Right-to-Work Announcement in Ohio: This is Rich Hoffman Speaking

“On Tuesday, Senate Bill 5 was rejected throughout Ohio as draconian overreach. Now they are trying to reach into the private sector,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of Ohio Democratic Party. “They’re inviting a challenge.”

Source article: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20111110/NEWS0108/111110327/Ohio-group-pushes-right-work-amendment

This comment came on the announcement that a group not associated with Governor Kasich, not associated with the Koch Brothers, not even associated with the Republican Party is seeking to place on the ballot the ability for Ohio to become a right-to-work state. See the press conference for yourself here.

Now, I know those guys pretty well, and they are a group of fair and balanced guys. They truly desire to give to the state of Ohio a level of freedom that has been uttered from the silent parties within these unions for quite a long time. These union members who are tired of having their union dues translated into funding for the Democratic Party want out of their imprisonment, which is but one of the issues addressed in Issue 2. When opponents of Issue 2 said that the law was too “far reaching” people like Chris and Mike listened. So they are seeking just one small little measure that was in Issue 2, originally designated for the public union employee. The proposed constitutional amendment does not go after employee wages, does not ask them to pay more for their health care, and does not affect seniority or any of the union concerns debated in Issue 2. All the right-to-work amendment proposes to do in the above press conference is give people the option to be in a union or not to. It’s that simple.

But wait……………………..the unions are already upset? I thought they said they could “compromise” and be reasonable. Listen to Melissa Fazekas, spokeswoman for We Are Ohio.

“Just two days ago, Ohioans spoke with one clear and emphatic voice, and voted by an overwhelming margin to support our everyday heroes and their right to collectively bargain. Yet, today their voices are already being ignored, even after Gov. (John R.) Kasich and legislative leaders have promised to listen and reflect on Tuesday’s vote.”

Well, this statement requires comment since it is obvious that the opponents of Issue 2 seem confused as to what is happening in the world around them. And that comment will not come from the good people who are proposing this constitutional amendment, or any other group. They are a fair-minded assemblage who truly wants what is fair and good for the majority in Ohio. Instead the comments made below are exclusively mine and they are addressed specifically to the public and private sector unions. This is Rich Hoffman Speaking.

People who are not in a union do not take their marching orders from politicians like you in the unions do. John Kasich is not our commander as Richard Trumka and Barack Obama are yours. We do not bow down to an authority figure that takes money from us and gives it to progressive politics. We are a people who desire freedom, even if we are in the minority.

My take on the Issue 2 debate is that only 39% were able to comprehend the contents of that very good bill, the rest were simply too stupid to wrap their little minds around the idea. I would say the same if it was only 1% who voted, because I read the bill and thought it was fair, and believe it or not, I did so completely on my own. No union steward told me to read it. I did it on my own. That’s called self-responsibility. I witnessed the union machine, which I am forced to help fund, scare Ohioans into voting the union way. I watched money pour in from out-of-state and saw the influence all the way up to the White House taking part in being a gear for that machine. And even with all your efforts 39% still voted against you.

I said all along that the Yes vote would need 2 million voters to win at the polls and only 1,321,494 showed up. During a presidential election 5 million voters usually turn out, so a lot of people stayed home and watched TV, so by no means the 2 million who voted to repeal Issue 2 represent Ohio’s wishes. It represented the 350,000 public workers their moms and dads and wives, girlfriends and children, grandmas and grandpa’s, and the rest are people scared of their own shadows. This landslide is not what you think it is. All it means is that Issue 2 was too hard to understand, so those who might have voted against you stayed home and ordered pizza.

I have watched school levy after school levy get voted down on Tuesday, and go right back on the ballot on Wednesday. That is the union way, if you don’t get what you want the first time through, then push it through again and again until it passes, till the opposition is so worn out they no longer have the will to fight. Why then should not the same tactic be applied to the unions? Did you think that those of us who want to be free of you would just go away? Why would people like me not wish to drive the measure back down your throats, once, twice, or twenty-five more times? It would be my hope that instead of Issue 2 being passed in one large bill as it was that it will be passed as 15 separate bills and that the unions will spend themselves into oblivion defending each and every one of them. Did you think that this would all just go away on the day after the election? No, welcome to our world where taxes are constantly proposed to fuel your tyranny! Those of us who have defeated our tax levies know the fight will never end till the unions are out of the business of government. You did it to yourselves. I do not hate you because of your two legs, two arms and one head; I hate you because you are an instrument of tyranny and your higher taxes are an imposition to my freedom. You ask more of me so that you my live and I demand of you to do for yourself and to leave me alone.

Your nature is revealed in your opposition to becoming a right-to-work state. You wish simply to hold the paychecks of your member’s hostage so they will turn out and vote your way. You want the membership numbers for reasons of extortion, and force. You care not that some of your members seek freedom from your clutches. You only care that they send you a check! THAT IS YOUR NATURE! You are parasites who consume the world around you. You will do anything to win no different from a sleazy thief picking pockets in a Las Vegas casino. I watched you hide behind the firefighters to gain support among the mushy minded masses. Do you think you will be so successful if the firefighters and police were not involved? You should be thankful that the Republicans at least attempted to be honest and fair from their stand point. Me………I would have attacked each union separately, starting with the teachers and severed the flow of money from the NEA into our state politics. Then I would have reformed the FOP and their connection to the AFL-CIO, then maybe the firefighters and their connection to the Trumka gang. I would have also have done so with 20 different bills and forced those groups to fight on every front! Spend 30 million dollars fighting the ability to strike. Spend 30 million dollars fighting the right to collectively bargain. Spend 30 million fighting the insurance premiums. Spend 30 million fighting the right-to-work. Spend 30 million fighting the issue of step increases. Yes unions, you were right, Issue 2 was too sweeping for one swallow. Only 39% of the voters were able to swallow, and the rest sat on their hands in indecision. My plan would have emptied the 1 billion dollars that Obama is sitting on in his election bid and forced him to save his union brothers and sisters in an attempt to win Ohio leaving him with no money to win any other state. You should be thankful that John Kasich and his Republican friends did not attempt to be so malicious. I would have.

Fair? I heard that term over and over during the campaign. Is it fair that one dollar of my money goes to support an organization that I consider detrimental to America? I don’t want my money sent to my local school to pay a teacher to then be converted by union dues and used by the teachers union to fund candidates who are progressive and out to rob my country of its freedom loving nature. Look at the child with a helmet on his bicycle riding 5 MPH as his frightened mother looks on afraid that her little one will splat his brains all over the sidewalk. This is the result of your unions and their attempts to justify their existence by overreaching their authority in the class-room and among the police authority. Look at the fat-fingered politician who creates legislation due to the union lobby in trade for campaign contributions that find themselves in the G-strings of a local stripper, the politician and his comb-over slicked over with French fry oil is using campaign money so his wife doesn’t find out about it. Look at the cops on a Saturday night setting up DUI checkpoints to “rid” society of drunk drivers. What they are really doing is showing that they are overstaffed and need something for those officers to do. The MAD mothers who created much of that “drinking” legislation played right into the hands of the union lobby, and gave them an excuse to mandate insurance, which gave cops something to do, mandate drunk driving laws, which gave cops something to do, and revenue to generate, and gave police the right to pull people over even if they were only on their way to the video store, to take away freedoms of the citizens using safety as the guise. Is it fair that your existence is eroding away my freedoms?

Is it fair that my quality of life is diminished because your mind is like a rock; it absorbs nothing, gradually becomes smaller over time with erosion, and sinks to the bottom of anything it’s tossed in to. Is my life to be attached to yours out of some altruistic fantasy? Am I chained to your lack of ambition for life? Is that what you think?

If I were to bring a company to Ohio, I would not want some parasite union attempting to corrupt my workforce with socialism. I would locate in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and other right-to-work states. In those places, if someone wants to organize a union, they can. But the members aren’t forced to join. Unions are a form of cronyism that involves fathers employing their sons, and uncles employing their nephews. It does not guarantee the best employee for the job and performance on that occupation. I have traveled extensively, and I have toured many manufacturing plants, and common to the union facilities are employees who watch TV during their shift. Cross-training is nearly extinct, and there is always a fear that the whole workforce will walk off the job if they become unhappy. Why would Boeing want to locate to South Carolina? TO AVOID LABOR STOPPAGES THAT AFFECTS THEIR ORDERS!

I have never met an enemy of the American system that is as clueless as the typical union worker. And I want no part of them. I will gladly support workers who are not part of a union. If there is a right-to-work option I could see who I can trust and who I can’t. I should have that option! And so should the employee! The only reason a union would be against an employee right-to-work option is to force them into a marriage they can control. What happens to the man who attempts to control his wife by forcing her into a marriage with intimidation and control? The woman may play along for the benefit of her family, but secretly she is scheming against the husband. Secretly she is looking for lovers. Secretly she plays the husband’s friends against him. Secretly she spits in his food when she prepares it, and she denies him sex except when he forces himself on her in a drunken splendor. That is what your employees who want out of the union are doing to you behind your back. Believe me, I know, I hear from them! They are praying that someone come and help them, to break the chains which shackle them to tyranny so that they may spring free!

Unions, you are not as strong as you think you are. Yes, you have many members who are selfish activists to suit your cause. You have built a system constructed on extortion and your members are addicted to the income you’ve stolen on their behalf. But people are waking up. You spent over $30 million dollars and could only get 2 million voters to the ballot box. That is not a task I’d be slapping any back about. It is hardly a mandate to your existence. You could have obtained 2 million votes with only one dollar spent, because it was your internal network that showed up. Not one person more!

So I think it is more than fair to put an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that allows every employee the option to decide if they want to join a union or not. The option should be there for them to make, which is a form of transparency that is much-needed. For all the reason above and many, many more Ohio is a state in need of options. And I personally want to be free of the radicalism of the unions, and I want to support employees who elect to also be free of those tyrannical organizations.

Making Ohio a right-to-work state is a long, long way from what I want, but it is a reasonable concession for the other 99.9% of the state who might not feel as strongly as I do. I would think that all parties involved, unions and non-union would at least honor the right to American freedom, unless I am right about the union intentions, which is to be a dictatorship of socialism that is anti-capitalist in their nature. Because that would be the only reason they’d stand against Ohio becoming a right-to-work state.

For the answer to everything click the link below!


Rich Hoffman

27 thoughts on “Right-to-Work Announcement in Ohio: This is Rich Hoffman Speaking

    1. It needs to happen to show what a bunch of double-talking, no good, sons of bitches they are. “They” being the collective mindset, socialist slaves they are. It makes me sick every time I see one of those idiots waving an American flag while also wearing a T-shirt sporting the logo, AFL-CIO. “Unions built America.” No it didn’t. Good minds and hard work built America. Unions showed up to divide up the profits once they had been created. How many inventions came out of a union? How many unions founded fortune 500 companies? How many unions advanced our culture one bit except in creating new rules and regulations! Oh yeah, they’ll take credit for the 5 day work week and weekends. But if they hadn’t stuck their nose into the situation, we may have even a shorter work week if profitability could be exceeded. Unions create rules and alliances with politicians which then make more rules. That’s all they produce and are a drag on every economic factor that is measured. They belong in places like Greece, and Russia, not in America.


      1. remember the 1880s, theodore Roosevelt trust busting, triangle shirtwaist fire, “company towns”? all part of our history


  1. unions will fight this like nothing else. they will give up wages, working conditions and throw their members under the bus first. why? if workers are free to opt out, it will hit them in the pocket book and interfere with their buying polititions


  2. I think it’s shocking how many different types of unions there are, even if the total number of private sector union workers is only somewhere around 12 or 13%, which is the figure I keep hearing. I mean, really, do we need labor unions for firefighters, teachers, electrical workers, pro football, baseball, and basketball players, airline pilots, actors, screen writers, garbagemen, hypnotists, hotel workers, janitors, ad infinitum? I can’t imagine why people like Hollywood actors need unions.

    I think what it comes down to is that there’s a certain mentality that is drawn to a union…people with no self esteem or confidence that deep down believe that they really do not deserve and could not bargain for a fair wage and benefits on their own. The ones that come closest to admitting it are the ones who say “The union put this meal on our table! The union got me this great ’96 Camaro I’m driving! My Chevy pisses on your Honda!” They indoctrinate their kids with that logic and unfortunately a lot of them grow up to believe it. They actually handicap these children who don’t take the risks to become the next John Galt or Hank Rearden…they end up getting a cushy government job or private sector union job and think they’ve “made it”. Unfortunately it doesn’t just stop there, as unions have become corrupt political machines using their members in the same way people were unknowingly used for energy in “The Matrix”.

    Have you ever been to a local union affiliation meeting? I have. It was one of the most surreal and frightening things I’ve ever witnessed. The union bigwigs came in from New Jersey or where ever and each one gave a rousing speech about how the company is mismanaged, running down the worker for their benefit, while the fat cat upper management made millions in bonuses. They bragged about how they had shut down other companies like Caterpillar. They talked about how the means of production (the company) was built by the worker and how they would take it back and give it to the workers. As all this went on the crowd of a few hundred became more and more vocal, shouting slogans and basically turning into a mob. Then they opened it up for the vote and of course the vote was “yes”. I and my friend who was with me just looked around the room in disbelief. We were seeing a whole new side of people we had known for years. They seemed to lose any individuality they had and had replaced it with the mob collective mentality.

    These are the same people I wrote about here yesterday…the mushy “undecideds” that can’t decide on their own if Barack Obama or Herman Cain should be the next leader of our country or what the true ramifications of Issue 2 are.

    The real question we have to ask ourselves is: if unions did a great job of getting out the vote last Tuesday, and our side did not, for an election as important as this one…what does that tell us about “our side”? Why did they stay home? What happened to all those people who last year swept the Democrats from Congress, the Governorships, and local positions in historic fashion? Was that an aberration? Was that one “lucky” election where the squishy moderates voted our way for once? Are we destined to see last Tuesday repeated next November with Obama getting four more years when our base stays home rather than vote for Romney?


      1. I’m on the side of what’s right. During this span, the unions have played a huge part in that decline in haulting innovation with cumbersom regulation. More rules, more regulation equals loss of creative freedom, which actually destoys jobs.


    1. Great comments Phil! People are so confused they don’t even know themselves, let alone how to pick a president. All we can do is the correct thing and not become “mushy” ourselves. Because the other side are brain dead stumps able to be shaped into any form to serve progressivism.


  3. I dispute that figure “sallyhamm” quoted above that 99% have seen their standard of living stay the same or decrease since 1980. I was around in 1980. Most people I knew in our middle class neighborhood didn’t have two big-screen TV’s, multiple cars, multiple cell phones, two X-Boxes, a Wii and a PS3, etc. Now even in the middle school my son attends many 12-year-olds have smart phones. In 1980 we were still in the horrible “Carter” recession…if I remember correctly, that didn’t reverse until 1982-1983. I know that’s all anecdotal and not empirical evidence, but that figure seems like one of those bumper sticker phrases that’s thrown around on the Internet.

    If the standard of living has gone down recently, and I have no doubt that it has, it is due to the irresponsibility of politicians, not the “rich 1%”. The 2009 recession was precipitated by the housing crash, a result of the Federal Government pressuring banks to get people into houses they couldn’t afford. The Fed printing money like there’s no tomorrow is causing our dollar to be worth less, making things like gasoline more expensive than they otherwise would be. Putting our food into our gas tanks as ethanol is one of the biggest mistakes we have ever made, in the name of “saving the environment” and politicians in corn-producing states buying votes from farmers.

    Many people are also “under-employed”, having taken jobs making less than they were before 2009. Regulations resulting from laws like Obamacare and Dodd/Frank are causing business to be unsure of the future, preventing the hiring of new employees and replacing existing ones with lower-paying contract labor to give them more flexibility and free them from the expensive health plans and pensions. If the government would just get out of the way and take these shackles off of private business America would dig itself out of this recession.


    1. I keep waiting to hear back from Sally. I suspect she’s one of the occupy people and is simply reading off the cards the unions are passing out down there. I’d like to hear what she thinks and why she thinks it.


  4. Phil, I agree with your comments. People do change when they get charged up by the union leaders. I saw a video of Strickland speaking at a union meeting and I was shocked. He speaks to the general public as a mild mannered soft spoken parish priest. At the union meeting he was loud and incendiary. Screaming out every word. His demeanor was the exact opposite of what it usually appears. It explained alot about why the union goes out and fights for him. He promises them the moon.

    Perhaps Issue 2 went down because so many of our allies became divided by party politics. The Rhinos of the Republican party seem to infiltrate our cause. They also got involved in Tea Party events. There are far too many people running the Republican party that do not have any interest in saving our nation. Many are so self serving and only are involved in order to obtain their next paycheck or position in the party. I believe it is called “power politics.” Lots of people worked day and night to pass Issue 2, but for the most part it wasn’t the leaders of the Republican party. The divisiveness did serve our opponents. In Warren and Butler Counties it is a fact that mainly Republicans get elected. Many Democrats run as Republicans. For example some school board members are totally union dedicated, but ran as Republicans and, unfortunately, were endorsed by the Republican party. These are the same folks that worked through the schools to get the levy passed.

    In Lebanon, we had an excellent candidate in Robert Waters. He worked constantly at GOP headquarters making calls in support of Issue 2. What did the GOP do? Endorsed the former union president’s wife. The same woman who spoke openly against school choice and Issue 2. The union did a job on Robert and the three incumbants won. So Lebanon is in for more of the same.

    The “Collective” is alive and well in the little old town of Lebanon, Ohio. Sad!!!!


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