Shockingly, a majority of our government voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the president to declare that the military can detain Americans if the area they reside in is declared a war zone. This is a very bad thing, especially when we have a president who is provoking those war zones with the Occupy Movement. The move by the government in both houses on this action show the direction of our country. As this news broke, Herman Cain had to bow out of his run for president simply because the political machinery of both sides saw him as a threat. I don’t care if he had sex with several women from every single state in the union, he wouldn’t have been any worse than John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnston, or Bill Clinton. Yet the press would not let off Herman Cain because it scared them to hell and back to consider a black conservative running for president. I love Herman Cain! And the labor unions intent on pushing for an ever increasing progressive agenda seem poised to grow stronger, since many in the Tea Party movement are feeling the sting of a major loss in Ohio over Issue 2, which would have reformed collective bargaining. All those issues are activities by progressive politics on both sides of the political isle to destroy the Tea Party movement as a threat in future politics. The Republic Party has had enough of the Tea Party. They want to cut a budget deal with Democrats and are ready to sell out, so all things involving the Tea Party are about to be crushed politically. This is a move that has been long time in the making.

Did anybody think it would be easy?

Two things greeted me over the weekend that showed me that the story will not end there however, and that the Republican betrayal of the Tea Party is just the first chapter in a long book leading to the next Civil War in America, first was the news that in my home township of Liberty, Issue 2 passed with 56% of the vote. At least somewhere in the world people are not complete idiots bought and sold by the socialist unions. That’s good news. The other thing I found refreshing was this young man fighting for his right to hang a Confederate Flag in his dorm window. Listen to him here:

The Confederate Flag is one of those aspects of progressivism that has been painted in a negative way so to help spread socialism throughout the country. It has been highlighted to be the symbol of slavery in the south since that was what created the first Civil War, and the Confederate Flag was the flag of the south. The Confederate Flag has been the target of many demonstrations and protests by civil rights groups and other progressive politicians who look to African-American suffrage as a way to more power. The young man in that video makes a number of great and sensible points and it is refreshing to hear a young person who is able to articulate such beliefs at a young age.

The real intent behind the progressive attack on the Confederate Flag has absolutely nothing to do with slavery in the south. Slavery was well on its way to being abolished and the clock on it was ticking down rapidly. The Northern states were the first to replace slavery with other industry so it wasn’t difficult for them to suddenly grow a conscious once they had an economy that allowed them to have morality and pity for their fellow man. The south being too dependent on cotton hadn’t found a way to rid themselves of slavery. In hindsight, it is easy to say the plantation owners should have just paid all their workers, but at the time, the entire world functioned with slavery as the mode of operation, and it was in America where the discussion to get rid of slavery completely took place. So the war between the North and the South was important for virtually every human being on planet earth.

Progressive politicians have needed African American demographics to look back in horror at their ancestors because those politicians and civil rights leaders are simply looters. They used sorrow in the slave history the way they used guilt against the Native Americans to make all Americans accept socialism as a means of government. It is under this guilt that progressives have spread the welfare state, voting blocs for the Democratic Party, and even talk of reparations. The intent of all this activity was to keep the Caucasian majority on its heels and defensive so they did not question the true intentions behind progressive political movements, which is a complete overthrow of the United States government into a socialist country falling into place with the policies of Socialist International.
The real reason to attack the Confederate Flag is the same reason that the America Revolution has been smeared and all the founding fathers were discredited as being slave holders and unable to even write the Constitution. The American Revolution is about rebellion and the Civil War is about rebellion. Ultimately the south, even if it was wrong in defending its ability to maintain slavery as an economic means for their survival, did have the right to exercise their states rights to not take orders from a federal fovernment. In fact, the federal government used its victory in the Civil War to impose more federal control in a trend that ushered in the progressive era. Many of our complaints about public education, a far reaching centralized government, incredibly high taxes, and the loss of freedom and the rise of socialism come from the fate of the Civil War. To prevent any further successions from the union the federal government in an attempt at its own preservation has tried to aggressively remove all symbols of freedom and further rebellion so that the United States never has to go through such a thing again.

But in the south, they have never really ever bought in to this centralized government idea, and to this day, the southern states are still very resistant to federal government control, so they have held on to their Confederate Flag as a symbol that if the time should come again, they’ll take that flag up and fight against the Union if need be.

According to progressives, every slave ancestor was a beaten down person that had their very souls robbed from them. And in some cases this was certainly true. But as I speak about the golden age of piracy with great reverence, many of those early pirates were former slaves who had been freed on their way to the West Indies from Africa. In fact many of the best pirate ships were former slave vessels that had been taken over by pirates, the captains of the English, French and Spanish had their crews killed and the slaves on those vessels were free to roam the seas as pirates in the captured vessels, where as I described, freedom was born 100 years before The Declaration of Independence. For a review check out this article:

Oh yes, it is this little bit of history that roams in the soul of many southerners and sets them apart from their countryman in the North. Many of these slaves turned pirate settled in New Orleans and other port towns, particularly Charleston, South Carolina and started lives as free men and women. (BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW ANY OF THIS…………..DID YA?)

This is why to this very day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you can see in the streets of that mountain town pirate flags and Confederate Flags for sale in abundance which tourists soak up like a dry sponge. Even though many people have forgotten all this history, somewhere deep in the genetic makeup of southern people their cells remember.

It is not by accident that Herman Cain was from Atlanta, Newt Gingrich is from Macon, Georgia, Ron Paul is from Texas, there is a spirit in the south that is unmistakably rebellious, and ready for a fight. Progressives have attempted to plant their feet in the south, Al Gore was governor of Tennessee after all, and Ted Turner started CNN with his communist wife Jane Fonda in Atlanta, Georgia. But this has been to no avail, since more than just about any other place in the United States people in the south rejects centralized authority. For instance, every single state in the south is a right-to-work state, meaning the labor unions cannot force members to join a union. People are free to choose, which is how it should be! Check out the map for yourself:

When I go on vacation in the south, particularly in Florida I relish the giant Confederate Flags that fly just off of Interstate 75 a few miles south of I-10, then again where I-75 meets I-4 outside of Tampa. They are huge flags that fly proudly and when I see them I don’t think of slavery. Not at all. I think of a people who love freedom and want to be left alone. I think of a people who are openly displaying their willingness to fight at a moment’s notice again if need be, to fight for freedom. When I see the Confederate Flag, I think of a rebel!

Progressive politics using the Hollywood influence seduced by the Democratic Progressive socialists has attempted for years to smear the south in many ways as a bunch of dumb hillbillies. The exact same tactic is used against people who say no to progressive school levies up in the North. The common progressive tactic is to call those who challenge them names in an attempt to keep anyone from wanting to follow such rebels. In response Nashville has become the Hollywood of the south. LA produces rap music and rock and roll. Nashville produces country music and other folk talent. It’s been a kind of Civil War of the arts that few people give any credence to, but it’s alive and well to this very day at this very hour as a minute just ticked by.

Most Americans simply don’t pay much attention to all this. They hear a song on the radio that catches their attention and they tap their feet to it. Or they see a flag here and there while traveling and they may admire such displays even when they are told by the media that they are bad to consider such things. But inside every human being is a desire to be free. The problem is—now–just as it was before and during the Civil War, not every human being has the courage to live free or to fight for it when fighting is the only option available.

With all the talk that emerges from the lips of progressives like Barack Obama, Richard Trumka, Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Schumer, it is those pretentious costal politicians who think that the rest of the country revolves around their narrow version of the world. The proof is in who they speak to, who their voters are. You see, progressives would rather dumb down the rest of the world with socialism, to get everyone addicted to their welfare checks, to their government services, their union collective bargaining so that they can buy a vote and remain part of the political elite. To me, this is in itself a form of slavery. Look at the poor people who live in the inner cities where they have become addicted to government services, and compare those lives to the poor people who live in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, who would rather live in a broke down RV than take government assistance and the difference becomes quickly evident. The progressive political addicts are slaves to government, and they are paid to vote for expansion of more government with our taxes. They are being used and we pay for their slavery by endorsing the political process that enables it. In the south they’ll just give you the finger and tell you to go to hell.

Yes, in all the years of scheming from the Department of Education, with all the money poured into Hollywood from the progressive left to make “certain” kinds of films, to control publishing, to control politics, progressives have yet to figure out how to get rid of “southern pride.” They tried to take away the symbol of all this rebellion by taking away the Confederate Flag. But it hasn’t worked. In fact, it’s back fired, and now a kid, who progressive politicians tell should hate the Confederate Flag because of its connection to slavery, is fighting to hang the Confederate Battle Flag in the window of his dorm window, and it delights me to no end.

About a year ago a man was hired from Progress Ohio in an attempt to smear me for some of my work in the Western Arts by attacking one of my videos that showed a Confederate Flag that was flying in an event I was at. It wasn’t my flag, I wasn’t holding the flag, it was simply part of the competition that I was at. The progressive spin doctor attempted to paint me in the press as a racist because of it. You can see that article and his press release to the media for review in case you missed it:

That shows just how far, and to what extent progressives have used the extortion of guilt to manipulate our population. I’ve never owned a slave and I never would. I’d never endorse another human being owned by anyone. In fact I preach every single day of my life why people should be freer. I have even went so far to bring awareness to the slaves in this world that are currently being abused and nobody in the Barack Obama camp cares at all about them, currently under the whip and chain in modern day Africa. And nobody in the wonderful United Nations, or Socialists International cares about the poor girls who are stolen EVERY SINGLE DAY in this world and sexually used for “worldly” travelers. That is where the hypocrisy of progressive politics shows its ugly head.

Progressive socialist like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and her husband “Bubba” don’t give a rat’s ass about southern slaves in 1850 America. Those academic looters simply copied the words of Henry David Thoreau as socialists studied his work in Civil Disobedience and they hung their hat on Thoreau’s movement, and used everyone involved in their quest for power. How do I know……………………….because their actions tell the whole story.

Right now, just two blocks from the White House over on K Street every single night of the year prostitutes work the avenue as the pimps watch over their girls. Many of those girls are SLAVES, in that they are stolen in some way through sex trafficking, hooked on drugs and forced to work as prostitutes to service the crooked congressman, senators, and lobbyists who work the capital away from their families. Prostitution is highly illegal yet not a single soul does anything about it in Washington D.C. The police just drive on by, and the president could wave at them through his upstairs window at the White House. Yet not a single law maker does ANYTHING about it! NOTHING!!!!!!! This is what it was like in the 1800’s when just about anyone who controlled any amount of wealth had a slave. They only cared about slavery in America when the North wanted to exert economic dominance over the South for political reasons, because the South was producing many of the high profile politicians of the day and the politicians of the North wanted to put a stop to it. So they decided to take a stand against slavery to hurt the south economically. They certainly didn’t do it to free any man from being owned by other men. The North went after the South politically for exactly the same reasons that the political establishment went after my man Herman Cain and his sexploits. The very same media people and politicians who pointed their finger at Herman Cain are buying blowjobs on K Street from modern day slaves, but it is Herman Cain who was attacked, because he was a threat to the political class.
Any progressive politician who points to the Confederate Battle flag and says it’s evil, while at the same time seeking sex on K Street, like many of them do, while the rest, including President Obama turn a blind eye to it, is simply practicing in modern day slavery themesleves. They seek to rid any reminders of rebellion from those who are prone to threaten their quests for power, and that’s all they care about. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do about human rights. It has everything to do with power and control by the political class.


The attack on the Confederate Battle Flag is scam, just like most everything that comes out of progressive politics such as global warming, green energy, and socialism. The goals are to suppress minorities into a pity so that they seek the government to help them. The goal is to make more dependents out of the population so that wealth redistribution can be attained, and while doing so, rid the people of their symbols of rebellion so that they might forget and become more compliant in the future.

In the North, my friends who read here often in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New Jersey are feeling overwhelmed. The Tea Party movements are reeling as the labor unions are attacking in full force, and it feels like we have no friends in the world. In fact, every day in Washington, such as with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act I see that a new Civil War is eminent. Because one of the first people the president will send the military to round up as a dissident would be someone like me, and when that happens there will be violence, I can promise. That moment will be the Fort Sumter moment for the next Civil War.

And the politicians who think they have everyone beat, are really just kidding themselves. All they really control in this nation is the two coasts, and the big cities. All the green space in between is occupied by gun carrying, Confederate Flag loving, pick-up truck driving, NASCAR lovers who are looking for a fight at a moment’s notice. And as shown it’s not a bunch of radical white men who love the Confederate Flag, its men and women of all color and from all backgrounds who love that flag because of the fight for freedom that it represents.

And when that next war does break out, look to our friends in the South, because they are the heartland. In Dixie, they are the last refuge of freedom on earth and they show no signs of giving it up. In fact, I think the South isn’t too far off from succeeding from the union yet again, with Texas leading the way this time. That will happen before progressive socialism occupies the entire United States and sells us to the doorstep of the United Nation as proposed in Agenda 21.

Back in 2004 I got myself into a bit of trouble when I wrote in my book The Symposium of Justice, about a future Civil War where a group of rebels attacked Washington D.C. Well, I didn’t give a rat’s ass if it pissed off people, because I thought the story needed to be told. Sadly, just about everything I said that would happen 8 years ago is happening now. So if the rest of the story plays out the way I wrote it, I can’t wait to be one of the first to march into Washington and run the corrupt politicians into their hiding places like rats on a sinking ship and free the real slaves of America, the poor girls of the sex trade whom EVERYONE in America is currently ignoring because they fear the organized crime that stands behind the practice. That is the real enemy of our nation and when the next war breaks out, every single one of those sons-of-bitches have coming what they deserve for practicing modern day slavery!

And don’t be surprised if the last thing they see on this earth is a Confederate Battle Flag flying above their bodies as an army of bandits dressed in skull and cross bone bandanas lead the way!

Yeah, keep it up you progressive politicians…………………………keep it up!


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior


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