Legalized Plunder: You have been SCAMMED at every level!

The letter seen here was sent to one of the supporters of the No Lakota Levy effort in the fall of 2011. The names and email addresses have been removed to protect those involved. However, it is the intent of the letter that is actually quite sinister and can be seen quite clearly if read analytically. This is a boycott threat from a pro tax levy advocate to the owner of a business who supported No Lakota Levy in the recent fight over higher taxes in a local public school. For those who don’t know it, No Lakota Levy has been on the front lines of forcing the local school system to reduce dramatically their cost to the public instead of just raising taxes to feed the public schools inflated budgets.

Notice the pretentious nature of the letter, the assumption that this business owner has an obligation to pay higher taxes just because they are doing business in the community or might employee a student who happens to attend the local high school. This is a fine example of LEGAL PLUNDER from a local public education establishment who uses many extortive measures to soak the public for everything they can in order to gain for themselves vast sums of wealth.

In speaking about situations like this business owner and their support of No Lakota Levy, the taxes paid are already extraordinarily high, and if the levy had passed, this same place of business would have had to pay at least two employees worth of yearly salary in additional taxes, so even if this radical protestor threatening a boycott and all her friends and family refused to dine at this place of business, the taxes from a levy passage would have still been more than the loss of business from the boycotters, and that is a reality the pretentious protestor does not fathom. Yet the local school, like most in government believes they are “entitled” to legally plunder the wealth of the community for their use at will.

To understand what Legalized Plunder is, have a look at this short, but very good video.

Many people forget that public school is an arm of government and functions from the same arrogant disregard for the public as the federal government does. As I write this, the leaders of the above mentioned school instead of approaching their unionized workers about providing a discount in service are instead trying very hard to find someone who can combat me in a campaign, so they can at some point win a tax increase at the ballot box. The school district is functioning like all government does, they are never satisfied with what they get, they simply loot, pillage, and plunder all the resources around them so that they can have what we have, who are the actual producers of the community. They employ every method mentioned in the video, particularly “The Magic of Legislation.”

A sample of such legislative magic is the ability of a school system’s board of education to take away transportation from school districts residents so to inconvenience them if a school levy should fail. This is simply a form of legalized extortion and it’s taught by the OSBA in Columbus Ohio at a class called Levy University (all this is paid for by the tax payers, directly and indirectly). Many parents will simply vote in the next election for an increase in taxes so they can get their school buses back, which is less than 5% of the total education budget to begin with, but that’s irrelevant. The goal is not legitimized budget concerns and cost reduction. The goal is extortion to satisfy radical teacher union contracts. The same strategy is done by cutting school electives, sports and other items of passion as a way to torture the community into seeing things in the schools way, just like an organized crime element. Wages and benefits of the school employees are never considered, even though they are over 70% of the cost most of the time, and often make 30 to 40% more than the rest of the community who must disperse the taxes to pay these plunderers. It is in legislation that the thieves write laws to make this plunder possible and it’s so embedded as a reality that none of the thieves want to change.

In the levy problem of my local school district, the leader of the last pro levy effort threatened through media reports that the school superintendent whom we just hired at over quarter million dollars in yearly compensation and benefits will take an active role in the next levy attempt. You see, instead of acting like a company CEO, which we are all told is the reason superintendents are paid so much money, more in fact than the governor of Ohio, and actually cutting costs, renegotiating union contracts and other real measures that any CEO would engage in, the superintendent at this school is at least a double dipper, maybe even a triple dipper, meaning she’s retired from other school districts and is receiving retirement income from all those schools also while working for the school in my district. This makes her very wealthy purely on tax payer money. In reality she in no way engages in any management of the real costs. In the end, the district hired her to pass a school levy, like a hired gun in a Wild West town to gun down opposition to the tax increases the public school plans to implement (LOOT). And when she and I meet in the next campaign she’ll get paid over $250,000 a year to do what I do in the media during my spare time for free. This whole scam of superintendents being bought and paid for by the unions with this double-dipping retirement ability, and internal hiring practices etc. were created in the Ohio legislature by union lobbyists, so they would also know they have a friend on the other side of the negotiating table. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS. WATCH THE VIDEOS AND LISTEN TO THE BROADCASTS. IT MAY BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU EVER COME TO REALIZE. It is a direct example of LEGALIZED PLUNDER

I use this local school issue as an example of how this occurs on the microcosm, because most everyone has a public school in their neighborhood who is engaging in this type of plunder openly, for all to see. That’s why the arrow on the wheel in the video silently stopped on the Public Education section. Because public education is disguised as a tremendous community benefit, but in reality is quite an elaborate scam designed by some of the most prolific looters in the business. But this isn’t just happening in our schools. NO! The schools are an easy target because they sell themselves one way, and in reality are something else. Since they are in our communities, it’s easy for anyone with eyes to see. But when it comes to congress, either at the state level, or the federal, the looters, thieves, and legal plunderers are making an absolute killing on our tax money and they could care less how much the actual public suffers, so long as they get their loot.

Glenn Beck had on Peter Schweitzer to discuss the new book Throw Them All Out, which created the controversial 60 Minutes investigation that has ignited the nation into examining this situation for all it’s worth. For the record, my good buddy Darryl Parks of 700 WLW covered this story in great detail during this past August, well ahead of this recent revelation exposed in Schweitzer’s new book. Check these links out too. You’ll be glad you did!

August 1st through the 3rd 2011

Who profits and how much:

If you have any doubt, any question, any concern what-so-ever about what you heard Beck talk about, or Darryl Parks, or me then meet some of those government looters for yourself below. The same people who are calling for higher taxes, the type of people who expose the neurosis of the PTA moms to lobby business owners for HIGHER taxes, listen to them here when questioned if they would desire to pay higher taxes into a direct account when the reporter provides an iPad for direct payment.

It is no surprise when the looters are confronted directly that they’d behave in the fashion shown, because they are exposed for what they are, Legalized Plunderers who think they are entitled to the wealth we have worked for. They believe they OWN what you make with your hands, or with your mind. They believe they are privy to your property and are fully intent to continue this behavior for as long as they can get away with it. From your local school to the highest level of our government we have in place simple looters who care not one authentic thought as to the outcome of your existence so long as they get your money in their pocket.

And if you doubt it at all, even one iota go listen to the Darryl Parks broadcast at the link provided above. He breaks it down in very specific detail at the various levels.

You Dear Reader have been scammed in the worst way possible, and for every mad lunatic PTA mom out there who write letters of extortion on behalf of their slave masters, they are as bad as the looters they work for. The system is irrefutably broken well beyond repair, and reform will never be possible so long as there is money to plunder from the masses.

The only way to stop it, to expose the thieves and looters of our society in their legalized plunder scams is to cut off the money supply to these scallywags and let them dry up exposed to the light of day, because as long as you give them money, they will continue to find new ways to plunder it from you using the law as their weapon.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

21 thoughts on “Legalized Plunder: You have been SCAMMED at every level!

  1. Not all of us have been scammed. I would LOVE to know which business this is, I would patronize this business and spread the word to all I know. Such behavior is sickening and disgusting, but certainly not surprising. If guilting all the Mommies by telling them their children will lose more programs if the levy isnt passed( and as a working Mom I can attest the guilt is real), why not threaten local business people.
    For me, the only way I will ever vote for a levy is if the amount of money requested is spelled out in a line item budget, or at least give us an idea where exactly the money goes. My understanding is the last levy that was passed, close to 80% of the money went to admiinistrative costs. Voting yes might feel good, but its and unending black hole of need. Voting yes or no has the same result…..endless requests for more.


    J. R. BLAIR 11/22/2011


      1. There’s actually a good reason for that, a technical one. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. It’s a time to reflect on the big things and be thankful for the opportunity to relish in the greater aspects of living. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.


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