Jonathan West the Nameplate God: Be thankful for Virgin Galactic!

A young man the other day was complaining to me that he thought we’d have flying cars by now. He reminded me that in the film Back to the Future 2, flying cars were in fact a reality in the year 2015. I told him not to fear, that a flying car did in fact exist right now. All he had to do to see it was visit  SEE MY ARTICLE ON FLYING CARS HERE:

“Well, why don’t we have them yet?” he asked. “Why can’t I buy one now?”

I told him, “Because of government regulation.”

As I made that statement I was thinking of a friend of mine who is trying to build a Frisch’s in Liberty Twp by Lakota East, which all logic would dictate should be a slam dunk. Everyone likes Frisch’s. It is the perfect community meeting place and there is almost no downside to that type of commercial business. It’s another taxable revenue source, its family friendly and attractive to potential home buyers. It’s a win, win, win all the way across the board. But the Director of Zoning in Liberty Twp, Jonathan West is holding up the project because he has a rule that buildings such as restaurants cannot have statues in front of them, and anyone who knows anything about Frisch’s knows that they always have a statue of the Big Boy in front of the restaurant, always.

I can only speculate on why Jonathan West is holding up this development over a simple statue, but by experience in dealing with hundreds of people similar to him, it’s all in the nameplate. TO LEARN WHAT THE NAME PLATE GODS ARE, CLICK THIS HOT LINK. There isn’t any real logic to such a statue provision, yet it’s there and holding up something as obviously good as a Frisch’s Restaurant in a clearly commercial area. So for more complicated creations such as Flying Cars, medical improvements, and virtually all inventions that improve on an existing job sector, it is nearly impossible to get anything approved through the “Nameplate Gods.” It is in their infantile little minds that they cling to the past where they control the information. They are in fact the characters in Plato’s Republic who control the shadows on the wall. I wrote an entire article about this complex. You can read that here:

If you want to see more of what we are missing in medicine, which Nameplate Gods in the pharmaceutical industry are holding back in the same way that Jonathan West is holding back a Frisch’s in my local community I have an article about that too at the next link. Chances are you have a John West in your community, and there are thousands upon thousands of them in the state and federal government, and they keep all of us from having the technology I show in this article: (DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND WATCH ALL THOSE VIDEOS COMPLETELY. IT’S REAL)

I told the young man who in just twenty years, aging could be a thing of the past. This nonsense of driving a car everywhere will be grossly outdated. You’ll simply get into your SKYCAR and punch in your destination the same way you operate MAPQUEST and the car will take you there while you sleep. For instance, if you wanted to fly down to Disney World for the weekend but you want to stay up with your friends the night before you could do both. You could go to your SKYCAR dead tired and ready for bed, punch in your destination and wake up in Florida 5 to 6 hours later. The Sky Lanes set up by NASA and the GPS system would speak to your SKYCAR and fly you up to a ceiling of 30,000 feet and a speed of 300 MPH while you slept. It will be as common to your life of tomorrow as an IPhone is to you now.

The young man looked at me,“are you serious?”

“YESSSSSSSSSSS” I said jumping up and down. “We allow politicians to hold us down, but the human mind is pressing forward anyway. It’s going on ahead and busting from the shackles of ignorance.”

He looked at me puzzled. So I answered the question I knew he wanted to ask. “Why do you think I hate unions? Why do you think I want to see education expand and become innovative? It’s not that I hate teachers, but they are protecting themselves and a static order to the old world. This new world is there for us to grab, and we must seize it!!!!! NOW!!!!!!! We cannot allow the Nameplate Gods to hold back our civilization!”

I was excited more than usual during this conversation because of the new Spaceport built in New Mexico which cost the taxpayers $209 million and centers around the new spacecraft built for Virgin Galactic which will take passengers into space for the first time in human history. See the source article of my excitement here:

I was in Florida over the summer at Cape Canaveral and there was a gloom over the area from the budget cuts by small-minded politicians like what President Obama had implemented for NASA. I told my friends in the Aerospace community that getting government out of space travel was a great thing. Yes NASA is one of the few government organizations that actually work. (CLICK THIS HOTLINK TO SEE HOW). I wrote this next article to rest their minds and let them see where the world was going. At the end of it I mentioned Virgin Galactic as a ray of hope.

Richard Branson is one of my favorite people on this planet and I think it’s wonderful that he has 200 customers on his Virgin Galactic list to spend $200,000 a ticket to fly into space, and return back to earth. That will generate $40 million dollars minus expenses and that’s only the beginning. If Branson can get Virgin Galactic to where it’s producing billions of dollars per year, then that investment will far outpace the kind of spending that NASA has been regulated to, and mankind will finally leap into space for good after being a prisoner to earth for all of human history.


Rather than speak about Branson and Virgin Galactic, I’ll let the videos and links speak on that. Instead, let me give you my dear reader a preview into what’s in store. Now that Virgin Galactic has built a practical craft that does not consume massive amounts of fuel to propel a craft into space past escape velocity with a ballistic missile, we can finally take people affordably into space routinely. This means that just as cruise ships now are vacation destinations, there will be hotels in space soon. Look for a new Hilton to be built as a space station in the foreseeable future. Vacations in space are within reach. From there manufacturing will move into orbit. Imagine what could be built in a zero g environment. What about agriculture, where a space platform could always face the sun? 24 hours a day there would be light. Think how large plants could grow without having to fight gravity? Where does the water come from? Why mining on the moon of course. The gravity is less there and much more obtainable. That’s also where materials for manufacturing would come from. What about garbage and waste on earth? We will now be able to fly it off planet and dump it into space to be consumed into some atmosphere 100,000 light years away. Now that’s GREEN TECHNOLOGY! Manufacture in SPACE!

The options suddenly become limitless, and when you consider all the agendas of the progressive party, those green tech Nameplate Gods, they are stuck in the 70’s with electric cars that only go 100 miles between charges and solar energy that is fixed to the top of a house. The future is not in their small minds, it’s out there! Look up at it to what you cannot see, because it’s there!!!!!!!

So while the small people in this world argue over why Frisch’s cannot build a new restaurant because of a statue, people like Richard Branson, and Paul Mollar are inventing the world of tomorrow.

The world is just now coming to grips the genius of Steve Jobs. They still don’t understand the genius of people like Walt Disney, who didn’t even graduate high school. They continue to be baffled by my personal favorite in George Lucas who is so forward thinking many people can’t even see his caboose. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS. I HAVE A CHART WHICH EXPLAINS IT.

The sin of the modern age is the same as it was for Christopher Columbus who tried to convince people who the earth was round, as the Vikings had already discovered. Many people who didn’t want the change in perception insisted that the earth was flat, yet there were those who knew better. Today we have labor unions and government bureaucrats who make a living off seeing the world as a flat plain, and they scoff and belittle those who say otherwise. Thank goodness there are people like Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic. And thank goodness there are companies like Frisch’s. But the reason we often can’t have the benefits of vision, and investment is because of people like Jonathan West, who use the Nameplate of their position to fulfill everything they could never be on their own merit. They are the types who proclaim that the world is flat, that space travel for civilians is science fiction, and that you can’t have a Big Boy statue in front of a Frisch’s Restaurant, because once we discover otherwise, we will learn that such people are irrelevant to us, and unnecessarily hold back the entire civilization of the human race, and are tyrants as ruthless as the most despicable despot because their motives are the same; to control those who have money, to control those who innovate, because the Nameplate Gods lack the ability in themselves to do the same. They hold society back to their level of comfort. They are why we don’t have Flying Cars.

I look forward to the day where I can go to a Frisch’s on Cincinnati Dayton road before heading to a local Spaceport on vacation to earth’s orbit with my wife to relax a bit in zero G’s. Although that may seem like a long way off, it takes about that long to get things approved through bureaucrats like Jonathan West. Let’s just hope that West’s next job doesn’t end up on the board of Orbital Building Code Administrators, where he will have to approve the building the first Orbital Hotel, because he might get upset if they want to build it with a statue facing earth and hold up the construction for decades.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior