Cuts, Cuts, and More Cuts: Protesting “Target” for trying to open on Thanksgiving

Doc Thompson on 700 WLW covered a topic which demonstrates the epic clash of ideas in our modern-day. There is a man who is circulating a petition to prevent Target, the department store, from opening on Thanksgiving Day; because he’s concerned that it will interfere with his Thanksgiving dinner, since he will have to head in to work early to prepare for the late night opening. My first thought about the man is that he can choose to work for Target or not to. Those are choices within his control. But he does not have a right to alter the business strategy of Target to suit his Thanksgiving dinner. It is his job to alter his schedule around his employment. For Target to open on Thanksgiving is a market driven need. Target’s existence is not employee driven its market driven. That is the key discrepancy of our modern problems. Listen to that broadcast at the video below:

This discussion about Target’s Thanksgiving plans comes as the smoke cleared from the Middletown City Council 4-3 decision to lay-off nine of their firefighters. The money just isn’t there. So the decision was to cut those jobs. What makes the decision worse and more impactful to the community of Middletown is because of Issue 2 being repealed, city council must lay-off the last hired, who also happens to be the cheapest. If Issue 2 would have held, the fire department could have let go of an employee who is just milking their way to retirement, who has obviously declined in performance over the years who might make 80K per year and must instead let go of two firefighters who only make 40K to attack the budget deficit goal. It’s nothing against the older employee, but they are simply too expensive, and if they are not performing at a 80K a year level, they should be let go so the fire department can keep the two firefighters who only make 40K. So Middletown had to cut 9 firefighters to meet their budget demands.

Of course there are more costs associated with these public employees besides just raw wages. At the Lakota School District the No Lakota Levy group figured out that the average employee at Lakota makes over $67 per hour of employment or $130,000 per year by the time all their benefits are factored in, and that is how a savings is made when lay-offs are implemented. The front end salary makes up a huge difference and when that is applied across a workforce of 20 to 200 it adds up to a very large number. Have a look at the math in calculating the public employee costs at Lakota here:

Yes the firefighters showed up like all those other crazy public employees usually do and protested the lay-offs, but they forget that they are not management. They do not have a right to manipulate the management structure. They do have a right to find another job if they don’t like the conditions of employment, but they don’t have a right to scream like a bunch of little children to keep their job, just like the protestor at Target does not have a right to dictate when Target opens for business. Of course members of management hate to do it, nobody likes to lay off a worker, and nobody likes to fire employees, but it’s a reality of any management when the budget dictates. I’ve had to do it more times than I can remember and they all hurt. But when the money isn’t there, that is the grim reality. Check out video and the story from Channel 19 here:

But Middletown isn’t the only city going through this kind of thing. Monroe City Schools is having public meetings to try to figure out what they can do to close a $2.7 million dollar deficit. Monroe is looking to their southern neighbors in Lakota and Mason and seeing the tremendous tax increase resistance going on in those districts and is trying to avoid that same controversy.

Of course the clueless public worker who believes that all the jobs in society were created for their convenience will simply propose that taxes be increased to meet the budget deficits. This is the response at Lakota where the superintendent who is supposed to manage the finances of the district simply stated after the third levy defeat, “But the teachers have already taken a pay freeze.” Well………so much for management letting the employees know how hard-nosed the superintendent will be in reducing costs. Instead of exploring possibilities of approaching the teachers union to reduce their employee costs on the district, which are currently ridiculously high the superintendent says the teachers have accepted a “wage freeze,” as if that were enough! I’ve shown you at the link above how much those Lakota employees cost the taxpayers, and the obvious next step would be to reduce those costs to balance the budget approved by the community. That would be the next step if public workers thought the way the rest of the world does. No, instead, they only know how to lay-off workers or ask for more taxes to pay for their distorted view of reality. Management is virtually non-existent in public service and that’s how everything got out-of-control in the first place to deliver us upon this current crises.

But that’s not all; Cincinnati City Council which is now largely liberal because of the protest vote against supporters of Issue 2 will have to solve a much larger budget gap than they did a year ago. Here’s how it went exactly one year ago when the previous city council attempted to solve their budget problems. Council never solved their problems from then till now. Check out this link!

Postal workers are now protesting the closing down of a sorting station in Cincinnati, because the Postal Service is also broke! They think somehow by their chanting money will magically appear in their budget. They like the Target worker in Doc Thompson’s radio broadcast think that their jobs exist for their livelihoods, not the public they are supposed to serve. It seems beyond their reasoning to conclude that higher taxes to pay for their extraordinary benefits are not an option. Somewhere at some time someone told them that government creates jobs and since they now worked for the government, then they’d be cared for all their lives. Nobody told them that the utopia would collapse on itself when the money ran out and the pension payments were due. The politicians who made those promises are most likely in the Bahamas drinking pina coladas through a straw, living out their lives of looting off the public sector in relative security and comfort. Now all the promises that were made by those thieves are expected to be kept, and that means that some people will have to lose their jobs to fulfill those promises.

I think back to all the commercials that aired during the Issue 2 campaign when it was said that if we wanted to keep our firefighters, our police and our teachers then we needed to repeal Issue 2. People like me declared such statements as an outright lie.

Now, unfortunately people are learning who was telling the truth and who wasn’t, and they’ll come to regret what they’ve done to themselves. Chants, protests, and magic wands will not place money in your pockets and solve the problems. Only good management and strategic thinking will, and those who cling to the old ways will undoubtedly perish in the aftermath.

Things are about to get very, very ugly.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

18 thoughts on “Cuts, Cuts, and More Cuts: Protesting “Target” for trying to open on Thanksgiving

  1. AS far as the issue with The United States Postal Service…Check the law that was passed in 2006 that “REUQIRES A PREPAYMENT INTO THE RETIREMENT FUND of $5.5 BILLION EVERY YEAR” That is when USPS started to go in the redd and what should be done to solve issues of “BUDGET” is simple and the people working in many plants have told upper management but they do not listen and the UNIONS of each group, Clerks, Mailhandlers and Carriers they all work together with management. THE MAIN SIMPLE thing that could be done is MAKE ALL THSE that have worked for OVER 30 years “MANDATORILLY RETIRE” by 31 Dec so that next year the force reduction would eliminate the “WASTEFUL JOBS” because of the decline in mail volume over tthe past 5 years…NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE HAVE RETIRED…because they have no “MANDATORY RETIREMENT DATE” so they stay on doing little or nothing but still getting paid and the UNIONS SADLY support them. IT is awful having UNIONS controlling you when you don’t want it and there is little or nothing to be done about it. Getting another job is not the answer and understanding that OUR GOVERNMENT IS OUT OF CONTROL AND BY SAYING THIS I MEAN THE CONGRESS, THE PRESIDENT and ALL THE AGENCIES….REFORM IS WHAT AMERICA NEEDS…….Getting there is gonna take many years of changing out the “CRONY POLITICIANS” for “PATRIOTIC , HONEST PEOPLE” THIS WE MUST DO ! ! ! This is my perspective…AMERICANS MUST STAND up for their “CONSTITUTION” and get America turned around and going in “THE RIGHT DIRECTION” and it begins with VOTING OUT THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS NOW AND GOING FORWARD ! ! ! IF people will get off their (Quoting BHO) “LAZY BUTTS” and get involved in community politics, vote and run for office if they are so inclined and qualified, get all the “LIARS , THIEVES and SOCIALIST/MARXISTS OUT” ! ! ! STAND UNITED FOR THE REPUBLIC ! ! !


  2. Hard to know where to start here because you have touched so many problems that all stem from the same root cause. The unions have made slaves of the people and the government has created an entitlement attitude for every special interest group.

    SB 5 was only a baby step toward helping solve some of the governments financial problems. Anyone who read the bill could see that the main changes made were ones that were added in 1983 when the governor, senate and house were all controled by union supported democrats. Anyone with a modicum of common sense could have predicted that the “gifts” given to the union were unsustainable. There isn’t enough money in the taxpayers pockets to pay off these contracts. Unfortunately, the people who gave in to the unions are no longer around to pay for their folly.

    As for the financial woes of Monroe, this too could have been prevented. Unfortunately, there was a group of “newcomers” that decided that the Monroe schools were not good enough for their little darlings. So they passed a bond issue to build a huge new “educational complex.” This created a huge debt to the people of the small town of Monroe. Anyone who knows a thing about school funding knows that bond money can only be used for specific purposes and those are written into the ballot proposal. These bonds were issued for only what are called “permanent improvements.”

    The “General Fund” is to be used for the daily expenses, salaries etc. of the district. This is the levy fund that comes up on the ballot every so often. Both the treasurer and the superintendent are well aware of this fact.

    The article states that money was taken from bond money and put into the “General Fund” for unpaid debts of $335,000.00 incurred from April through July. (This was not legal.) Why did they keep spending money they didn’t have? At the end of May the treasurer has to present to the board a five year plan with the districts total financial information and predictions for the next five years. How could she have conformed to the law if she was stealing money from the “permanent improvement” bond fund? She couldn’t. Lolli says “she suspected” that there would be a $2.7 million shortfall.” Doesn’t she know? Why hasn’t she done anything about this before the district arrived at this point?

    Lolli is one of those “double dippers.” She was so indispensible that the Moneroe board allowed her to retire and then rehired her. Is their no one in the country that can handle finances better than she is doing? By the way, her husband is the superintendent in Springboro. Like I said before, keeping it in the “circle.”

    Then they say they received a $1.4 million loan. (Doesn’t this put them further in debt?) Were the taxpayers made aware of their additional debt? Do they make any corrections or adjustments? Hell no. They keep spending and spending on things that the board has “not voted on.” The board is just as guilty as Lolli and the treasurer. The law says that the superintendent and treasurer are to be two separate entities ant that they are not to intermingle the positions, but each is directly and “individually” responsible to the board. This is generally called separation of powers. Where was the board?

    The problem is that the boards do not assert their power because of the OSBA indoctrination and their loyalty to the union. Superintendents usually help pick weak treassurers “that they can work with.” There are no financial experts in the entire system. There are treasurers out there that handle millions and millions of dollars of the taxpayers hard earned dollars that have only clerical type of experience.

    Additionally, a salary freeze is not called cutting expenses. Cutting salaries is called cutting expenses. Changing class schedules to where the teachers actually “teach” all day (except their lunch time) is called cutting expenses, taking away cell phones and credit cards from every Tom, Dick and Harriett is called cutting expenses. Combining classes to a lecture period and then “go on line” would cut out plenty of expenses. Also, cutting out some of the politically correct classes and keeping “core” subjects could go a long way to streamline wasted time.

    Teachers need to work a full year. They are no better than anyone else. The union has fought year round school. Why build these luxurious, air conditioned buildings and then close them. We are no longer an agricultual society. The kids are not needed for farm labor. Year round school would save millions and solve many other problems. School choice would also solve many problems. Give people a choice and that would create competition. Many teachers would be willing to work for less if they didn’t have to deal with a union that they disagree with. The unions will fight any change and it is time for the taxpayers to say ENOUGH!!!!


    1. Great post Sandra! That’s the kind of thing we don’t hear about in the news. If people were better informed they could make better decisions on election day.

      As for the Post Office, here’s my wife’s theory: the Post Office is broke because they have become a low-cost delivery service for junk mail. At least 90% of the huge volume of mail we receive a week is credit card offers and other junk mail. It literally takes us an hour a week to go through it all and shred the credit card offers and throw away or recycle the rest. An hour!! If we get behind on it it stacks up extremely quickly. Delivering all this crap can’t be profitable for the Post Office.


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