The Black Holes of Public Education: Lakota, Cincinnati Public and Lebanon all have them!

Yes…………………a BLACK HOLE! That is what is threatening to suck the life out of every community in Ohio who has a public school in it. Forces of massive gravity that not even light can escape! They suck up the money of communities with a ferocity unmatched in the UNIVERSE!!!!! The Black Hole swirls around in the blackness of space and consumes everything that it comes across in a never-ending thirst to annihilate. Lakota has one, Lebanon has one, Fairfield has one, Cincinnati Public has a BIG ONE, Mt Healthy, West Clermont and many others have Black Holes in their districts which are consuming the wealth of those districts in a never-ending quest for funding that will never end.

Harsh? Not enough I’m afraid, for the fiscal discipline of public schools in Ohio is currently a joke that nobody is laughing at. In Cincinnati 11 districts are looking for money to sustain a system that is 50 years out of date, not even close to being the best in the world, and seems to only serve the “Education Class,” a breed of pretentious human beings who look to Europe for guidance in a quest for safety and compliance. The “Education Class” like the “Political Class” is a group of fellow human beings dedicated to THE BLACK HOLE. They worship it like a God and will sacrifice all who come before them to the hunger of that perpetual starvation. Doc Thompson of 700 WLW and I discuss public schools, especially the sinister situation at Lakota along with Issue 2, a proposed fix to the Black Holes of our public education system.

One of the most daunting revelations that were unveiled when the finance reports came out prior to the 2011 elections was that the Lakota School System had spent over $12K on consulting firms. I learned that Lebanon and several other districts also spent similar money on some of these same consultants which prompted my mind into an investigation, which can be seen at this link. Now, as Doc and I discussed, the schools themselves do not take money out of their treasury to pay for this behavior. But the network that the taxpayers do provide serves to furnish the funding ran by the “education class” to raise the money for these consultants.

A friend of mine who used to be a school board member…….at Lakota…..explained to me how the game works, which you dear reader might find interesting. One of the groups the Pro Levy Lakota people hired to provide consultation was Effron and Associates. It should be noted that the new superintendent of Lakota, Karen Mantia retired from the Sycamore School District.

“Effron and Associates is owned by a former teacher from the Sycamore School District. When Bill Sears left Lebanon he was quoted in the paper saying that he would be joining Effron and Associates as a consultant. Bill Sears used to work with Roger Effron at Sycamore. Bill’s wife is/was a teacher at Lakota, his son was bumped up to principal in the Mason School District. A principal from Mason was sent to Lebanon, Ian Frank. See how they all take care of each other.

Bill Sears was also given a nice fat position at Little Miami. He was also named as a consultant to Voorhis and Assoc. in Mason. Coincidentally they did the architectural arrangements for the new Lebanon schools. Voorhis did contribute to levy campaigns in Lebanon. I found it interesting that Mr. Sears was such an expert and yet left Lebanon with the district’s books in a mess. $5 million misappropriated etc etc. That is another story.

This is how the school business operates. You really don’t have to be accountable. You don’t really have to be good at your job. You just have to know the right people and move on when things get a little too ‘hot.’”

To confirm what we already know if you read this site often, this “moving on” when things get too “HOT” is exactly what Lakota did to a teacher recently when he was caught using one of his students to have sex with the parent of that child. He was simply moved from one high school to the other at Lakota. You can see more of that story here, in case you missed it:

This activity certainly isn’t limited to this cast of characters. It’s actually widespread, and anyone who gives this “Education Class” more money to perpetuate this type of behavior is endorsing it openly. And the value of the money you spend on them is the same as tossing it into a Black Hole in the vast reaches of space only to be crushed beyond recognition within the intense gravity of a singularity.

Left unchecked the black hole of public schools will devour everything given to them. EVERYTHING! They do manage to appear colorful and inviting from a distance, but once you get too close, time, perspective, logic and all value are warped into an abyss from which there is no escape.

Well, escape may actually be a relative term when it comes to school funding. Because after all, we know that if matter exists that it can’t just disappear into nothing. So what happens when we toss matter into a black hole, where does it go? Well, the rationalization can really only be explained in quantum mechanics and the theory of the multi-verse. Based on what I have seen of the education funding consumed by the “education class” I believe they don’t actually live in the same world as the rest of us, but instead reside in the 11th dimension.

In the 11th dimension they in the “education class” are living by completely different rules, so logic cannot even be remotely applied to their actions. They exist for themselves and they require the massive destruction of all our terrestrial resources to fuel their existence in a dimension that is so compressed into an infinite smallness that we cannot even detect their presence, except for the black holes which sustain them.

Relative to us however, the black holes of public education are parasites of destruction that will consume the entire universe if allowed without any guilt of its expenditure. So we would be wise to avoid those black holes and starve them out of existence for our own protection. Because in sustaining them all we really do is endorse their own personal version of hell of which our loved ones are captive, and the futures of our children are shackled like slaves to the demons of tyranny while the madness that governs the “education class” attempts to consume us all!

Like Doc Thompson pointed out, the multiple levy attempts, the public education black holes do have a purpose. They do fuel the economy. The consulting firms they hire in their network of thieves spend money on movies, restaurants, alcohol, and other consumables, and that does have value. The difficulty is that while doing so they stop at nothing on an endless desire to consume, and consume, and consume until there is nothing else left for us to give, until we are pulled into the hole ourselves only to be crushed and consumed as their fodder.

Vote NO on all school levies in Ohio. Starve the “education class” out of the 11th dimension and force them into our world so we can deal with them squarely, with equitable benefit. For our own survival we must make them come to us, because if we go to them as we have in the past, we only have a crushing destruction awaiting us at the singularity of the black hole. That crushing singularity is called DEBT!

Before we part ways here on these pages of justice the question must be answered, who are these perpetrators of the “education class,” the vile beings themselves who are simply legalized looters who are embedded into these black holes and reside at the singularities with their mouths open. Meet them here:

Join in the fight against these sinister BLACK HOLES which threaten to consume our schools and communities with them!  Check out these websites and friends of this site to find out how:


For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

28 thoughts on “The Black Holes of Public Education: Lakota, Cincinnati Public and Lebanon all have them!

  1. One of your best articles by far. It’s too bad the parents are manipulated into being so terrified that their children will be harmed, and their education severely hampered if the levies dont pass. Why not release an actual budget which shows exactly where the monies go? Perhaps I would be more willing to vote “yes”? In other states voters get to decide on a line item budget, it is not fear based but factual.


  2. Rich Hoffman: Master of the Analogy! Now it’s comparing schools to a black hole (which is accurate in my opinion, as it is with most government-run institutions). What’s next, Rich compares public schools to a cheese danish? “It looks good, and tastes good at first, but in the end only makes you fat and bloated.” Just kidding Rich. I’m just feeling loopy this morning after hearing on the news about Bill Gates and his “Robin Hood” tax idea for the G-20 leaders to “combat global poverty”. Stick to designing bloated software that requires constant upgrading of your PC in order for it to work, Bill.


  3. The black hole also envolves wasted time on testing, and objectives that are meant to promote the lawmakers, that do not consider the individual students that have a right to be valued. The emperors new clothes! If the money was spent on smaller class sizes in the early years worthwhile, but as you well have stated, it is going to a black hole. Sad thing it is carrying innocent children with it.


    1. That is the sad thing, that our children are caught into these black holes. Because nothing escapes, not even the souls of the kids. You can see that clearly in the Stacy Schuler trial. Very sad that this has all become so normal. Who else do you blame but the schools……the parents. The schools have worked hard to replace the parents so they can get paid. So how are they not responsible when things go bad…….and they are bad.


      1. I got to listen to most of Darryl Parks show this morning. He had a fantastic segment about Cincinnati Public Schools and their levy request and budget. Good to hear you on the air again Rich. I think that situation is symbolic of what’s wrong with modern public education. I don’t live in the city limits but I have friends who do. I live in Clermont County and pay just over $1000 in property taxes every 6 months for a house valued at $125K, and I feel that our schools are quite good compared to many in the area. My best friend lives in the city and she pays much, much more in property taxes than I do on a similarly valued home. I can’t imagine having to pay over $3K in property taxes a year for such a home in the city if they pass these levies. Like you said on the show, it’s the height of arrogance. A black hole indeed.


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