What do Americans Make

What do Americans Make

5 thoughts on “What do Americans Make

  1. The richest employees in the country! Our teachers are right up there with
    them. The poor darlings. The local West Chester employees are doing even
    better than those in D.C. So I guess what needs to happen in “the new world
    order” is that 50% of the American people just go to work every day, work as hard and as long as they can and then turn every single penny over to our public employees. The they can determine where we live, how we live and set up soup lines that we can get our grub on their time schedule. Oh yes, and the “Take Over” people can work in the CCC camps set up by their hero Obama. These people want to go back to the socialism started here by FDR. As someone once said, “socialism is one step from full blown communism.” How’s that working out for the countries where millions were murdered in the name of “equal distribution of wealth?” Always turns out to be equal distribution of misery.


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