally well. They don’t need an increase. I need that money to pay for my Netflix account. That’s more important to me than giving someone who has too much even more.” Is that selfish? No, because for many, some people may not be able to pay their cable bill, or the cell phone bill, or may have to give up Netflix so a public worker can have a 2 to 3% increase on a top salary of over 70K per year. Give me a break!

Even if you take two of the highest paid communities in the country, the cops, firefighters and teachers in Southern Ohio are making an enormous sum of money, which every dollar must be funded with tax money.
The U.S. capital has swapped top spots with Silicon Valley, according to recent Census Bureau figures, with the typical household in the Washington metro area earning $84,523 last year. The national median income for 2010 was $50,046. Silicon Valley has an average household income of $83,944. That’s HOUSEHOLD income. The figures indicated for the public workers are for individual salaries, not households. The only people who don’t think these salaries are out of control are people who have lost touch with reality.

See the source article for those numbers here:


That brings up the next question, why are these salaries so high? Why, especially in the southern part of Ohio? Well, southern Ohio is a particularly conservative part of the country and the people tend to vote in a conservative fashion. So the progressive unions know that to purchase the loyalty of those who would otherwise vote for Republicans they need to provide a service they wouldn’t get any other way, so the AFL-CIO has managed to obtain for their members very high wages, which they collect money in the form of union dues to fuel their progressive organization. The conservative police officers, firefighters, and teachers put on blinders to the progressive direction of the union because the pay is so good. They are mercenaries and the unions know it. The wages are so high to purchase the loyalty of the members, because those employees would not make wages that are so high under natural competition. Only by artificially increasing the wages, which are paid for by us with tax increases, the unions can then maintain a progressive army that they purchase with threats of panic and intimidation.

What else is that ad from the Ohio FOP but a fear tactic? They are declaring that we should vote to repeal Issue 2 so that there is a police officer available if someone is breaking into our homes.

I would expect a higher standard from a police force, and am disappointed that they think in such shallow terms. In my life I have no value for public employees who are so petty, have such high expectations and are assisting a progressive political agenda. I’d rather deal with the cop who has told the AFL-CIO to get out of their life. I don’t want a firefighter employed in my district that is in a group headed by Richard Trumka, and endorsed by Barack Obama. I want no part of these organizations. And I certainly don’t want to pay a teacher to preach disastrous leftist doctrines in a school that I pay for, such as I learned about a few days ago which is covered in greater detail at this article:


I would rather do the job myself than pay too much for a group endorsed by any union. The extremism shown by the Ohio FOP solidifies my distrust in the process which says all public workers should be in a public union. I would say none of them should be. Unions should be illegal in public service, and if there is no Issue 2 this year, the next step is to rid ourselves of unions all together in Ohio. We tried to be nice, and we are given insulting ads such as what the Ohio FOP created. That shows what they think of people in Ohio and that sentiment is not rooted in respect. It’s an insult!

For the answer to everything click the link below!


Rich Hoffman

18 thoughts on “Terror from the Ohio FOP: How much workers make in America

  1. After I posted my original comments regarding the FOP ad, I got a chance to listen to it again (thanks “Vote Yes on 2”!) Something struck me immediately during this second listening. The 911 operator says the deputies will be there “as soon as possible”, and states that it could be 15 or 20 minutes due to a “fatal crash on the other side of the county”. Now, I’m no law enforcement expert but I know that fatal accidents take a lot of time for law enforcement to document and clean up. Also, counties are usually fairly large. What county is this that has only two deputies? How fast could they arrive at the man in the ad’s house even if they drove 100MPH? Were they almost done with at the accident scene? The 15 or 20 minute estimate seems ridiculously optimistic.

    The whole ad is, as you said, extremely intelligence-insulting.


  2. I’m confused by the 3 posts that came in tonight in my email and wrote a response on another page. iHVCF post.Whatever thats about. Rich please move it if possible or I’ll copy and paste it.


  3. I posted on the other page too. I’d like to add a quote from our usual school board president, Donna Norris, “”Most people can understand on an 8th grade level . . . You may tell them, but they aren’t getting it. If you are not a finance person you may not understand it . . . . Our association didn’t get it Mark. I’m back to the simple stupid stuff.”

    This is what these unions think of the taxpayers. Donna’s husband is one of the highest paid teachers in the district (high $80,000 range). He was also the former president of the union. The unions gear their spiel to a level where they think they can fool people. We are only foolish when we vote to give them more of our hard earned dollars.

    Interesting aspect of this is that most of the taxpayers graduated from Lebanon. They are saying by her statement that their graduates only have an 8th grade comprehension level. Why then, are they always saying in their propaganda, that the district is academically superior? We know the answer to that question.


  4. This pathetic attempt to scare the Bill Cunningham, Jerry Springer couch potatos, squishy squashy politically correct do nothing brain dead ows , and completely spineless useless entitlement hacks works perfectly fine. They hit their target audience.
    The rest of us that own multiple weapons and not only know how to use them but understand the laws and extent to which our rights lie within..are full of consternation and dismay at the elementary presentation of the whole video.
    Somewhere the Minutemen and Oath Keepers are surely scratching their head…not to mention any trained military professional. Lame. Period.


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