FreedomWorks is Attacked: Why the media is failing, blame the Beatles

My wife and I recently had ice cream at a popular West Chester hang-out as I watched the people around me with some aloof curiosity. Many of those around me made up the 10,000 who tuned in to Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom over the two days around Election Day to figure out what the issues were and how they should vote. After the election, I noticed that my daily hits had dropped to around 1,500 a day as the people went back to sleep, went shopping, or bought ice cream, like my wife and I were doing. Politics and everything that leads up to it is an unpleasant topic most people work hard to avoid. Yet that battle lines are all around us, and soon, even the people who seek to hide from such a war won’t be able to avoid it, even momentarily while eating ice cream.

What we are seeing here in the United States behind the effort of the Occupiers are the same forces that have pushed Europe to the breaking point. Even though it may be hard to consider, because in doing so it requires an admission that the system we have built our lives around cannot be trusted, the reality is that beyond extreme politics and points of view, socialism has been delivered to our society very carefully. For proof, read these two past articles and pay very careful attention to the videos provided there for your convenience.

The college classes we’ve taken were simply socialist indoctrination and a subtle attempt to expand government, because many of the jobs college degrees are yielding back on their investment are government jobs like teaching, and statistical analysts. Most of us went through a liberal phase while attending college, and grew out of it just a bit to become fiscally conservative by the time we started families. Those made up a majority of the people who were eating ice-cream with my wife and me at present. Many young people, (the ice cream eater’s children) are discovering that the system they were sold, in which their parents saved for all their lives to consume $50K per year in tuition, isn’t making good on its promise of providing a good paying job to many of them. In America, the Occupiers are showing their anger in the way that their friends from Europe have been. What they don’t know, is that even their anger is directed by the invisible hands of socialism, since it is groups like MoveOn.Org, labor unions, and other progressive groups who are attempting to continue the mission the Beatles music group never finished, to create a revolution against capitalism into socialism. What was the name of that Beatle song that everyone liked so much, “Back in the USSR?”

Slowly over time through our music, our entertainment, and our education, we began to accept socialism, small little bites at a time. Union members accepted socialism because the pay was good. Typical blue-collar workers were able to buy a decent house and have a bass boat in the driveway. Teachers accepted socialism because they were taught by socialist college professors, (is it any accident that these protests are most of the time erupting on universities?) Police accepted socialism because they already think in a regimented fashion, so applying the same mentality to the rest of society is not a difficult transition. And reporters accepted socialism for the same reason as the teachers, all their college professors used Walter Lippmann as the example of what a journalist was, and this permeated into the culture of journalism.

I know reporters for TV, radio, and newspapers all over town. I know several in other towns as well. When I ask them why they don’t cover some of the hot topics of the day, they all tell me the same thing, “There isn’t time to develop stories. We get 3 to 11 minutes, or 400 words on a printed page to make our point, so anything that requires any depth gets ignored.” This is the result of the journalism propaganda that has gone on in America for more than three decades now right out in the open. This is also the reason why blogs like the one you are reading now have grown in popularity. Since my reporter friends couldn’t or wouldn’t cover many of the stories I was bringing them, I started Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, so that I could spend the time covering stories in the kind of depth required for real understanding. And I’m not the only one doing this. Several people just like me have taken up the task of doing the job of reporting news ourselves since it became evident that the media was largely just a propaganda machine. It’s not any one persons fault; it’s simply the result of The System that is in place, a system built upon the foundations of socialism.

Many of us who are doing this new brand of self-journalism gather at a site called FreedomWorks, where like-minded people like us swap ideas and news stories. Really, blogging and other media reports should not be a big deal in the exchange of ideas. Many of us at FreedomWorks actually got the idea by watching how the political left engaged in their strategy of progressivism, such as is done at the Huffington Post and virtually every union meeting across the country. I don’t think it occurred to anyone I know to protest CNN headquarters or MSNBC for their extreme liberal progressive journalism because we didn’t like them. We certainly don’t gather to attempt to put any of them out of business with protests. Yet look how members of The System, (the socialist movement) behave toward a group who offers a different opinion than theirs. Listen to how threatened they are about just the existence of FreedomWorks.

GBTV created by Glenn Beck is the first of its kind. It’s essentially a private news organization that is run by a guy who is not a college graduate and former student of Walter Lippmann and other media personalities. Beck like many of the bloggers who have risen up to the challenge of pointing out what’s wrong, received our educations not from a hippie college professor but in the books of our curiosity where the most potent revelations often hit us at 2:30 in the morning while the rest of the world sleeps. I have 20 years of this kind of history study and I would say that like Beck, people who learn in such a fashion are much more equipped to deliver news that is pertinent to a hungry public. Glenn Beck has taken his success in this matter and reinvested many millions of dollars into GBTV which does not march to any drummer, not even Glenn Beck’s. It isn’t owned by any political party, does not suck up to celebrities, it does not fight for a spot on the Press Corp in the White House. It does not care if it is recognized by any “NEWS” organization. GBTV simply reports the news, and those who want to censor and control the news HATE Glenn Beck for what he’s done in the same way that those unions hate FreedomWorks.

I can’t blame Beck. He’s about the same age as I am, and I share with him a frustration that the news just doesn’t go far enough. For me, talk radio is very valuable, but unfortunately people don’t have the ability to watch a replay of the information on talk radio easily. So at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom I have solved that little problem by gathering up talk radio broadcasts so that they can be shared with people who may have missed them earlier in the day, or earlier in the month, or earlier in the year. As my reporter friends have told me, “We cannot go so far as to show spreadsheets, videos, audio clips, and long explanations like you can.” Before I had Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, I had to send letters to the editor for my local newspapers, (which I still do) but I was confined to what I could say because the editor created the rules that I had to live by. And that is why the media is failing. The rules established within The System is also a subscriber of the socialism taught in college and those rules keep my reporter friends from getting too deep into any issues. The same rules apply to large network news like Fox News, or CNN, or small local news like 5, 9 and 12 here in Cincinnati. Newspapers, which started out much like the blogs of today, for much of the same reason, are now driven by their need for advertising and once money is desired as a revenue stream, then special interests can manipulate the content.

As I watched the men and women, boys and girls within that popular ice cream hang out blissfully unaware of the world around them, except when they are required to do something, such as vote, I could see that it was the media, the ghost of Walter Lippmann who used the college education institution to create an entire industry that created short little snippets of information and thus kept all of society on the surface of any knowledge.

But, for some of us, this isn’t enough. We want more information, the snippets just won’t suffice. So we are breaking away and doing our own thing. For me, it’s Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, for others it’s Red State, The Drudge Report, The Blaze, and many, many others most of which can be found on the FreedomWorks network. For Glenn Beck he started his own television network so he could break all the conventional rules and bring the news to all who have courage to hear and see it.

But the empires who have built their kingdoms on our ignorance don’t like it, and they can’t argue with these new facts from this new age of reporting because the reporters aren’t doing it for money, fame or even networking opportunities. They do it because they are driven from a passion that will destroy the empires of ignorance in just a matter of a few short years. This is why those fools were protesting at FreedomWorks. This is why I get constant threats. This is why Glenn Beck pays over $2 million a year to provide security for himself and his family. The emperors of ignorance are watching their empire crumple about them as their control over the media, over education, over politics is coming unraveled by this new age media reporting that you are reading before you.

Take a deep breath and savor the feeling…………………………… feel that? Freedom! Freedom from the controls of editorial shackles, of content scrutiny, of snippets designed to breed consumers into buying the latest product at a store. In this new age a person like me can weave a complex tale about pirates and Excel spreadsheets and the wonders of space into a tapestry of subjects that can shine light on why education is broken, and too expensive.

My wife and I threw away our napkins and remnants of what had been the ice-cream and I saw in some of the eyes in a few of the people about me a flicker of hope, a desire for more. I knew surely that after they had read the newspaper, watched the news and spoke with their neighbors, that some of them hungry for more would indulge themselves in places like this, and would dare to unlearn everything they had learned, and to grow into something the previous establishment fears with every cell in their bodies………….a free thinker!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

22 thoughts on “FreedomWorks is Attacked: Why the media is failing, blame the Beatles

  1. Today I watched a video of a veteran speaking at a Freedom Rally. His words were simple yet profound. He said, “I ddidn’t fight communism all over the world to find it here. Socialized medicine has failed everywhere, but our elected government is pushing it here. I say no to big government. Government is not the solution, government is the problem. This country was built by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our people saw problems and found solutions. It is time to solve the problem of corruption in our government.”

    So it is with you, dear Warrior, you have found a solution. You have found a way to open the minds of people one at a time and then 1,000 at a time. You are not ready to give up your freedom either. You will not be bullied by thugs from the unions. We will not become slaves to a Marxist – union controled government.

    Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” So it is with you and me and many others, we are not ready to give up our property, our liberty and our freedom. There are more of us than of them. Hopefully the majority will open their eyes and their minds and come to the conclusion that they won’t take it anymore.


  2. The mainstream media today is, among other things detailed here, totally lazy. The investigative journalism of yesterday has been replaced with simply retelling or reprinting stories sourced from outlets like Reuters or the New York Times. Very few “journalists” of today seem to fact-check their sources. John Stossel is one of the few exceptions.

    My all-time pet peeve in today’s “news” outlets is, by far, the ubiquitous “poll”. I am sick to death of lazy news organizations using polls to fill their 24-hour news cycles and also to shape public opinion. I couldn’t care less how many people say on Channel 12’s “poll” that they want the streetcar. Presenting unscientific poll after unscientific poll is not news. What might be even more annoying to me is organizations like Fox and CNN reading comments from their Facebook or Twitter accounts during their “news” programs. I guess they feel that they must do this to maintain viewer attention in this instant gratification, social media-driven culture. Like I’ve said before, it reminds me all too much of “Idiocracy”. No wonder so many people are tuning in to alternative sources of news.


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