The Real John Kasich: Firing the BROADSIDE of ISSUE 2!!!!!!

Governor John Kasich came to my backyard on Monday November 7, 2011 and along with a host of many people I’d call my personal friends spoke about Issue 2 on the night before the historic election. And as I watched him, I could see in his demeanor that he “get’s it.” Have a look at that video of his speech at “The Barn of Liberty Twp.”

Regardless of how the vote for Issue 2 goes, it’s what Kasich “gets” that impressed me. I did not see a governor who really cares about his popularity. He’s already successful and it appears that he views being a governor as a step down from heights he might otherwise achieve, which is how anyone who holds public office should view their positions. When Kasich gave bonuses to his staff, and paid them well, I think he did so thinking he was still in the private sector, where he has had much success, unlike most politicians. I too have been prone to paying people well who I see pull more than their fair share of weight, so I can forgive that. Successful people who are independently minded do not think in a collective, so they don’t typically consider or care what that collective might perceive of their actions. And that is what I think leads to the perceived faults of John Kasich.

Kasich has approached the governorship of Ohio at the “SPEED OF BUSINESS” and this is a big “NO, NO” among the labor unions who have built their entire existence on dragging their feet to drive up their wages and benefits. When Kasich said, “You either get on the bus with us, or you’ll be run over,” he meant it. He wasn’t going to waste time sitting down with a bunch of selfish socialist to empower them. And regarding Issue 2, if he had sat down with the unions, the results he has today would have been far less. So I am proud of the way he and the rest of the Republicans who voted with him on Issue 2 approached the situation.

From a strategy standpoint, Issue 2 has hit hard and showed the opposition of reform that their reign of control is coming to an end. For years public unions have ruled without compassion for the taxpayer who pays them with a level of extortion born in the concept of socialism. Yes, that friendly neighborhood firefighter who has participated in collective-bargaining has participated in socialism, the same brand that bankrupted the Soviet Union, and is currently bankrupting Greece. When the commercials came out and announced that police, firefighters and teachers did not get into those professions to get “rich” they haven’t been hanging around any of those employees in private, like I have. “I’m quitting this job to go become a police officer,” I have heard from more than one employee.

Why,” I’d ask. “You’re a good worker, and I don’t want to lose you.”

“Can you afford to pay me 50 to 60K?” the employee would ask.

“NO WAY!” I’d say.

And the employee would leave a good paying manufacturing job to work as a cop so he can have a great pension, great pay, and much less to do on a daily basis, according to those employees.

I’ve heard teachers say the same. And I’ve heard firefighters bragging about their pay in some of the workout facilities around town. The only people who believe many of the commercials that the public unions put out are people who are out of touch and simply chose to be stupid, and unfortunately, that’s about half the population.

Kasich knew what the story was all about when he took the governorship of Ohio. He knew these sectors of the public workforce wouldn’t talk, so he just moved at the speed of business which scared the crap out of the entire union structure. Issue 2 was the broadside that many of us had wanted to inflict on union control for many years. If that union machine does not sink this time, it certainly now has holes in it as a result of the Issue 2 battle, that it wouldn’t have had if Senate Bill 5 had not been passed.
Regardless of what happens in the election, Issue 2 has forced the union machine to spend massive amounts of their personal resources, tens of millions of dollars to essentially keep what they already have, and that’s a good thing. Because as that union machine takes on water from the Issue 2 broadside, the public has seen how that union machine functions. They have now seen the lies, the manipulation, the rhetoric, the whole socialist tendency of that machine.

The trouble is that too many American’s, of which Ohio represents, have been breed in public education to think as socialists, so the public union machine is able to play on the collective tendency of this learned behavior. So this one broadside may not be enough to sink the ship of union control. That’s alright, because we have more cannon balls ready to fire again. As I watched John Kasich speak from “The Barn” while the cool autumn air drifted in over the large crowd charged with excitement in the deep woods of Liberty Twp, far away from the corrosion of progressivism, I saw a man on stage who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger again, and for that I’m grateful.

John Kasich the man I believe could care less who loves him, or hates him. He simply wants to do what’s right. He may be a little out-of-touch flying around in a private jet, where his success in the private sector carries over into his public sector behavior, but as a man, John Kasich understands what the fight is all about, and he is committed to continuing on and that is a wonderful relief.

The reforms will not stop with Issue 2. So sorry unions…………you spent all your cannon balls fighting a battle that is just round one. Because we didn’t fire all of our cannons in that broadsides. No, we have more cannon balls to fire and you will see them soon. So you better get to your battle stations, because if you are a socialist living in America, and want to bring down capitalism, which is the fuel of our economy, you designate yourself as the enemy, and deserve everything you have coming to you. And I am relieved to see on the stage of Liberty Twp a governor in John Kasich who is committed to bringing capitalism back to Ohio so business, and families can prosper the way it was always intended.
Get ready for round two!

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

18 thoughts on “The Real John Kasich: Firing the BROADSIDE of ISSUE 2!!!!!!

  1. Rich, as usual, right to the point.

    I think Issue 2 is going to go down in flames, and I can’t wait to see what Gov Kasich has waiting in the wings. Executive order? Another SB5 type reform?

    Whatever it is, I hope he emulates Robbie Benson in the old basketball movie “One on One” — “Up yours, with a red hot poker.” That describe exactly what we need to tell the effing unions.


  2. Seriously disheartened by the result of issue 2- how gullible and fearful can people be? The silver lining is that next time we can be much better prepared to fight the scare tactics. Kasich is on the right track…..


  3. Pablo says – after the post on the governor above you all should take a lesson from his press conference tonight- the people have spoken significantly, listen and learn! The union ship repelled the boarders and sent them packing.
    Now that movement nationwide has been re-ignited, membership has climbed since this all started in Wisconsin.

    Pablo should also get credit for the crickets comment used by the author from one of my previous posts, now that this is over and the “political leaders” who are among the people who follow this blog will start listening to the people who elected them as thier performance and merit are evaluated.

    Thank Allah I am not in Peru anymore!!! See you in the spring when I get back from Florida

    Pablo Creed


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