Radicals in Lakota and Fairfield: Vandals steal and destroy VOTE NO signs

Over the weekend the No Lakota Levy group began to put out our signs. We started with 200 beginning Friday afternoon however by Saturday morning, during the darkest part of night, 50 of those signs were gone, some of them ripped out of the ground and thrown all over parking lots. And in the yards of a couple of people who had big 4’X5’ No Lakota Levy signs driven into the ground with 2”X2” posts, those signs were completely taken and in their place hanging from a tree was the sign you see shown in the picture.

“Someone paid for your education, time to pay for ours.”

It would appear that several groups of radicalized students scurried the neighborhoods across Lakota and vandalized our signs and even went so far to plan for the event. They obviously trespassed onto the property of an owner of the No Lakota Levy signs. They had to in order to take the signs and hang that message in the tree.

Now, who believes that these children did this on their own? I can hear their voices now while at Steak and Shake at 2:30 in the morning, “Hey let’s go help our teachers by stealing the signs of the No Lakota Levy people, those selfish, evil, corporate bastards.” See, kids typically don’t think of things like this on their own, because they don’t understand or know what the financial situation is. In the case of the message from these little vandals, “we are paying for your education! Most every house you see in the community, like the ones you trampled through with no respect to their property rights, pay a property tax of $2000 to $4000 a year and that money goes to your education! The community has been supporting a $160 million dollar budget that fleshes out to $250 million in undeclared money. Who’s not supporting your education?”

Well, here’s the problem. It happened last time and it’s happening this time where several teachers are spending time preaching about the levy to students in the classroom, and it is through these radical diatribes that students become empowered to vandalize.  And this isn’t specific to Lakota.  Arnie Engle from Fairfield which is the next district over from Lakota sent me pictures of their destroyed signs as we spent a good part of Sunday replacing our signs.  Arnie has a long history of being harassed in Fairfield because of his push for reforms so he’s documented his vandalism very well.  I’ll put those pictures up to share so it can be seen that this is an epidemic all over the city and has in common a radicle teachers union that is larger than a school district border.  (Is this what public education is all about?  Stacking the school boards with union candidates and trying to intimidate ANYONE who stands up to them?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?)

It’s not just teachers, but administrators play the game equally.  I know personally of principals at some Lakota schools who are encouraging their PTA members to boycott businesses who don’t openly support the school levy. We have proof of principals who sent emails to their staff complaining about the public after the last levy failed. Have a look for yourself. The guy who wrote the letter at the link below left shortly after this letter got out, so he’s no longer at Lakota, but it shows what kind of employees some of these people are and how grateful they are to their employers, THE PUBLIC! (we were paying Mr. Holbrook $98K per year! And if you read his letter, you can see what his attitude was)


And look at this letter from the school board president, Joan Powell, who is blaming everyone but herself for rifts forming on the board. The rifts are forming because The No Lakota Levy group is asking questions and some members are trying to answer. I don’t care how wrong they were in the past, I care that they listen today. As school board members are you more loyal to the OSBA or to the people who elected you as their representatives? Because I don’t give a rats ass about the damn OSBA and their consensus building where all the school board members vote in unison for everything and hand to the unions everything on a silver platter! I want school boards who will do the job, and I have news for you folks, No Lakota Levy isn’t going away. The more you fight us, the more costly to you it will become. (Look at Joan Powell’s letter and who she’s picking for school board)


You can hear the speech I gave on this matter at this link:


The school system itself through the radicalized unions are behaving like a crime syndicate, and those participants in radicalism keep their own noses clean, but they openly complain about opposition to their tax levy using class time to do it, hoping to recruit soldiers among our children to carry out their deeds of destruction. It is the students themselves who find themselves seduced into radicalism by their instructors to do their bidding in the middle of the night stealing political material from the “other side.” At the higher level the administrators are participating in the same tyranny using the radically emotional mothers of the PTA’s to participate in boycotts against businesses. That’s how the mob works people! That is not how a school should operate! Everyone and I mean everyone who has participated in this behavior should be ashamed of themselves. And if I were in charge of the district I’d terminate every single one of you! EVERY ONE!  I find the radicalism present in these education institutions disgusting, small-minded and pathetic! And I can tell you this much, radical union lobbyists are not worth the money we are paying these people. We are paying them to TEACH! Not to become social reformers and advocates of unionized labor!

When I see that children have not been taught how much money the community is spending on their education, when I see the radical stance that the union will allow busing cuts before they dig into their own pockets, even when a teacher was injured in the process, because it’s an extortion tactic to pass tax increases! It’s no different from the mob charging for “protection money” to protect you from them! Those children didn’t get the words they put on that sign from their own minds. Those words came from a teacher because it’s the same garbage we hear in the anti-Issue 2 protests which come from radicalized unions. It’s the same garbage the Occupy Protestors are saying, which comes from radicalized unions via Facebook and other social networking sites. It’s the same garbage that comes from radical progressives like Richard Trumka, and James Hoffa and big union presidents like Obama. And to see it filter down into the children of our classrooms in the sacred land of Lakota sickens me to my core! Is this the education we are seeing our children receive from these highly paid teachers? Is this what we are spending so much money on? Because if it is, I think we should demand a refund.

The message to me is that the union position, which Move Forward (sounds a lot like MoveOn.org) reflects, can’t argue the problem. All they can do is glaze over it, so they seek to sabotage the message from groups like No Lakota Levy. They think that by stealing our signs and taking away our ability to question them, that everything will be fine and life for them will return to normal.

Last week I received this note from another radical union type. It is sad to consider that this person has children and actual influence over a young mind. With such people in the world it is clear that we understand why kids feel it is OK to vandalize property from homeowners to eliminate the messages they see as unfit. They are their own judge, jury and executioners in a world completely funded by the community, yet they seem to forget that, and believe that they are above us all. They are outrageous. Enjoy the note from one of those people and gain for yourself an understanding into the people who teach our youth:

• Since you are clearly a tea bagger I will assume you have zero intelligence. Kids need a well-rounded educational experience including arts and sports. Hey since you are so smart – google it. I live in Lakota and pay more than my share of taxes. i am sure more than an ignorant SOB like you but my kids and their future are worth it. Go back to your trailer park. By the way YEAH for the kids that took the signs, Kids are aware of the greed of people like you        

Now listen to the WLW broadcast I did one year ago on this very same issue with Scott Sloan! Listen to the whole thing. This recording was before Issue 2, before the busing cuts, before the new superintendent. And it shows the pattern of behavior that is at play here and now.

For the answer to everything click the link below!


Rich Hoffman